TaDah from Shark Tank

TaDah shark tank

TaDah Falafel Wraps is a healthy snack from the all-time favorite classic chickpea food. It’s an incredibly innovative and excellent East Mediterranean twist to falafels. Made from various ingredients, this snack brings a new and flavorful taste. It also contains plant protein, making it a healthy product.

John Sorial founded TaDah Falafel Wraps due to his love for food and passion for experimenting in the kitchen. Although he grew up studying chemical engineering, his real calling was in the kitchen. Growing up in an immigrant family who tried to keep their culture alive with their middle eastern cuisine, he slowly fell in love with the flavors.

The bestselling point of TaDah foods is that it has taken a popular snack item such as falafel and added different ingredients to enhance the taste and make it even healthier. Using other fresh ingredients, John has managed to create a superfood. Despite the added spices and vegetables, the flavor isn’t compromised, and the wraps still have the same addictive taste.

Before coming to Shark Tank, John’s falafel wraps were already present in Whole Foods and many supermarkets in Washington, D.C. He intended to use the investment from Shark Tank to increase retail distribution and make his product available on a broader scale.

Are They Still an Active Company?

Yes, they are active and still in business. Their products can be bought online on their website https://tadahfoods.com/.

How Did the Shark Tank Pitch Go?

John entered Shark Tank with an initial ask of $300,000 in exchange for a 10% equity in his business.

He began his pitch by handing out samples of his falafel wraps to the Sharks. They all expressed how much they liked the taste, and their interest could be seen clearly. John looked hopeful and explained more about how it was made and the hummus offered with it.

But the Sharks cut to the chase and soon got down to business, asking John to explain the strategy he’s been using till now.

This is where the problems began. They first got to know that there had been particular problems with keeping up with the rapid demand due to John’s co-worker, which resulted in the sales dropping to less than half. Another red flag was that John owned only 25% of his company. He had sold the rest as there was an increasing need for funds.

Furthermore, the remaining 25% was also not the best thing. The Sharks were shocked that this was being further distributed to non-profits. With so many concerns and not many promising opportunities to make a profit in this venture, Kevin, Lori, and Robert immediately said they were out.

Mark and Daniel saw something in his pitch that interested them and decided to offer him their deals. After an emotional connection with Daniel, John was offered $500,000 for 25% equity with a purchase of a few of the remaining shares, and Mark offered him $300,000 for 20% equity and a $500,000 credit on the line.

Although torn between the two, John accepted Daniel’s offer and left Shark Tank, having secured the funds he needed to take his business to the next level.

Our Review of TaDah Falafel Wraps

We decided to try the falafel wraps and see how they taste for ourselves.

The good news is that they tasted really good and were quick and easy to make. In today’s fast-paced world, people just want the most convenient and delicious snack they can get their hands on, and these wraps provide just that.

The bad news is that a few of us found the taste too overpowering. We weren’t used to such intense flavors, and the taste was pretty surprising. Although the falafels came with their own hummus, they were reasonably expensive making them a snack only to be enjoyed on a few occasions.

Pros and Cons of TaDah

Pros of TaDah:

  • The versatility of the wraps: they can be fried or baked
  • Easy to make
  • Comes with lemon and garlic hummus
  • Vegan friendly
  • Gluten-free

Cons of TaDah:

  • Fairly overpriced
  • Overwhelming taste for those used to milder flavors

Who Is TaDah Falafel Wraps for?

TaDah falafel wraps are for the working population looking for quick and easy snacks to eat at the desk. These wraps are also for foodies who love to experiment with food, and intense flavors are right up their alley. This is also a good item for people wanting to try falafels for the first time, despite not being huge fans of chickpeas.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Trader Joe’s Gluten Free Falafel Mix is an excellent alternative to these falafel wraps.

This falafel mix is made from ground fava, beans, chickpeas, and many other Mediterranean spices. It provides a similar overwhelming taste and differs from the traditional falafels in stores. It also comes in various flavors and is high in protein and fiber. It’s both gluten-free and vegan-friendly and is an excellent option for people wanting to switch to a more plant-based diet.

Unlike the TaDah wraps, these falafels come in a mix form. They require water to be added before they can be cooked further. They also don’t come with their own hummus.

Our Final Thoughts

Although some people might have reservations about trying these new kinds of falafels, this is a convenient and delicious vegan-friendly snack for everyone. Since these wraps are packed with nutrients such as fiber, sodium, and protein, they are considered healthy snacks.

Their spicy and flavorful taste is perfect to use them as a picnic snack or as a quick lunch. They can also be used as a side dish in your meal if eating them alone doesn’t suit you. Finally, if you’re used to milder flavors, these might not be to your liking, but you can always give them a try and see for yourself.