Jax Sheets from Shark Tank

Jax Sheets shark tank

Jax Sheets Company is built on the concept that an average single man washes his bed sheet only once every three months. Such bed sheets were a thousand times dirtier than a toilet seat. That is why Wen Muenyi created Jax Sheets, bed sheets that didn’t need washing as often as regular cotton sheets.

What Do They Make?

Jax Sheets are made by a unique blend of bamboo copper that allows the Jax Sheets to stay fresh and crisp for more than a year without washing.

Wen Muenyi has also introduced a line of laundry-free clothing, HercLeon, that allows you to pack fewer clothes and travel more.

What Makes Them Unique?

The silk bamboo copper sheets have a top-notch quality, and the sheets are very soft. The copper infusion keeps the fabric looking and smelling fresh for a long time by removing odor and bacteria.

Are They Still an Active Company?

Jax sheets are selling as a division under HercLeon, and the company has introduced more products like Luna Linens for Menopause, Jax Sheets Duvet Covers, Skyler for Students, Zuri for beauty, etc. The company runs successfully with an active website and has received many positive customer reviews.

How Did the Shark Tank Pitch Go?

Entrepreneur Wen Muenyi came to the show seeking $212,000 for 10% stakes in his company, Jax Sheets.

He explained the concept behind his laundry-free bed sheets and clothing line, and Kevin asked if the bamboo copper was commercially available. Wen replied that the company was going through a patent process for the material of their bed sheets.

Robert asked Wen to suggest whether he wanted the Sharks to invest in two companies, Jax Sheets and HercLeon while using the same material and technology for different applications.

Wen said that the T-shirts and bed sheets material was not identical, but the same technology and concept were used behind each to create the laundry-free clothing.

Wen explained that his polyester and cotton shorts got smelly at different rates when he went to Iceland for a vacation. He started observing why one shirt smelled bad quicker than the other and realized that no shirt could be worn more than thrice without washing it.

He started gaining knowledge about clothes and their materials, and bamboo, copper, and silver materials for clothing.

He created his first pair of shirts using bamboo copper technology, and people loved the idea and demanded to have sheets in the same material.

Lori appreciated that Wen created a niche market out of a big industry.

Robert asked him about the sales, and Wen responded that Jax Sheets came out on Kickstarter in November and made $350,000 in sales when he only asked for $10,000. This perked Kevin up.

However, Wen mentioned that those were the only sales for the sheets. The cost of acquisition for every customer was $33. While Kevin was inquiring about his sales and profit margins, Wen revealed that he wasn’t selling any more products because they sold out post-COVID.

The only bed sheets Wen had shipped were those in November, and the last shipment was made about four weeks ago because Wen didn’t have the inventory to deliver the products before he could take up more orders and responsibilities.

Kevin and Daymond observed that Wen wasn’t making any money on the bed sheets, and he should focus more on the shirts. Wen mentioned that he had just released a co-parent of the HercLeon shirts, underwear that made $270,000 in sales that year. The sales were made on his website.

Lori asked Wen to talk about his partners in the company, and Wen replied that he was the only one running the company through his garage. The Sharks appreciated him for that.

However, Kevin reeled back to the fact that Wen was spending $33 on customer acquisition to gain a $70 profit. He wanted to know how Wen came up with the numbers when he had sold no bed sheets other than those on Kickstarter. Robert also agreed that Kickstarter is a simulated environment, and Wen needed to tell them what would be the real customer acquisition cost if they went out and sold the sheets today.

Kevin remarked that Wen was running three different businesses, bed sheets, t-shirts, and underwear. He needed to know the business’s worth before he could give Wen such a high valuation investment. He thought that the returns on his product were horrific, no matter how good the quality was. Wen couldn’t declare that his company was worth $2 million when he didn’t even know his correct numbers.

Mark said the business was running just how Wen wanted, and they would corrupt it with their partnership. He went out.

Robert appreciated Wen, to be honest and pure, but the business was also in a very early stage and not investable. He went out.

Lori also commented that Wen has a premise of a great idea, but she wasn’t sure about the laundry-free bed sheets business. She went out.

Daymond said that Wen was running three different businesses and needed to learn the strategies and marketing techniques for all three of them separately. For that, having a partner would hinder his progress. Wen was required to maintain his freestyle approach to running his business, so he went out.

Kevin said that he would have invested in the company if Wen knew his exact customer acquisition costs and profit margins. Since he didn’t have that, he was going out.

Wen left the show with no deal from any of the Sharks.

Our Review of Jax Sheets

Perfect for “single men under 30,” who only like to wash their bed sheets once every 3 months. The material used in these bed sheets takes care of your hygiene and comfort, improving overall sleep behavior with its soft and breathable material quality.

Pros of Jax Sheets

  • The sheets give a relaxed and luxurious feeling
  • Soft and comfortable material
  • Stay clean for a very long time.

Cons of Jax Sheet

  • The luxury sheets are costly.

Who Is Jax Sheets For?

Jax Sheets require fewer washes and reduce your laundry time as they are easy to clean and stay fresh for a longer time than an average cotton bed sheet. Perfect for those single men who do not like to indulge in washing their bedclothes now and then.

Are There Any Alternatives?

  • Wool&Prince
  • Unbound Merino.

Our Final Thoughts:

Wen’s positive attitude and honesty will be the substantial factors that will take his business forward. His products and vision have great potential, which is why Jax Sheets is bound to reach more heights in the future.