Hold Your Haunches from Shark Tank

Hold Your Haunches shark tank

Jenny Greer and Eric Bickley are two moms who founded Hold Your Haunches, a fashion trouser that comes with a wonderfully integrated shaping liner. Their company is targeted toward women of all stages and ages who need slimming and smoothing support underneath their clothing. Women go through so much, from childbirth to breastfeeding to the societal pressure of having to stay slim. Despite a strict diet, some women cannot control the sag that appears on their stomach and butt, looking painfully obvious in the clothing they wear.

Jenny and Eric wanted to create a shaper that women could wear to cocktail parties and grocery stores. They had been victim to the lack of such a product in the market, especially since they wanted to feel good about themselves, despite some nonproportional weight they had gained. When they found themselves at a loss, the two moms decided to take matters into their own hands. They created a trouser that was more form-fitting and flattering than all the other leggings one has ever worn.

The two wanted to go a step further to boost the confidence of fellow moms, so they made Hold Your Haunches so that the product was not only about butts- the company also launched products catered to belly flab and muffin tops, saddle bags, and saggy cheeks. All these are common problem areas among women, especially those who are too familiar with the ever-changing human body.

Hold Your Haunches leggings are made in Asia, which means that each pair retails for $18. The selling price for the shapers is set at $30. However, these prices are there because Hold Your Haunches are being made on a small scale, which costs the two moms more than if they were being made in bulk. So far, Hold Your Haunches has made $50,000 in profits, but all of it was reinvested into the business. In three years of sales, sales have reached $280,000; in the past 12 months, sales were capped at $165,000.

When Jenny and Eric showed their product to the Sharks, Lori commented that the pair of leggings felt firm and intense- two qualities she had not seen in the other shapers she had come across from other brands. They came to Shark Tank asking for a $75,000 investment and were offering 20 percent equity in return. The male Sharks almost exited the deal because they were not interested in the shapers. Lori and Barbara made a combined offer to Jenny and Eric- they were ready to offer $75,000 in exchange for 40 percent equity in the company. The two founders accepted the deal instantly because they believed that the female Sharks would help their business grow tremendously, allowing it to be a success among a large number of women.

Our Review of Hold Your Haunches

Hold Your Haunches seems like a wonderful shaper for women, catering to a broad market of women of all ages with different body insecurities.

Pros of Hold Your Haunches

Hold Your Haunches creates products for saddle bags, saggy cheeks, belly flab, muffin tops, and sagging bottoms. Its versatile products allow them to cater to a large market of women. Moreover, the material used to make their product is firm- it provides good leg covering while offering generous shaping. It can be worn underneath any outfit, making it an excellent purchase.

Moreover, the Sharks commented on how the shaper seems intense and tight, keeping all the extra body fat bundled away so that women can feel their absolute best, regardless of how many children they have had or how much weight they have gained. The company aims to boost women’s confidence so they can be happier with themselves. Everyone deserves to look good, so why should some extra fat hold you back?

Cons of Hold Your Haunches

Hold Your Haunches could be a little misleading. The shaper will show an unnatural version of a woman’s body to other people, which might make other women more conscious about themselves because they will think that they don’t have as many curves.

It might also be misleading to men who find a woman attractive but have no idea that she is wearing a Hold Your Haunches product.

However, makeup plays the same deceptive role, and in a society so obsessed with how a woman looks, it seems like women don’t have much of an option.

Who is Hold Your Haunches For?

Hold Your Haunches is for any woman who has some chubbiness on their body that they are not totally comfortable with. It is for those women who want to wear a fitted cocktail dress without being insecure about the unproportioned bits of fat on their tummy or bum.

Hold Your Haunches caters to women of all ages and sizes to ensure that everyone can find a product for themselves that would allow them to feel confident and beautiful.

Are There Any Alternatives?

You will find several shapewear fashion pants in the marketplace, but none of them are as firm and intense as Hold Your Haunches. This is because Hold Your Haunches uses a unique material that keeps everything in place without feeling too tight or unbreathable.

Our Final Thoughts

We believe that Hold Your Haunches has loads of potential. It is a wonderful concept that caters to a large variety of women, giving them exactly what they have been looking for. Having a company that makes products for different body parts is a dream, and we believe that with the help of the Sharks’ investment, Hold Your Haunches will be extremely popular.