FryWall from Shark Tank

FryWall shark tank

If you like cooking, then chances are that innovative cooking gadgets attract you. After all, anything that makes the process easier, short, convenient, and more enjoyable is always welcome in the kitchen. And it is a cherry on top when the said gadget looks good in your kitchen setting and adds to the aesthetic.

If you have ever fried something in a hot pot of oil, you know the oil bubbles and splatters everywhere. So much so that even if you fry an egg with a little bit of oil, it can get in every crevice of your cookware and stove. Hence, when Yair Reiner set out on his journey with cooking, he knew he had to do something about the whole splatter situation.

Like most of us regular folks in the kitchen, Reiner loved cooking but absolutely hated the chore of cleaning up after. However, one day, Reiner was frying a duck breast that happened to annoy him a bit more than usual. That’s when he got the idea of a guard for his frying pan. Something that acts as a barrier for all the oil splatter.

So he got himself silicone paste and started working on a guard prototype model. Soon enough, he had what he now sells as FryWall. It looks like a pet cone you get for your pet dog or cat after surgery or a vet appointment. However, it is actually a literal “wall for your frying pan” that guards the edge of your cooking pot and saves your kitchen from suffering the splatter.

Reiner had recently lost his job when he was working on the prototype. So this was the best way for him to pursue his passion for cooking. So it was a dream come true for him when his idea and execution were successful within three months. Finally, Reiner had a working model, and it didn’t take long to get popular in the market.

The FryWall was a huge success, with the customers and retailers trying to get on board. This created the perfect opportunity for Reiner to fully invest in the business aspect of things and take his career forward. However, simultaneously, he knew that pursuing business full-time was easier said than done.

So with a lot of backing, Reiner made it to NBC’s Next Big Thing and ended up winning. This created the best-case marketing scenario for FryWall as the product was featured across the country via television and big names in the publishing industry. Soon enough, it was obvious that Shark Tank was the next step for Reiner.

Hence, Reiner made his way to the sets of Shark Tank. He pitched for $100,000 in exchange for 10% equity in his business. He went on to demonstrate how to use the FryWall, quickly prompting the judges to feel like they were sitting on the sets of Master Chef than Shark Tank because of all the cooking. A quick laugh later, judges were interested in the product.

After some discussions around the sales and profits generated, Kevin was the first one to show approval and counter for 15%. Daymond took it up with Kevin and placed the same deal forward. However, Robert and Mark went out, while Lori dominated the whole setting with the initial deal and her gold tooth, to which Reiner couldn’t contain his excitement anymore.

It was a deal!

FryWall is still going strong today and doing exceedingly well since Lori Greiner’s funding and frontline management. You can find the range of products on Amazon as well as their official website Having expanded in product variety, including colors, materials, and sizes, one should definitely get their hands on FryWall for the authentic experience.

Our Review of FryWall

We were fortunate enough to get our hands on FryWall – a medium-sized pan-guard in multiple color options ranging from black, green, orange, and red. The quality turned out to be better than we had expected. Hence, you’ll be proven wrong if you think it is just some cheap cone-shaped silicone. Because if they charge you a good price, they are certainly delivering the quality too. It is the perfect kitchen utensil or gadget you can get if you are tired of cleaning oil splatter that gets everywhere.

Pros of FryWall

  • The medium-size FryWall fits 10” inch pans and pots.
  • No more compromise on protection against splatter and oil stains.
  • No more spilling your ingredients.
  • It is safe to travel with or carry because it is compact.
  • It is easy to sanitize, ensuring hygiene and cleanliness.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Best for compact storage spaces.
  • It will save your kitchen cabinets, excess utensils, and other pots and pans nearby from oil mist and condensation that settles and is very hard to clean.

Cons of FryWall

  • It is not suitable for downdraft stoves.
  • You have to get a perfect size; otherwise, it won’t fit your pot.
  • Some people may find it a bit pricier for usability.

Who Is FryWall For?

FryWall is for anyone and everyone who likes to get in the kitchen, cook, and isn’t afraid to make what they love to eat. However, essentially it is a kitchen tool for people who hate cleaning afterward when they are done cooking. It saves you the time and hassle of cleaning stubborn oil splatter stains that don’t rub off. So you can place your FryWall on the edge of the cooking pot and enjoy a splatter-free cooking experience. Next, throw it in the dishwasher; it will be ready for your next cooking expedition.

Are There Any Alternatives?

There are many innovative kitchen utensils out there. However, nothing can come close to looking or fulfilling the same purpose as FryWall. It is truly a unique masterpiece when it comes to protective kitchen utensils. It was indeed created by someone who has stepped into the kitchen and knows how things work. Hence, you may search for other utensils and gadgets, even electronic ones, but you will find none that come close to replacing FryWall.

Our Final Thoughts

It was an incredible moment to be televised when Lori Greiner came up with the same deal and offered her gold tooth. Reiner had recently lost his job and deserved this motivation in the face of adversity to kick start his alluring entrepreneurial career in an industry where his passions lay. Safe to say, FryWall is worth the hype and the money and will definitely be a good addition to your kitchen. Cheers!