Geek Chic from Shark Tank

Geek Chic shark tank

A custom-made heirloom-quality gaming-themed piece of furniture by Robert Gifford was featured in Shark Tank. Gifford said he enjoyed solving his difficulties independently and then selling the answers he came up with. In Everett, WA, he created Geek Chic furniture for the discerning gamer/geek who values both usefulness and aesthetics.

Geek Chic’s gaming tables can be entirely modified to suit the gaming preferences and aesthetics of the consumer. In terms of gaming tables, Geek Chic can create cozy card games, epic RPG battles, and everything in between. Gifford has been playing role-playing games for 40 years and has decided to turn his hobby into a business to help others who share his love of games.

Robert Gifford introduced the Tank audience to the world of Geek Chic. In exchange for a $100,000 investment, he was willing to give a 5% stake in his company. He described a “geek” as someone with an insatiable desire to learn about the subject matter. This man explained how his interests were clogging up his home.

As a demonstration, Gifford showed off one of his dining tables that can be converted into a gaming area. While the Sharks were delighted with the quality and presentation of his furnishings, the figures initially got them nodding in agreement.

The business made $2 million throughout the first year’s sales despite a bleak profit margin. Then it suffered a loss of $100,000 in the bank. Therefore, the owner was looking for an investment from the sharks to bolster his manufacturing and shipping capabilities.

Lori Greiner was thoroughly impressed with the idea. In fact, she became a fan. However, she was slightly skeptical about whether or not he could compete in the furniture sector. Therefore, she decided against investing in a risky business.

Mark Cuban wasn’t interested in the furniture industry, so of course, he was out of the picture. On the other hand, Robert Herjavec did not believe in the business strategy of the furniture company. Consequently, he decided to excuse himself.

Kevin O’Leary was surprised that Gifford made it this far. He believed the business should be kept small and thought expanding it would be a mistake. Therefore, he refused to invest.

Daymond John had fallen head over heels in love with the furniture and how Gifford handled his business. He offered $200,000 for a quarter of the company. Gifford presented his counteroffer – 15% stakes for $500,000. Even though Daymond John was impressed, he refused to budge from his original offer. Robert Herjavec unexpectedly returned with a new proposal. He was willing to pay $300,000 for a quarter of it. With a Shark agreement in hand, Gifford accepted Herjavec’s offer.

As a real “geek,” Gifford went through the offer in great depth after the Shark Tank and ultimately decided to go with another investor. Even though the cash flow was an ongoing issue, the company continued to grow. In the short term, Gifford’s plan of modest expansion and reasonable prices worked.

However, the Geek Chic company had to start making money. Gifford was adamant that he would not let his dream die. Sadly, his determination couldn’t save the company, and his success was short-lived. The firm declared its closure on June 13th, 2017. With obligations of $7.5 million and assets of only $1.4 million, the company declared bankruptcy the following month.

Our Review of Geek Chic

Geek Chic tables were a gamer’s haven, to say the least. You could get the table made on your terms. Customization was one of this company’s most prominent features, something customers loved. Most geeks and gamers who saw the furniture for the first time were awestruck.

Gaming tables typically cost a boatload of money. Therefore, most people utilize their dining tables to accommodate their gaming ventures. Geek Chic’s booth could be placed in a gaming room or even a few feet from your work desk. You could get numerous tables of various heights and widths according to the size of the room.

Upon first inspection, you’d realize that the tables resembled those found in countless other dining rooms and kitchens. Notable differences included secret drawers along the rails that could be opened to hold miniatures and dice, a set of dice towers for casting fate, cup holders, and a DM screen.

The most interesting element was hidden beneath the table’s top. Games could be played on a buried layer beneath a succession of detachable leaves. So, you could play games on this vault floor while the rest of the party dined on the main course above.

These tables had concealed battlegrounds. They were made of sturdy construction that suggested a high level of craftsmanship. You could pay D&D, witches of warcraft, and many other games on this handy table.

The construction of the tables was immaculate. There were numerous available options for those who like variety. Most significantly, the cost was reasonable. This furniture was, without a doubt, a luxury. However, it was a luxury that served a practical purpose.

You could also get your hands on the tabletop accessories, such as cup holders and dice cups, and add drawers and a few additional storage options as well. The tables were made to perfection, no matter the type of design you instructed them to make.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Customization
  • Favorable design
  • Multipurpose tables
  • Storage options
  • Reasonable cost


  • Scarcely found
  • Late delivery
  • Low demand

Who is it Best For?

Geek Chic was introduced explicitly for gamers and geeks curious about how the world works. This table had many storage compartments, tabletops, and accessory margins that could sweep a gamer off their feet. Those who want to create a game cave in their home and store their vintage games in a secure location would have found the furniture of Geek Chic convenient.

Are There Any Alternatives?

The best alternative for Geek Chic is Board Games Table (BGT). It produces terrific furniture for gaming purposes. And you know the best part? It is still in business and offers the furniture at a reasonable price.

Our Final Thoughts

Geek Chic was a gamer’s heaven. With its customized designs and handy feature, the tables were all a gamer needed to collect and store their collectibles. Unfortunately, the company went bankrupt and no longer serves its customers.