GeoOrbital from Shark Tank

GeoOrbital shark tank

GeoOrbital is a revolutionary wheel that allows you to put it on your bike and convert it into an electric bike in seconds. The self-powered wheel can be easily clipped onto the front wheel of a regular bicycle to convert it into an electric bike

What Do They Make?

The GeoOrbital wheel is a self-powered electric wheel that can convert any ordinary bike into an electric bike. The standard wheels of your bike can easily be replaced with GeoOrbital electric wheels and convert your conventional manual bicycle into an electric bike. The whole process is very easy, powerful, and affordable.

The GeoOrbital wheels are easy to install on your manual bike. No tools are required for its quick and seamless installation.

The electric wheels boost your bike using a high-powered motor and increase your bike’s speed up to 20 miles per hour.

What Makes Them Unique?

The body of the GeoOrbital wheels is made from aerospace-grade aluminum, and the tire material is a rubber thread flat-proof foam.

The parts used in manufacturing GeoOrbital wheels are from the USA and imported from other countries. The GeoOrbital wheels give a power boost to your bike, whose speed can range up to 20 miles per hour.

The range without pedaling varies between 12 to 27MI, and the range with pedaling can go up to 60MI. The portable battery in the wheel has a USB outlet built into its structure, so you can also charge other electronics with it.

The flat-proof tires never ask for regular checking to see if the tire pressure is correct or if the tire has gone flat.

Are They Still an Active Company?

The GeoOrbital gained immense recognition through magazines, and the bikes were sold on Amazon shortly after their appearance on the show. But since, after 2020, the website and social media accounts went inactive, and the GeoOrbital wheels are no longer available on Amazon.

How Did the Shark Tank Pitch Go?

Michael Burtov and Dakota Decker appeared on the show seeking $500,000 for 5% equity in their company, GeoOrbital.

Michael began the pitch by explaining how he always wanted the traditional bicycle, which hasn’t been changed for over a hundred years, to have some revolutionary technology to introduce it to the 21st century.

The GeoOrbital would help achieve that. The self-powered electric wheel can turn any bicycle into an electric bike in under a minute, requiring no professional tools and experience for the installation.

Dakota demonstrated the installation of a GeoOrbital wheel onto a normal conventional bicycle that can be bought from any store. The GeoOrbital wheel replaces the front wheel of the bicycle. After clipping the throttle on, a person is ready to use the GeoOrbital modified bike.

With easy fitting, a traditional bike has been converted into an electric bike, whose speed can go up to 20 miles per hour on a single charge without pedaling.

GeoOrbital wheels allow you to take your bike on hills without breaking a sweat since the bicycle now has almost 500 watts of electric power, all available with the press of a lever.

Kevin was impressed with the design and asked if he could ride one of the bicycles. Dakota explained how the pedals and brakes of the bicycle with GeoOrbital work the same as in any conventional bicycle. After seeing Kevin speed off on his bicycle, Barbara also got up to try the GeoOrbital wheel and later said the bike was like “magic. ”

Lori asked if the entrepreneurs were on Kickstarter or Indiegogo before, and Michael said that the company was only launched four months ago and raised $1.26 million on Kickstarter. After that, they made over $200,000 on their website through direct-to-consumer sales.

The product was still a prototype, but they were going to start shipping it in 2 months. The Sharks were not impressed with the price of one GeoOrbital wheel, and Barbara commented that buying an electric bike would be far more affordable.

Chris asked if the only market opportunity for these wheels were those bikes that haven’t been converted to electric yet and whether the company would start manufacturing bikes in the future.

Michael showed them a prototype of a bike they invented, having only one the GeoOrbital wheel. The company was selling these nimble bikes, which were small enough to be put in the trunk of a car.

Chris asked if they were spending more of their time on the wheel or the bike, and both Dakota and Michael agreed that the bike was just an additional item they liked to work on. Chris said that was the opposite of what he was hoping to hear, and he would rather invest in something forward-looking, not retrofitting into a technology that already existed. He thought GeoOrbital wheels had a short-term opportunity for success and would not be willing to bet on it. He went out.

Mark also agreed that the bicycle market was very competitive, and it would be harder to compete with big box retailers and sell the bike or the wheel in different shops. He went out. Mark thought that the cost of the GeoOrbital wheels would be the biggest challenge.

Lori also thought they should make the wheels at an affordable price and went out.

Kevin loved the model of the tiny bike but also thought the company should try to reduce its cost. He loved the small bike but not the company. He went out.

Barbara also thought that the high price would make it difficult to sell these GeoOrbital wheels, and she wasn’t the sort of person who would spend time swapping wheels rather than buying an electric bike. She went out.

Our Review of GeoOrbital

GeoOrbital still has the electric wheel design patent pending, but the latest cutting-edge technology is a revolutionary experience for all bike lovers.

Pros of GeoOrbital

  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use
  • Sleek and revolutionary design.

Cons of GeoOrbital

  • Very expensive
  • Many people don’t like the idea of swapping their bicycle front wheels frequently.

Who Is GeoOrbital For?

GeoOrbital can be fitted into any bike as it comes in three styles that fit into more than 90% of bicycles. The installation is quick and easy and doesn’t require professional experience. It takes only a minute to install the GeoOrbital onto your bike.

Are There Any Alternatives?

  • Protean Electric.

Our Final Thoughts:

Even though the entrepreneurs didn’t strike a deal on the show, they gained popularity through their recognition on several media platforms. However, the hurdles were too big to overcome, and the product is no longer available even though Michael claims the company is still in business.