Better Life from Shark Tank

Better Life shark tank

Parents worry about exposing their children to harsh chemicals found in cleaning products. They are always on the lookout for a product that doesn’t have anything to do with harsh chemicals and is clean, green, and safe so that their kids can easily play on the floor without them having to worry about what’ll happen if the kids put their fingers in their mouth after the floor has been cleaned with chemical infused products. Furthermore,  the common perception of such products is that they are on their pricier side.

This is what Better Life caters to. It was in 2008 that two lifetime friends, Kevin Tibbs  and Tim Barklage, were babysitting their newly borns’ who were born weeks apart from each other, and watching them crawl on the floor that they saw their kid’s hands filled with dirt, dust, and all the residue on the floor being put in their mouth. It got them thinking of how dangerous these chemical floor cleaners were and their effect on such babies. They thought to themselves, what if there could be cleaning products that didn’t have to compromise on cleaning the surface and neither on the safety of whoever was touching that particular area? At that instant, they came up with the brilliant idea of a Better Life.

Tim was deeply intrigued, and being the optimistic soul that he is, he put Kevin to the test. Kevin being an inventive chemist, stood up to the experiment and said yes to creating a new and improved range of plant-based and eco-friendly cleaning products that would live up to all their expectations of wellbeing and implementation. The idea got to Kevin, and he instantly went to the lab to start work. Thus, the creation of a Better Life. Tim is leading the brand’s marketing and branding, and Kevin is the brains behind the green products.

Tim and Kevin came to Season 7 of Shark Tank looking for $400K for 7% of their business. They told the sharks the aim behind this brand and introduced the products they had. They proved their product was much more efficient and safer and killed the germs more than a regular product by doing a test. They cleaned a tile with spray paint on it and then disinfected a raw chicken smeared countertop with a leading national brand and the Whatever Cleaner by Better Life, and it turns out their product did a better job. The sharks did seem impressed.

However, the sharks were left stunned when they told them about the $2 million in sales in the last year with no debt. Lori immediately offered them $400k for 17% and said she was confident she would turn them into millionaires. DeJoria offered to back Lori and gave an offer of 20% for $400K, followed by Daymond’s offer of $500K for 20%.

Our Review of Better Life

Better Life is an organic cleaning product brand that has been doing even better since Lori Greiner led the way. These hundred percent cleaning products are made from natural ingredients that have been derived from plants. They are eco-friendly and allow you to play your part in keeping the environment and your children safe and not exposing them to toxic chemicals once you have cleaned your house.

Better Life products are only tough on stains. They have no harsh fumes, are naturally scented, and are the perfect replacement for all other cleaners. When it comes to kids and pets, they don’t have any adverse effects, even if they are consumed accidentally.

Pros of Better Life

  • Plant and mineral-based products
  • Naturally scented and no severe odors
  • Ecological cleaning ingredients
  • Not tried on animals
  • Cruelty-free
  • Eco-friendly
  • No sulfates
  • Safe for babies
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-sticky or greasy
  • Safe for animals

Cons of Better Life

  • Too much product can make the floor look sticky or greasy
  • The bottle can spill easily

Who is Better Life for?

Better Life offers natural cleaning products that are safe for all – kids and pets in the house. These are best for schools, homes, offices, vets, pediatricians, and anywhere you need effective cleaning. If you’ve toddlers in the house or many pets, it is wise to use this product as it will allow you to have stress-free times. There will be zero worrying about your child and your pet consuming harsh chemicals. These can be your go-to products for all cleaning purposes.

These can be very effective for old homes. They are also useful when you have elderlies in the house as they are the ones that need the most care.  It is essential to use as mild a product as possible so that their health is not affected in any way.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Like Better Life, a few other competitor brands don’t use harsh chemicals to produce their cleaning products. One of the major competitors is Seventh Generation.

Seventh Generation’s mission is to make each part of the house clean, safer, sustainable, and as far from chemicals as possible. They offer laundry, cleaning, dishwashing, paper, and feminine care products. It is a green cleaning solution for all and is very affordable. It is available at all leading online stores for the customer’s ease.

Our Final Thoughts

Gone are the days when you needed to worry about what was being put in the cleaning products you were getting home. Better life helps remove stains and smudges. The strong plant-based cleaning products refresh any surface and ensure that they are only clean with the good stuff. You can now clean without worry. It is safe for all kids and pets, even if accidentally consumed. It has plant-powered ingredients and is naturally scented for all purposes. The products include sprays, wipes, laundry, bathroom, dish and soap cleaners, etc. there is a huge variety of products available now that’ll help make cleaning fun and easier.