Dog Threads from Shark Tank

Dog Threads shark tank

There is a fair share of bizarre products that come into the tank everyone now and then, and Dog threads are no different. It’s a product that provides dog clothes, as the name suggests but with a twist. It also provides a matching set for humans to coordinate with their pets and look like a family.

It’s a belief amongst many that a dog is man’s best friend and this product is all about going the extra mile. Scott and Gina Davis, a husband and wife dup, came up with the concept when they realized they wanted to match their pooch. They talk about how they were inspired in 2014 when they were looking for a Hawaiian shirt for their dogs for a barbecue. They could find one in time, which led to Gina coming to the rescue and making one for their dog all on their own.

What sets the product apart from the rest is that it acknowledges the presence of a small niche. Gina also has a background in clothing design, so it makes sense that she has the authority to design clothes for her dogs. They wanted everyone to have an experience with their canine the way they had, which is why they came up with the idea of Dog Threads. They also ensure that these products are sourced ethically so that no one gets harmed. S

Knowing more about the product, we can now talk more about how the shark tank pitch went. The husband and wife duo entered the tank asking for $250,000 for 17% of the business. They pitch the business by telling their story and how the company works. They want to ensure they can track some help from the sharks to help them have greater scalability. They also mention the heart of their story, which is their relationship with their dog.

They also talked about how creating Dog clothes soon became an obsession for them so that they could show the Sharks that the company has a lot of passion at heart. Seeing this, many people decided to reach out to them for clothes for their puppies, leading to them expanding the business. They also want to mention that they’re trying to have an ethical company. So they have a seamstress that stitches the clothes to order and ensure they donate a certain percentage of their proceeds to the animal shelters.

The duo of entrepreneurs is also quick to mention that the clothing comes in many styles. They also break down the prices so that the sharks know what the number looks like. The shirts go for $38, but all the other sweaters will also go for $38-48. There are a lot of bargains on the sale page.

They break down their sales for the Sharks. They are doing around $240,000 per year, which seems promising. They also adore that the Davis gang only had an initial investment of $500 which helped them start the company.

While the other Sharks are hush, Mark seems to like the shirts and wants to help the duo get a license as soon as possible. He then offers them a total of $250,000 for 30%. Kevin is the second one to chime in with interest. But Mark insists that he will withdraw his offer if they continue conversations with Kevin. The duo brings Markdown to 25%, which he agrees to, and they have a deal.

The company is still active, which means it managed to survive the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our Review of Dog Threads

Not everyone who has a dog as a pet wants to dress them up in the same garb as you. However, that’s something that the couple who came up with Dog Threads wanted to do, and soon people demanded it too. Let’s look at all the pros and cons of the product.

Pros of Dog Threads

  1. The product is ethically sourced. We know this because the company has clearly stated how they acquire things and how everything comes about. They mentioned all the work and processes, from fabric to the end product.
  2. They recycle products. They help limit the waste they would otherwise have by recycling their fabric and products.
  3. They help out the community. They mentioned how some percentage of their sales do go to Animal Shelters.
  4. They have quality. The fabrics that they use are generally of extreme quality. The production process is also broken down in a way that helps to have the best kinds of products.

Cons of Dog Threads

  1. It’s a tiny niche,so they could have problems expanding after a while.

Who Are Dog Threads For?

Dog Threads are for anyone who wants to twin with their pet. If you want to be one of those families or people that have matching outfits with their pets, then Dog Threads is the one for you. If you want products that match your dogs and have the best quality fabric, then Dog Threads is the perfect brand. They are also an ethical company which means that you won’t have to worry about fast fashion and the kind of impact that you’re having on global supply chains if you’re a more conscious consumer.

Are There Any Alternatives?

The company has a unique idea and takes on all kinds of clothes, which makes sense that they don’t have any contenders in the market yet. There may be individual sellers on Etsy or Amazon that you may opt for and they can provide you with the kind of clothes you need, but they aren’t here.

Our Final Thoughts

If you want matching clothes for your pet, this is the perfect company for you. The product is also novel, which is why so many people are flocking to it. Conscious consumers can also buy products, and they would get some of the best quality dog clothes, which is why it’s necessary to take some time to invest in the development. However, matching clothes for dogs and owners isn’t for everyone, so there might be some issues with product expansion.