Gallant from Shark Tank

Gallant shark tank

Shark Tank has 11 seasons worth of products. But every now and then, some products seem to stand out. Gallant is a product like this that provides stem cells for dogs. There has been a fair amount of controversy about using stem cells in regenerative therapies, and Gallant is just another way to use them. However, Gallant is a company trying to use this therapy for dogs.

Aaron Hirschhorn came looking for investment for his stem cell therapy product for dogs. The thing that helps this product stand out is the story behind it.

Aaron came up with the idea since his dog was going through chronic arthritis, and he wanted to find a cure for him. Dogs are a man’s best friend, which shows that the best inventions often have a lot of heart. This isn’t the first time that Aaron has founded a company. He also came up with DogVacay, which Rover later acquired, so he has some experience in how stem cell therapy will work.

Now that we know the product, we can look at how the Shark Tank pitch went. Aaron entered the tank seeking $500,000 for 2% equity in the business. The Sharks were astonished with his demand right from the start. However, they let Aaron continue with the pitch.

He continued to highlight how Stem Cells are a form of regenerative medicine that is growing in popularity. This involves the parents of newborns storing the placenta that is procured after birth. Stem cells are cells that can renew themselves, and thus, humans can use them to fix all kinds of ailments. Therefore, they can also be used to make dogs and pets feel better.

Aaron talked about how he came up with the idea for Gallant when his back got better after he had received stem cells for chronic back pain. He then found out that his dog was also going through similar pain with his arthritis, and like any good pet owner, he wanted him to heal. He had been interested in pets since his company, DogVacay, came to be. He was confident that stem cell therapy would work for dogs, and he rallied. He managed to go to Silicon Valley peers and raised $ 11 million altogether.

Aaron then talked about how the product worked. He said that when you would have your dog spayed or neutered, you would have the doctors hang on to their reproductive parts. The vet then puts these organs in a specific shipping vessel that Gallant would supply, then ships them off. Gallant would help gather stem cells from these reproductive organs and store them in liquid nitrogen, so they remain frozen. The cells would then be kept in Gallant’s already FDA-approved lab and can be shipped off to the necessary recipients.

Aaron still needed to bring the Sharks on the same page as him as they were still in shock about his initial ask, and he continued to talk about the fact that he has four patents that can diminish any competition that begins a journey into the game. He also explained that he has other investors, which is why he’s seeking low equity. The company is entirely worth $20 million at the moment.

The Sharks are concerned about the money he’s spending on the stem cell division. Aaron wanted Anne Wojcicki as a partner, but she seemed concerned. She thought that Aaron should keep the prices higher until they can come to scale.

Kevin made offers until Anne and Lori teamed up for $500,000 for 8%, but Aaron brought them down to 5% equity, which settled the deal between the three.

Our Review of Gallant

There are positive and negative aspects of every company or product that is pitched to the tank. We have listed some of the pros and cons of the product below:

Pros of Gallant

  1. It elongates your pet’s life. The stem cells can help make your pet’s life better and longer, so you can have your furry friend around for a long time. You also won’t have to worry about the quality of their life.
  2. The charges offered by Gallant aren’t that great. They have relatively affordable prices. Even after the fee hike, they have engaged since being on Shark Tank.
  3. It is convenient. Spaying or neutering pets is relatively standard, but with Gallant, you can essentially help so many other pets. The company has created a pipeline that allows pets all over America.

Cons of Gallant

  1. It is not an exact science. We still don’t know enough or have enough data to know if the therapy is as effective as we would like to believe.

Who is Gallant For?

Gallant is for every dog owner and anyone who has ever lost a dog or a pet to illness or low quality of life. It’s for anyone who considers their dogs part of their lives and doesn’t want to go through the sadness of letting them go. Gallant provides the stem cells your dog would need to live a long and better life. This fact means that if you’re trying to have your dog’s life improve significantly, then Gallant is for you.

Are There Any Alternatives?

There aren’t any alternatives for Gallant currently. That’s part of the reason that the company stands out, as Aaron has gotten patents for all the technologies the company is using. There aren’t any stem cell banks that help provide stem cell therapy to dogs.

Our Final Thoughts

The best kinds of products, companies, and inventions are ones that have care and love at the root of them. Gallant is revolutionary not only because it helps dogs live longer but also because it has created a supply chain and pipeline for all sorts of stem cell products for pets and otherwise. However, the product and the company are likely to cause controversy as many people have differing opinions on morality and ethics, which the company may have to look out for.