Hopscotch from Shark Tank

Hopscotch shark tank

Children of the modern-virtual world are pretty tech-savvy. For this technologically advanced generation, Samantha John developed Hopscotch.

With the help of this educational software, Hopscotch, children may learn how to code and make games. Because technology will be a future element of the Hopscotch platform, it teaches coding to children.

To survive in the future, humans must learn to code because the virtual world is the reality of the times to come. Making sure your child learns to code early is quite challenging because coding is not everyone’s cup of tea.

For young and novice coders, Hopscotch offers a step-by-step approach to learning computer programming using vibrant, vivid graphics and an intuitive user interface.

One of the most well-known programming apps right now is the Hopscotch game, which may aid students in honing their coding skills.

Co-founder and CEO of Hopscotch Samantha John also served as the division’s leader for its technologies division.

The app is free for a week, after which a monthly or yearly subscription is available. There seems to be a free version available, but you cannot submit your own artwork or use the premium editing options.

Samantha said Hopscotch is developed to provide a programming environment that allows students to explore strong concepts while making practical software. To help them teach children to code, they were hunting for a shark.

Samantha requested $400,000 for 4% of her business on Shark Tank, which equated to a $10 million valuation. She said she sought Shark’s assistance revamping the app’s revenue model. Her existing business strategy was subscription-based.

Instead, she would earn money from the app by charging for game downloads instead of making it a paid app. Given that the company is currently marginally profitable, the Sharks expressed worries about that approach. Increased users and prospective income losses brought on these concerns.

Because his children use the app, Mark claimed to be aware of it. He also appreciated the company’s goal of educating children in technology literacy. Mark proposed $400,000 for 16%.

After some negotiations, they finally settled on a contract of $550,000 for 11 percent, or a $5 million worth valuation.

It turned out later that the deal didn’t close.

The business intended to provide Game Developer Workshop Level 1, an instructional, live-online coding course that will provide children with the information, abilities, and confidence they need to succeed in the modern digital environment.

It was an hour-long weekly, and students received customized assistance from teachers as needed. There is also “homework.” The objective was to impart design skills to young people. The business’s yearly sales increased to $5 million by May 2022.

Our Review Of Hopscotch

This incredible Hopscotch software teaches young people how to code and make games, applications, and artwork. This app’s UI has been kept straightforward to make it easier for kids to use. This program gives users the opportunity to expand their development abilities by enabling them to develop games and artwork using its platform.

Children are given a variety of coding-related assignments to do in order to develop their programming abilities.

Educators do not need to learn how to code to instruct learners since Hopscotch offers a free partnership plan that guides educators. The manual explains how this platform creates games like Subway Surfer and Crossy Road.

Kids may design games by dragging and dropping blocks; when they do, a background script is written to execute the play. This instructional platform was created exclusively in 2022 for iPad and iPhone users.

While Apple users may easily access the software, an Android version is on its way.

Pros of Hopscotch

  • User-friendly interface, developed specifically to teach kids coding skills.
  • The program is colorful and attractive so that the kids enjoy every bit of their learning experience.
  • This platform also has customized teaching sessions for individual learning that ensures each student can develop coding skills at their own pace and abilities.
  • An informative platform that is also entertaining.

Cons of Hopscotch

  • The free version does not have all the features.
  • Users will have to pay a monthly or yearly subscription fee to avail of all features, and the weekly class is also paid.

Who Is Hopscotch For?

Hopscotch helps children develop critical thinking skills, creativity, and problem-solving abilities while having fun making and playing online games on the iPhone and the iPad. Although Hopscotch is geared toward children between 10 and 15, someone interested in learning to code or make their games are encouraged to access it.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Coding tutorials are all over the internet, and you can quickly learn through YouTube videos or take online courses to learn beginner-level coding.

Unlike Hopscotch, these platforms require greater effort, and for a coding newbie, it can get a little challenging to the hang of the coding lessons without a step-wise guide.

There are currently no software or applications similar to Hopscotch.

Our Final Thought

Hopscotch is a fun coding program that both kids and adults may use. It was created for users between the ages of 10 and 16. For youngsters and teenagers, it essentially functions as coding software.

Users have learned how to create various games using the engaging, arcade-style coding tool, including their own Fruit Ninja-style game and one that involves nurturing a garden.

Additionally, a brand-new technique of coding music was devised, and the software, which was made accessible on the new MacBook in 2020, just required a few easy steps.

Hopscotch is a coding software with a game for kids; it’s not a classic kids’ game.

Samantha John wants to teach the younger generation through Hopscotch the value of coding and how to live in the future virtual world.