Hot Tot Children’s Hair Care from Shark Tank

Hot Tot Children’s Hair Care shark tank

Back in our days, when we were kids, our mothers would bathe us with a bar of soap, clean our hair with the same soap, dry us after and smear powder on our faces, only to announce how amazing we looked. Today, you can bet on time that if you did this with your own kids, they would be disappointed in you for being such a bad parent.

Because times have changed vastly since we were kids, and now children have every product that adults have, specifically created for children’s use. Megan Gage was also one of such entrepreneurs from Denver, Colorado, who caved into creating a specialized product that would suit her kid’s hair.

Formerly a social worker, having completed and earned a highly reputed master’s degree in clinical social work – she had put her heart and soul into all her career achievements thus far. However, when she had her second child Christian, she realized how important it was to her to be there with him during his early years over the time she went to work.

Prioritizing being a mum over her passion for social work was certainly challenging, but it was her priority and made her happy. So Megan was now a full-time stay-at-home mum, catering to her child’s needs and enjoying it. Soon she noticed how Christian had curly hair that required taming or else would get matted very easily.

She first started mixing some of the baby lotions she had for him to create a pomade-like formula suitable for her kid’s hair. That definitely didn’t go unnoticed as it gave Christian some really cool curls, and wherever they went, people would ask Megan where they could buy this product for their kids.

However, around the same time, Megan saw a media coverage segment where they were talking about toxic chemicals being included in children’s products. But due to the labeling regulations, many such toxic chemicals don’t make it to the label and are kept hidden from the consumer’s eye while we purchase these so-called deemed children-safe products for our kids.

This was when her husband encouraged her to create her own children-safe product line that is genuinely free from all toxic substances. Megan knew at that moment that she needed to get started with a hair care line because that’s where her concerns were. Soon enough, she got in touch with a Canadian manufacturer to produce a trial batch of products she called Hot Tot.

Fortunately, the trial batch turned out exactly how she wanted it, and Hot Tot Children’s Hair Care was born. With a mere $40k as her startup capital and a logo she designed herself on Photoshop, Megan was in business. But when you truly put your heart and soul into something and genuinely do it for people’s good, it is simply the beginning of things going your way.

Soon she was getting press releases, loads of positive reviews pouring in, and a significant number of orders. She also got an inquiry from the famous Pregnancy and Newborn magazine for featuring Hot Tot Children’s Hair Care products and pictures of Christian. It was like the very first magazine shoot that her product needed.

After experiencing slow but steady growth, she knew expansion was the next step, and she required consistent investment funding in order to go ahead. Her husband once again encouraged her, but this time to take her success story to Shark Tank. And so, Hot Tot Children’s Hair Care, along with Megan and Christian, came onto the show seeking $50,000 for 15%.

After distributing samples and explaining how her products are better than all else available on the market, she demonstrated their use on her kid, Christian. At this time, judges had their concerns, and all of them bailed except Mark Cuban, who offered $75k for 40% with an idea to test out her products and label them hypoallergenic.

Megan shook hands and had visible affirmations about getting the deal sealed. Naturally, the next step of getting the products tested was a success, and now Hot Tot Children’s Hair Care products are hypoallergenic. Soon she was approached by many more investors and big labels in the industry for product distribution, but Megan stuck to her slow-growth strategy.

Today, she continues to sell her amazing range of hair care products for kids via her website and on Amazon, accumulating $5 million in annual revenue. She also expanded into a more premium and high-end range of kid’s care products, opting to attract luxury salon owners and distribute her products among all the market niches.

Our Review of Hot Tot Children’s Hair Care

Themed as “Mom’s unique flair for little one’s hair,” it is safe to say that Megan really did revamp her product line with both the ingredients and the packaging. Not only does the product feel luxurious, but it feels like you are purchasing premium hair care for your kids. Enriched with safe and specialized ingredients for kids, it’s really the best product you can buy.

Additionally, considering the price range she offers and has curated a different product line for her luxury range altogether shows her commitment to making the high-quality product affordable for everyone. The product itself is clinically tested and proven to be gentle for kids while retaining its effectiveness. Consider buying one to check for yourself.

Pros of Hot Tot Children’s Hair Care

  • Ideal for all types of toddler and children’s hair.
  • Cruelty-free.
  • Clinically tested.
  • Rich in antioxidants.
  • Naturally frizz-controlling formula.
  • Softly and gently curl-defining serum.
  • Protective against environmental toxins.
  • Enriched with the goodness of grape and jojoba seed oil.
  • A well-rounded product for kid’s hair care.

Cons of Hot Tot Children’s Hair Care

It is genuinely a great product, one that really delivers all that it promises and doesn’t have any cons whatsoever. You can try using it yourself to validate further.

Who Is Hot Tot Children’s Hair Care For?

Hot Tot Children’s Hair Care products are meant to be used by toddlers and children. They are specially curated to cater to children’s hair care needs. With the soft and gentle feel of the product and premium packaging, it is truly a well-rounded product that delivers all it promises. Hot Tot Children’s Hair Care products are the best you can find on the market.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Shea Moisture Mango & Carrot Kids Shampoo & Conditioner

While no product can come close to equating all the amazing features that Hot Tot Children’s Hair Care products have to offer, plenty of other kid’s hair care brands offer similar products. However, if you really care about your kids’ well-being and don’t want any hidden chemicals causing issues in the long run, it is best to stick with Hot Tot Children’s Hair Care products.

Our Final Thoughts

All the other Shark Tank judges who bailed on Megan can say for themselves that they really did themselves bad. Mark Cuban should be applauded for seeing the potential in Megan and her product and allowing her to carry it forward thanks to his investment. Hot Tot Children’s Hair Care is truly one of the bigger brands to have come out of Shark Tank.