Fizzics from Shark Tank

Fizzics shark tank

Fizzics is the beer pouring system that promises to make cheap bottled beer taste better – much like draft beer. Its founders market it as an upgrade to your bottled beer without the added cost or hassle of pouring draft beer.

Now, who doesn’t like the fizzy foam and the tantalizing taste of draft beer? This compact gizmo promises to give you all of that along with plenty of conveniences. Its inventors say that you don’t need to contend with a huge beer keg or cask to make draft beer a reality. Imagine assimilating the foam and taste-enhancing effects of a beer keg/cask in a handheld device. That’s what Fizzics aspires to do.

But is it at all too good to be true? Should you buy the hype?

As you would expect, there is lots of fizz (hence the quirky name “Fizzics”) and a subtle difference in flavor.

Most ordinary beer drinkers seem to agree that Fizzics does make bottled beer taste a notch better even if it is not exactly draft beer grade.

Turning bottled beer into draft beer courtesy of a portable device may sound too good to be true. But at least that’s what its inventors claim.

Do note though that some insist on not noting any difference in taste. The difference in taste is mild at best as we found out.

Read our review to find out if all this hype is really warranted.

Are They Still an Active Company?  

They are still in business and seem to be doing well.

How Did the Shark Tank Pitch Go?

The Shark Tank pitch was a dream come true for the founders. Lori Greiner and Mark Cuban invested $2 million for a 16.67% stake in the brand.

Our Review of Fizzics

We tried out the Fizzics beer dispensing device and got mixed results. While there is not a big difference in taste and texture, this device does have its fair share of shortcomings.

For starters, it is not as ultra-convenient as the founders would have you believe. You do have to go through the following steps before you can finally enjoy your ice-cool pint.

Step 1

Place the bottle or can inside the hydrant, shaped canister.

Step 2

Take hold of the plastic tube that is linked with the lid. Put the tube inside the beer bottle and shut the lid.

Step 3

Now comes the waiting bit as the device does its thing. For just under a minute, Fizzics will blast your beer with sonic waves to work up all that fizz. You will first have to pour the foamless beer. You can then add in the foam.

Finally, it’s done.

Although it looks involved, to be fair, the operation is fairly simple. Now, this may not be an awful lot of hard work. But it is still a bit fussy for the average bottled beer drinker who is used to sipping beer straight out of a bottle or glass. You do get the hang of it in next to no time. But there is the wait you have to put up with before you can finally sip your ice-cold beer. Downing a few bottles of beer will thus entail more work than what the average beer drinker is accustomed to. Not ideal when you are watching the game and just want that beer fast.

But make no mistake. There is an even bigger issue – cleaning it. If you plan on drinking another kind of beer then you would have to clean it up. And that is kind of onerous.

Can you skip the cleaning part (if you drink different beers)? No. Unless you don’t mind mixing up different beers, skipping the cleaning bit is not an option. But perhaps you can save the cleaning bit for the end if you like to drink just one kind of beer. So that is another con of this device. You would be better off sticking to just one kind of beer if you don’t want to clean this thing frequently while the game is on. And cleaning up the mess is not exactly fun.

Yet another con of the device is the battery issue. Since you are creating a storm of sonic waves to froth up the beer, the batteries are going to drain fast. Be prepared to add 4 AA-size batteries quite often.

And what about the taste itself? It depends on who you ask. A lot of people feel that there is a mild improvement. But beer purists and connoisseurs insist that there is no difference in flavor. At best, the difference is mild. For its just sound waves that are working up the froth with no added carbon dioxide, nitrogen, or any other taste-enhancing ingredient.

The small difference in taste can hardly justify the $100+ price tag especially when you factor in all the cons.

Verdict: You will be better off with a kegerator if you are serious about draft beer. Skip Fizzics.

Fizzics Pros

  • Works up a thick layer of foam to give the perception of draft beer

Fizzics Cons

  • Pouring beer takes time and some work
  • Quick battery consumption
  • Not a huge difference in flavor

Who is Fizzics for?

Hard to recommend it for any demographic given the mild difference in flavor that comes at a great cost.

Are There Any Alternatives?

A kegerator that injects pressurized carbon dioxide into your beer to substantially improve your beer’s taste is your best bet if you want draft beer-grade drinks in the comfort of your home.

  • EdgeStar KC2000TWIN Full Size Dual Tap Kegerator & Draft Beer Dispenser

Our Final Thoughts

The Fizzics review separated the hype from reality about the beer-dispenser that has received a lot of attention. To be honest, the buzz and the hoopla surrounding the device don’t quite match the performance. The perceived difference in taste is rather subtle at best.

At its core, it’s a gimmicky device that just doesn’t justify its price point and caveats – which are many.