Gayla Bentley Fashion from Shark Tank

Gayla Bentley Fashion shark tank

A designer of high-end clothes couldn’t find any stores that sold clothes that fit women who fall in the plus size category. Now she’s making her own clothes, and they’ll fit them.

Gayla Bentley is a high-end designer of apparel for women. She refers to them as “modern women” since 60 percent of women in the US fall into that category. Gayla stressed that they are all tired of having to browse in the back of department shops or being ignored by fashion designers.

Gayla Bentley founded Gayla Bentley Fashion. She provides professional and personal fashion trends advice to Fortune 500 firms and enterprises. “It’s not about size; it’s about style!” she proclaimed. Her qualities include being a creative person, a funny television personality, and a local Houstonian.

A Texas-based entrepreneur founded her firm after realizing that certain designers exclude specific sizes from high-end clothing. The entrepreneur wanted to expand her clientele beyond Houston, Texas, to other parts of the nation and the world. She thinks that this company strategy may be a gold mine.

Gayla has created a variety of plus-size clothes, such as tankinis, designer apparel, sundresses, and activewear. She is shocked at the lack of genuine concern for or attention to these women’s concerns.

She also works to make sure that all women, not just the thin magazine models, have access to fashionable, expensive clothing.

After suffering floods that caused her to leave her home and cause the loss of high-end clothing closets, she decided to assist Hurricane Harvey victims in styling their freshly rebuilt houses.

Our Review of Gayla Bentley Fashion

Bentley came on Shark Tank in search of $250,000 in return for a 20% ownership in Gayla Bentley Fashion. She brought four gorgeous models with her to show off her brand.

She has been developing the Gayla Bentley Fashion brand for ten years and plans to construct a physical store in Houston, where she is already well-known. She is charmed by Robert Herjavec, who wonders how she has been in the profession for 30 years since she was only 25.

Kevin O’Leary wondered whether the market didn’t always match demand. Both Bentley and Herjavec promptly shut him down. The other Sharks were more concerned with the business’s viability and numbers.

Along with Barbara Corcoran, Daymond John proposed a $250,000 investment in return for a 50% ownership position in Gayla Bentley Fashion.

Daymond John is insistent, and Bentley reacts with a stake worth 45 percent.

Bentley ultimately accepts Daymond John and Barbara’s $250,000 offer for a 50% ownership position in Gayla Bentley Fashion.

Daymond John questioned the price of the jacket, which one of the models was flaunting in comparison to the retail price. Kevin Harrington enquired as to whether Bentley’s clothing was currently sold in physical stores. Bentley’s clothing was exclusively sold online at that time. Herjavec inquired about sales, to which Bentley responded that they are robust and exceed $500,000 annually.

Bentley wanted her clothesline to appeal to a large audience. Even though the transaction was successful, John later acknowledged that it was among his “worst investments” in the scheme. He explained, “Barbara and I made a contract and haven’t seen each other since.

Bentley’s lack of expertise undoubtedly lost the Sharks some of their investment. Following the program, her website and social media accounts were offline.

In 2016, the website was back online, and Gayla’s clothing was offered in 23 states, the UK, Canada, and a few Neiman Marcus stores. She didn’t provide the Sharks with the return they were hoping for, but it seemed like her business was back on track.

Hurricane Harvey knocked her out in August 2017. Her apparel brand is no longer for sale. As of July 2021, she provides “personal and professional style” advice to Fortune 500 firms.

Pros of Gayla Bentley Fashion

  • Unique clothing designs for the average American woman
  • Targeted towards untapped market
  • It will appeal to other women (men even) shaped like the “average.”
  • High-end fashions available to the largest demographic
  • Factory prices make the line affordable to most
  • Marketing to an underserved market increases sales opportunities

Cons of Gayla Fashion

  • Need to focus on basics first (avoid being frumpy)
  • Need to market towards housewives, working women, and college girls as well as celebrities and socialites (everyone needs good fashion!)
  • The future of the company lies in its ability to expand beyond plus sizes
  • If Bentley’s designs don’t work for plus-sized women, she could lose her customer base completely

Who is Gayla Bentley Fashion for?

Gayla Bentley Fashion is a fashion line that caters to the needs of larger women, starting at size 12.

Gayla makes clothes for every type of woman—from tankinis to designer sundresses to activewear—and she’s committed to ensuring that all women have access to stylish, high-end apparel regardless of size or shape.

They are Texas’s leading manufacturer of plus-size clothes and aim to make you feel and look your best. Since she discovered that some designers don’t make high-end apparel in certain sizes, Texas-based businesswoman Gayla Bentley has started creating outfits for plus-size women. She founded her business intending to grow her clientele beyond Houston, Texas, to assist women all over the country and the globe to feel more confident in their appearances since she feels there is a gold mine in serving this neglected market.

Are There Any Alternatives?

We are unaware of any brand that solely focuses on plus-sized women’s clothing.

Our Final Thoughts

Gayla’s presentation was strong and vibrant. She was smooth and confident, with an eye-catching personality that was sure to capture the attention of any audience. Her product proposes an interesting concept with the potential to positively impact a large section of the population who feel left out because of the lack of fashionable options for their body size. The sharks seemed convinced that many people could well receive this concept; Daymond best described the idea as “revolutionary”, stating that Gayla Bentley Fashion had the potential to change the fashion industry.