Kronos Golf from Shark Tank

Kronos Golf shark tank

Kronos Golf is a company that manufactures golf putters. Founded by Phillip Lapuz and Eric Williams, who are advocates of putters that are precision-milled, the company believes in hand-crafted, artisanal putters that will deliver exactly what the player wants. The beauty of these putters and their founders is that they do not claim to improve anyone’s golf game, that is something that comes with long hours of practice, and they do not market their putters as miracle workers that will improve anyone’s game. Phillip and Eric do suggest that having a putter that will deliver the best performance whenever it is needed can help in improving anyone’s game eventually. The founders do not believe in mass-produced putters and their precision.

Featuring in episode 602 of Shark Tank, the two came looking for $150k for 15% of their business. At this point, the two have invested around $100K in their business and done approximately $260k in sales with Kronos Golf. Most of their business has taken off in Japan, not America, because their product had not been validated by any of the pro golfers at that point. During the pitch, Phillip reveals to the Sharks about his fiancé, whose parents do not approve of him because they do not believe in his business, which is why this pitch matters so much to him.

While trying the putter, Robert says he likes the feel and seems to be the most interested out of all the sharks. With Robert, Phillip and Eric settle at an offer of $150K with 30% with Robert and end up with a great deal in the episode.

Kronos Golf is still an active company, and its putters were named among the best golf putters of 2022, which was a huge achievement for Phillip and Eric. Phillip did not end up marrying his fiancé due to a lack of her parents’ approval which still did not budge, but their business is doing superbly so far.

Our Review Of Kronos Golf

After finding out that the putters were named amongst the best in 2022, we were very much intrigued. Robert clearly had an eye for putters and knew what he was investing in, and we wanted to know for ourselves what all the hype was about. So naturally, we went off to test it on our own.

Lo and behold, we were not disappointed.

In just the first game, we were able to gauge the amount of thought and meticulous detail that went into the design of these putters. From the minimalistic branding that did not overpower the design to the sightline which can perfectly scoop the ball and allow you to introduce the utmost precision in your game.

You can justify the hefty price tag due to the high-quality feel of this putter since it is heavy and made from the best quality materials. As you look deeper into the club, you will notice more and more subtle details introduced specifically to improve your game. It is truly an artisanal putter and does not have any feeling of being mass-produced or a rip-off.

Philip and Eric were right, though; you will not be able to improve your game with the help of this putter alone; you will need to put in long hours of practice to get there. However, it is important to remember that with lower-quality equipment, improving your game is harder since you don’t know when the problem is you or the club. However, with the Kronos Golf clubs, you will know exactly where your own discrepancies lie and improving them will be infinitely easier with a highly precise club.

At this point in their business, Kronos Golf has also released a putter specifically designed for left-handed people, which only cements the amount of thought they put into their brand.

That being said, there are a few cons that come to mind since nothing is really perfect. First of all, the clubs are indeed too heavy. Not everyone is used to such heavy putters, and not everyone is able to make a switch that easily either, so these are not for everyone. Other than that, there is a massive price tag on these putters that you have to look out for, so not everyone can afford it either!

Pros Of Kronos Golf

Here are some of the many excellent qualities of the Kronos Golf putters:

  • Meticulously designed for the perfect game
  • High quality
  • Very precise
  • Have introduced a leftist putter
  • Elegant design

Cons Of Kronos Golf

Unfortunately, there are a few discrepancies in the Kronos Golf clubs, which we would like to point out:

  • Very heavy
  • Very expensive

Who Is Kronos Golf For

Kronos Golf is a brand for people who feel very seriously about their golf game, like founders Phillip and Eric. These putters are perfect for anyone who wants to show up to the game with a unique putter that will show them the utmost loyalty. So if you think you want a carefully designed, highly precise, artisanal putter, this club might just be the right for you.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Yes, even though there are many unique qualities attributed to the Kronos Golf putters, there is no doubt that there are other alternatives available as well. You will find the feel of a high-quality precision putter in many of these options as well:

  • TaylorMade Spider GT
  • S7K Standing Putter
  • Bettinardi Studio Stock 28 Putter
  • Titleist Scotty Cameron Phanton X5

Our Final Thoughts

The putters released by Kronos Golf are undoubtedly very high quality and excellent by all means. While they may not be suited to everyone, they do truly reflect the passion that Phillip and Eric have for a finely milled, precision putter, and anyone who uses it will be able to appreciate it even if they don’t use it. The Sharks at Shark Tank, especially Robert, were able to appreciate the thought that went behind these putters and their instinct was not wrong since the company is still in business and doing superbly.