Kudo Banz from Shark Tank

Kudo Banz shark tank

There is one struggle that is common with every parent, disciplining children; if only children could all be disciplined as soon as they are born. All children are different, and their behaviors vary greatly; disciplining them is sometimes easy, and other times, not so much.

Once you become a parent, there is a list of behaviors you have to start imparting to your little one, like potty training them, getting them to bed on time, having a meal or those legendary tantrums that need a little addressing.

Having said that, we discovered a highly original technique for rewarding kids for doing tasks, making wise choices, or acting responsibly and positively. Kudo Banz is exactly what you are looking for.

What is Kudo Banz?

Kids are frequently taught lessons by their parents to give them credit for a good start. This might include pom-poms, badges, stamps, or checkmarks on a chart or aboard. The majority of these incentives, though, are just not as portable as those offered by Kudo Banz.

Since it is impractical to carry chore checklists everywhere you go, the excitement of rewards and intensives doesn’t have an instant and good impact on children. Kudo Branz is so great because it offers a portable solution. Kudo Banz provides parents with a flexible wristband that kids wear.

Instead of the conventional 2-dimensional chart and badges, this 3-dimensional approach enables kids to see, share, view, touch, and interact with their positive behavior incentives.

It’s fairly simple to put into practice; all the parent has to do is set an objective for the child, like trying to control a tantrum by taking a moment rather than yelling. And when the objective is accomplished, the child can add a Kudo to the wristband as an incentive. After the child reaches 3 kudos on their wristband, they can access goodies through the Kudo online application that is compatible with both Android and iPhone OSs and works on tablets too.

This ingenious concept was created by Amanda, who wanted to enforce positive parenting on her children and has not only helped her children but also helped her be a better parent. After launching her product online, she started making money and also received an offer from Buy Buy Baby; however, she had other plans and, therefore, decided to get a shark to invest in her product.

Kudo Banz on Shark Tank

Amanda entered the Shark Tank stage along with her husband and three children with an asking price of $150000 in return for 10% equity. They explained the entire concept of Kudo Banz and how it can positively help discipline children along with helping parents be the best version of themselves. However, the sales revenue of only $80000 in two was a big put-off for the sharks.

This led them to refuse the investment one by one, and sadly, Amanda, along with her family, walked out of the tank without an investment.

Our review of Kudo Banz

We consider Kudo Banz to be a true game-changer for parents. The way it functions is that your kids can wear their wristband—which acts as a sticker chart—anywhere, but particularly while their parents are present.

The purpose of this product is to praise children’s good behavior, which has been shown to increase their self-assurance and faith in goodness. As a result, the child becomes more ready to exhibit a particular behavior more frequently.

Your youngster will begin with a basic silicone wristband that has three dents on it so they may slide on Kudos or charms of their liking. Obviously, this is only accomplished after the kid does the job they were given.

Your kid will be able to access the Kudo Banz Wheel, a feature of the free mobile application you are required to download after they have earned 3 Kudos for their wristband. Your youngster will, of course, be given a present after each spin, but the important aspect is that you have to pick it. The app is set up to show prizes for activities like going outside, playing a board game, dressing up, or attending a dance party.

Your kid will be able to advance on the game board that is a component of the application with each spin as well. You (and your kids) can go through a really exciting hardback storybook that explains the concept behind Kudo Banz to comprehend this game board.

Knowing how Kudo Banz is structured makes it much simpler to understand how to create a successful behavior plan for your kid. After you’ve finished creating a strategy, the following step is to come up with prizes that will encourage your child.

You can personalize the app’s reward wheel with anything your kids want most, as Kudo Banz suggests including them in this step of the process. In addition, both children and parents have access to a vast collection of recommendations.

Pros of Kudo Banz

  • A unique take on common parenting practices
  • A fun and simple method of connecting with and raising kids who are sugar-buzzed
  • engages kids in organizing their own responsibilities
  • enables kids to bargain for their own prizes from the rotating wheel
  • The hardback book serves as both a great read and a user manual with a moral.
  • The app provides a lot of kid-friendly features.
  • Reusable for the new members of your family

Cons of Kudo Banz

  • Ignores the requirement for parents to be reminded to discipline their kids on a frequent basis.

Who Is Kudo Banz For?

In a time when parents are not quite as rigorous as they once were and kids appear to be getting more difficult, Kudo Banz is a realistic approach for children and parents. By including kids in their discipline process without their perceiving it as something they automatically would like to rebel against, Kudo Banz, as stated on their website, “turns no into yes.”

Are There Any Alternatives?

Since Kudo Banz appeared on Shark Tank, a number of substitutes have appeared in family and kids’ businesses. The most notable of these are Magic Beans, FirstCry, and Babyshop. All of these options have a notably distinct structure, though.

Our Final Thoughts

Parents can now get their fussy eaters to eat and get them into pajamas without downing a bottle of booze, thanks to Kudo Banz. Due to poor parenting and particularly mischievous kids, it is normal for all children and parents to undergo a difficult phase; however, Kudo Banz might reverse all of that for a better future!