Who is Kevin Hart? Guest Shark Tank Judge

kevin hart shark tank guest judge

Kevin Darnell Hart is an American comedian and actor. He is a Philadelphian native and a second born to Nancy and Henry Hart, after Robert. Kevin and his brother were brought up by their mother (Nancy), who worked at the University of Pennsylvania as a systems analyst in the student registration department.

His father, (Henry) was a cocaine addict. He spent much of his time in and out of jail and would seldom care for the family. The troubled relationship with his parents prompted Hart to use humor to break away from the troubled family life.

After graduating from George Washington High school, Hart joined the Community College of Philadelphia, where he studied for a while and then Dropped out to look for a living. He moved to New York City. He later moved to Brockton, Massachusetts, where he survived by selling shoes.

Kevin Hart Career And Success

Hart started his comical career at Laff house, Philadelphia, under the name Lil Kev. however, his presentation wasn’t received well. His start-up wasn’t that nice because he was booed off stage several times. He was even smashed with a half-eaten chicken wing on his face, and there was nothing he could do given the size of the assailant, Chicago Tribune.

However, that wasn’t his end. Hart continued to appear in comedy competitions throughout Massachusetts, improving his popularity and audience reception.

During the early stages of his career, Hart would imitate the styles of celebrities like  Chris Tucker. He later realized that copying other comedians wasn’t worth it. He created a unique rhythm: joking around his life experiences and insecurities.

He made his first original comedy documentary: I’m a Grown Little Man,’ followed by ‘Seriously Funny’ and later ‘laugh at my pain,’ which earned him approximately $ 15million. His other popular  releases  include:

Hart also took part in several films and television shows, including:

Kevin Hart’s Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Kevin Hart is worth more than $450 million. He has accumulated a significant percentage of his wealth from his career as a comedian, spokesperson, producer, and actor.

For instance, according to celebrity net worth, his films have earned him more than $1.3 billion at the global box office. This excludes the wealth he gets from live comedy shows and the sale of comedy directories like “What Now? ” and “Irresponsible Tour,” among others.

Besides comedy and acting, Hart has also ventured into various income-generating projects. For instance, he partnered with Tommy John to establish an underwear line thriving well for several years.

In addition, Hart owns a comedy streaming service called Laugh Out Loud (LOL), a network that encompasses a radio presentation on Sirius Satellite Radio. At the time of this writing, the LOL network has earned him hundreds of millions of video views.

Besides the views, the LOL network has gained Hart partnerships and endorsement deals with big brands like Wrangler, Mountain Dew, AT&T, and Samsung.

That’s not all. Kevin Hart is also the owner of the HartBeat Production Company, which deals with his Television, Comedy, movie, and Radio Productions.

Kevin Hart Real Estate Property

Kevin lives in a private mansion worth $6.35 million in a gated community in Calabasas, California. He had another home in Tarzana, California,   which he sold for $2.75 million.

Kevin Hart’s Shark Tank Investments

Hart has also been an active judge and investor in various shark tank shows.

Shark tank is a business-related reality show that is aired on ABC television. This show aims to bring aspiring business owners to a panel of investors/ sharks so that they can pitch for financing to grow their businesses.

Examples of Hart’s shark tank investments include:

Investment In The Transformation Factory (Ttf) During Shark Tank Season 13 Finale

Kevin hart joined with Mark Cuban to invest $600K for 20% of the Transformation company to invest in the transformation factory during the Shark Tank Season 13 finale.

The Shark tank season finale officials invited Kevin as a guest judge to join the regular sharks, including Barbara Corcoran, Lori Greiner, Mark Cuban, and Kevin O’Leary, in bidding for business ideas.

Besides the Transformation Factory, the finale had welcomed The Aqua Boxing, Players Trunk, Aqua Boxing Glove, and Project Pollo companies to pitch for the sharks.

Of the four companies, only the Transformation Factory secured a deal, while the remaining three failed to Impress the sharks.

The transformation factory, which impressed Kevin, deals with sea moss gel that helps with weight loss and digestive health. According to Alexiou Gibson, the company’s founder, the company had a 35% profit margin ($1.4million) since inception and was willing to offer a deal of $500k at a 5% stake.

After a hotly contested bidding negotiation, Hart joined hands with Mark Cuban and settled on a $600K deal for a 20% share of the company.

Best/Worst Shark Tank Investments

Examples of Kevin Hart’s other shark tank investments include:

The Deal With Kevin Choi And Edwin Cho-Snactiv

The entrepreneurs Kevin Choi and Edwin Cho presented the snactiv tool in the shark tank season 13, episode 10, which got the interest of Kevin Hart and Lore Greiner.  The two joined hands and closed a deal of $200,000 for 20% of the company.

Sources indicate that snactiv continues to enjoy success and has expanded to most parts of Asia. In addition, the company boasts a higher value of approximately $2 million today.

Investment In The Blacksands Company

During the same episode (shark tank season 13, episode 10),  Hart teamed up with mark Cuban to invest $500,000 for a 30% stake with the Blacksands, a  company that seeks to shed some light on black history. However, the company hasn’t released any information about its value after the shark tank. Hopefully, they are doing well.