KidRunner from Shark Tank

kidrunner shark tank

KidRunner is a unique jogging stroller created by Will Warner from Bend, Oregon. Alongside being a father, Warner is also a passionate and an experienced runner.

As a keen runner, Warner wanted to come up with a way to pursue this passion while still being able to spend time with his wife and their young kid. That is when he came up with the idea for KidRunner.

What makes KidRunner stand out is that it allows the kid to be carried inside an enclosed seat behind the runner/jogger. This allows them to freely move their hands and arms, something that would not have been possible had they been using a traditional stroller.

In other words, you can drag the stroller behind you instead of pushing it from the front. Warner has also managed to get a patent for the waist harness.

Even though there were a number of infant jogging strollers available at the time, Warner realized that he could come up with a lighter, safer, and more comfortable alternative that would not only be convenient for runners but also offer the kind of security expected of a safety-focused design.

Thanks to the Kevlar and carbon structure, KidRunner is lightweight (around 20 pounds), sleek, aerodynamic, and stable. In addition, KidRunner offers a relatively smoother ride, and is more capable of flourishing on challenging terrains.

For the manufacturing, Warner has joined hands with Composite Approach, a contract manufacturing company that specializes in the production and assembly of advanced, small-scale composite items.

Is KidRunner Still an Active Business?

Yes, the company is still operational.

How Did the Shark Tank Pitch Go?

KidRunner made its Shark Tank appearance during the seventh season of the show. Warner was looking for a Shark who could help him with distribution and marketing. As for the investment, Warner’s ask was $500,000 in exchange for a 20% stake in KidRunner – a valuation of $2.5 million.

Warner made his appearance alongside the professional runner, Max King, who demonstrated the product by pulling Warner’s daughter on the KidRunner.

Warner told the judges that the stroller industry was worth more than a billion – an assertion that Robert found hard to agree with. Robert then decided to try the stroller out himself, and sprinted the length of the stage with it.

Robert also had concerns about the safety, which were mimicked by Kevin. Warner, however, was able to expertly address and quench these concerns. He also shared that the product that the Sharks were seeing today was a prototype, and that the final product will be more refined in terms of safety and functionality.

Warne’s pitch failed to convince Barbara, who felt that the KidRunner will never be able to find its way to the market. She decided to step out of the deal.

Robert and Mark had similar opinions, and they also followed Barbara out the proverbial door. Lori, too, was not convinced by the merchandise, and decided to excuse herself from the offer.

Kevin also did not have an offer to make, and Warner and KidRunner had to leave the Tank without securing a deal.

Despite the Shark Tank disappointment – and Barbara’s opinion that the product will never get to market – KidRunner did, indeed launch the product. In fact, the company’s original edition strollers were sold out in 2021, and, during the same year, KidRunner started working on the product’s ‘2021 version’.

Also, considering the post-Shark Tank success, the company’s current valuation is probably considerably higher than the $2.5 million at the time of its appearance on the show.

Our Review of KidRunner After their Shark Tank Appearance

With KidRunner, runner parents can keep their arms free, as the carriage will be attached to their waists with a strap. The carriage is suitable for kids aged six months to four years. Upon testing the KidRunner, we realized that the carriage is incredibly smooth, and creates almost negligible resistance.

In fact, considering the smoothness of the carriage, we will not be surprised if babies ended up dozing off during the ride. The carriage can smooth out accelerations, and also reduce any bouncing that might occur with fast strides.

Also, thanks to the ideal weight of the waist harness, you will only feel a subtle tug when motoring or accelerating uphill. The baby, meanwhile, will be sitting close to the roads, enclosed inside a safe little bubble.

The ergonomics of the design ensure that the product works for the runner and not against it. Like we mentioned, the KidRunner is quite low in weight, which makes it easy for you to drag the carriage along as you run.

However, the real magic of this innovative stroller resides in the hands-free design, which ensures that you have to make no changes to your natural running postures or frames (the increased weight resistance, meanwhile, will provide an added challenge and make the run more rewarding for you).

In terms of safety, too, it feels that the product has covered all bases. For one, KidRunner has been manufactured using strong and high-quality composite materials, including toughened aluminum. In addition, the stroller has a number of safety features, which includes a five-point seat belt. Your baby will love the rig, mainly because they will be able to see you at all times.

It is also quite adept at handling rough-terrains, which means that there is no need to shy away from off-road expeditions.

Pros of KidRunner

  • Hands-free design perfect for runner parents
  • Smooth and comfortable ride
  • Lightweight and sturdy

Cons of KidRunner

  • Larger than most other conventional strollers

Are There Any Alternatives?

KidRunner alternatives would be other companies that manufacture or support running/jogging strollers. There are many large stroller brands that make joggers.

Our Final Thoughts

KidRunner is an innovative stroller designed specifically for parents who love to run but do not have the option to leave their baby behind. The product focuses on performance, ergonomics, and safety, and compatibility with different kinds of terrains.