Invis a Rack from Shark Tank

Invis a Rack shark tank

Equipping your pickup truck with a rack gives you greater possibilities and functionalities for your journeys. Invis a Rack is one such retractable rack system for pickup trucks, created by Donny McCall.

Invis a Rack is a collapsible rack for pickup trucks that can be fixed in just 30 seconds. The idea behind the creation of retractable racks was Donny’s wife, who hated racks in a truck as they look unaesthetic. To solve this issue, Donny created retractable tracks that can be hidden when not in need. These simple and practical racks are for folks who want racks but also want their truck to look aesthetic.

Roof racks are among the quintessential pickup truck accessories as they are a universal convenience. These provide greater flexibility, the possibility of separating delicate objects or simply more space for those necessary items during your getaways, camping or trips. But many truck lovers believe that racks impact the appearance of their vehicle and therefore are intimidated by the thought of installing them even if they need racks. Invis a Rack is a solution to this issue as they can be retracted and hidden when not in use.

Donny pitched Invis a Rack to the Season 3 of the famous Shark Tank show seeking a  $100k investment in exchange for 10% of his business, but his stance was way bigger than that. He was consistent with the idea of making Invis-a-rack a 100% ‘Made in America’ product to create new jobs in America and contribute to the sector’s growth. The sharks were interested in the deal, but they tried to convince Donny to opt for overseas manufacturing as it would reduce the cost. But he remained adamant and that cost him a deal with the Sharks, and he left the show without any gains.

Our Review of Invis a Rack

Invis a Rack is made of high-quality non-rusting Aluminum with a black paper finishing that can be assembled and disassembled in a few seconds. It is a lightweight, sturdy and durable rack that can carry up to 500 pounds.

Donny was determined to keep the manufacture of its Invis a Rack in the US. The production costs in the US are higher than overseas, which increases the overall product price due to which giant retailers like Amazon were not interested in picking his product. But these issues were not strong enough for Donny to change his mind since his aim was more significant than winning deals with retailers, and he was looking at the bigger picture. Local manufacturing and production undoubtedly contribute to creating new jobs and bringing new hopes to a depressed market.

The same night Donny appeared on the show, the Invis a rack website got blasted, and the company sold all available products overnight. The website witnessed high traffic, with people congratulating him for standing up to the Sharks. Donny was highly appreciated for his stance on making their product manufacturing in the US and keeping jobs in the country.

Among those people was an American manufacturer of Truck Accessories from Iowa, DeeZee, a company committed to US manufacturers, that offered Donny a deal he was looking for. Today DeeZee features Invis a Rack on their website’s first page and manufactures it in their plant.

Donny’s appearance on the “Shark Tank Effect” promoted Invis A Rack considerably, and it turned out to be a win-win story for everyone involved. People started believing and promoting that paying a few extra products for a product made 100% in America is worth it. Invis a Rack net worth increased to $11 million today from $1 million when it appeared on the show and is operated under DeeZee.

As of July 2022, Donny runs three businesses. The company where he developed Invis a Rack named Perrycraft which he owned for 35 years. He also owns a digital marketing agency, Pinpoint, focusing on local marketing. The third company he owns is Get Outside Events, LLC, which runs sporting events.

Pros of Invis a Rack

  • These are Aluminum racks that are rust-free and durable
  • These are lightweight roof racks with high load capacity.
  • These are retractable racks that can be disassembled in a few seconds when not in use, maintaining the aesthetics of your pickup truck.
  • These are environmentally friendly and aesthetic pickup truck racks that can withstand all weather and extreme UV rays.
  • Although trucks with beds have good space to carry cargo and luggage, this accessory can make your trip more comfortable, giving you more space inside the cabin.
  • They have excellentcustomer service.

Cons of Invis a Rack

  • A bit expensive

Who is Invis a Rack for?

Truck owners who want to make their vehicles practical and functional in carrying extra load without compromising on the looks can use Invis a Rack. These roof racks for pickup trucks are collapsible and can be disassembled in a few seconds. Truck enthusiasts can opt for this sturdy yet lightweight rack and make their vehicle functional.

Are there any Alternatives?

Invis a Rack has a few competitors, including Land Industrial, J.B. Poindexter, Bestrop, and Thule. They also offer roof racks for a variety of vehicles but Invis a Rack is unique in the sense that they are retractable and can be dismantled in a few seconds. It allows installation or uninstallation, without tools, in a matter of seconds. Expand the loading possibilities of your pickup with Invis a Rack.

Our Final Thoughts!

Roof racks are an essential accessory if you need extra space when traveling; moreover, they will allow you to express all your energy and work becomes more practical. And nothing’s better if they can be hidden when not in use. Invis a Rack meets all these requirements and is a functional product for truck lovers.