Kookn’ Kap from Shark Tank

Kookn' Kap shark tank

Cooking food can be fun, but having your hair smell like the ingredients used can be annoying, especially when you don’t have enough time to run a quick shower before the guests are due. Oh no! In addition, regardless of how tight you tie your hair, finding hair strands when biting into a scrumptious dish can make you lose your appetite. That’s not a good first impression in front of your guest either.

Being on the cooking job means keeping yourself presentable and ensuring personal hygiene. And that’s the reason you see most of the kitchen staff wearing hats or caps. Now, while the practice is common in eateries and hotels, we seldom wear hair caps inside our home kitchens. Maybe it’s because we want to feel comfortable without feeling something constantly covering our scalp when it’s already hot in the kitchen. Plus, wearing disposable hats means plastic waste, which isn’t very ecological.

These were the hassles experienced by Ozma Khan, an AbbVie pharmaceutical rep, and Juli Deveau, a Deloitte Consulting recruiter. They finally set out on a journey to find effective solutions. Hence, Kook’n Kap was established, a brand manufacturing washable and comfortable bonnets to keep fallen strands out of the food and prevent the hair from smelling like the food they cooked.

The ladies trademarked and patented their idea, beginning their production of Kook’n Kap for sale in the United States. They named the hat their personal “infomercial” and had high hopes for the brand to reach bigger milestones. And so, the jolly entrepreneurs appeared in Shark Tank’s fifth season, seeking $50,000 in exchange for 20% of the company’s equity.

So far, Kook’n Kap had generated sales of 1729 bonnets during its first operational year and wanted additional funds to expand its functions. They brought some samples for the Sharks to try – and watching Kevin wear the pink hat was quite a sight.

Mark thinks the product is an ideal QVC item. But because it’s not something that falls in his interests and he doesn’t manage QVC, he doesn’t see himself investing in such a venture. So, he’s out. Robert thinks his wife and other women wouldn’t particularly be fond of the cap’s fashion. They look cute at first glance, but adorning them would make people feel like eighty-year-old grandmas. Therefore, he’s out next.

In addition, Barbara doesn’t imagine herself ever wearing a cap like Kook’n Kap’s while she’s in the kitchen or cooking. So, she’s gone. While Lori likes the brand and the entrepreneurs, she thinks buying it would be a hassle. Why waste time or money on Kook’n Kap when people can use their shower caps instead? This reasoning led her to decline the pitch, leaving Kevin as the only Shark. Kevin wasn’t interested in the product, exclaiming, “Absolutely not!” In the end, Juli and Ozma left Shark Tank without signing a deal with any of the Sharks.

The company’s vision of helping people shield their hair from their kitchen’s aromas was intriguing. As a cherry on top, it would help prevent hair damage due to its breathable and stretchable fabric. Therefore, it was sad to see the business MIA soon after the Shark Tank episode aired.

Kook’n Kap’s social media doesn’t have any updates since 2014, and the website’s link was broken, indicating that it went out of business in 2013. As of 2021, Ozma continued to work at AbbVie Pharmaceuticals as their Senior Medical Science Liaison, and Juli remained a recruiter at Deloitte Consulting.

Our Review Of Kook’n Kap

There’s no denying that overall, we loved Kook’n Kap and its ideology. Speaking from experience, we understand how some shower caps can be slightly restricting and cause hair to feel humid and stuffy when adorned for a long time.

However, Kook’n Kap was designed with a durable and breathable fabric, elasticized to allow air inside and keep you feeling comfortable. Using it ultimately promises convenience and stops hair from landing in food preparations. You could easily wash the cloth after every use and let it dry out quickly. One arrow hitting two targets.

That said, no review is ever complete with quick comparison to assess the pros and cons. Below we list the vital advantages and disadvantages we could think of about buying and using Kook’n Kap to help you determine its actual usefulness.

Pros Of Kook’n Kap

  • Inflammable to ensure safety in the kitchen/ near fire
  • Impressively breathable because of the elasticized material
  • Affordable
  • Better than shower caps
  • Prevents hair damage
  • Avoids scalp discomfort
  • Ensures hygiene in the kitchen/ during food preparation
  • Highlights your professionalism and safety concerns even when at home
  • It keeps your hair from feeling smelly
  • Cute appearance

Cons Of Kook’n Kap

  • Several alternatives available in the market
  • Many men may not prefer wearing it
  • People can opt for shower caps instead
  • Chic ladies may not prefer Kook’nKap’s “grandma” vibes

Who Is Kook’n Kap For?

Kook’n Kap is for people who work in the kitchen, be it in restaurants, cafes, hotels, or even school and office cafeterias. Women and men can also wear them when preparing food at home and having guests over. They are vital components, reducing the chances of your important guests finding hair on their plates or inside the food. Furthermore, the chef’s hat is even more suitable for everyone who isn’t extremely picky or particular about style and visual appeal when in the kitchen. If you don’t consider looking like an elderly as the worst nightmare, feel free to avail yourself of Kook’n Kap’s benefits.

Lastly, you don’t need to wear the cap only in the kitchen. It’s an asset for caterers, works charms for beauty parlor staff, and is even ideal for the clients getting facial treatments – basically anything that requires you to keep your strands away from your eyes and face.

Are There Any Alternatives?

The Chef Works Unisex Cool Vent Chef Beanie is among the best alternatives. Made of polyester, it’s durable and remarkably stretchable across your scalp. The cap is washable and has a Velcro closure, enabling you to adjust the fitting according to your preference. Available in several colors, the beanie is wallet-friendly as well.

Our Final Thoughts

Kook’n Kap would have been a terrific venture had it maintained its marketing strategies. The brand’s vision was thoughtful, and the product was designed to maximize comfort and cleanliness. But maybe Kevin was correct when he said the ladies viewed the initiative as a passion instead of a proper full-time business. Alas, all we can do today is shop for one of the alternatives instead.