Fairytale Wishes from Shark Tanks

Fairytale Wishes shark tank

Do you get scared of things that could be lurking underneath your bed as you begin to lie down on your bed during the night? Or do you feel uncomfortable when the sun sets, and the darkness sets in around your room? This problem is not only common in children but also adults.

Parents of young children know well how scared kids can get in the dark, especially when it is time to sleep. Scenarios of monsters creeping out from under their beds when all the adults go to bed leave them frightened and unable to soon, becoming a nuisance for parents who want to enjoy some alone time and rest their eyes.

Debbie Glickman recognized this problem, especially when her young son would be too scared to sleep at night. To put her son to ease, Debbie paid $25 for a bottle of lavender spray that could be applied to the pillow and told her son that she had sprayed a magic potion that would keep him safe from monsters and evil and bring sweet dreams his way. She wasn’t sure whether it was the placebo effect or the lavender pillow spray, but soon, her son would fall into a deep slumber and wake up happy and clueless the next day.

That is when Debbie decided to build a product to help children fall asleep through scent. She came to the Sharks asking for an investment of $35,000 in exchange for 33 percent equity in her company. She launched Fairytale Wishes, a line of therapeutic scents to help children fall asleep through the use of delicious scents and their imagination. Her line of products is also directed towards adults as the signature lavender-scented spray is said to help anyone fall asleep. There is also a bubblegum scented spray, another signature scent that has gained much popularity.

Each unit costs $2.16 to make, based on the kind of scent that is supposed to be used, as some scents are cheaper to make. Every bottle contains 4 oz of liquid and sells for $9.99. Over the four years that Fairytale Wishes has been in the market, sales have peaked at $5,500. This low number shocks the Sharks, but Debbie says that a popular company, Bed, Bath, and Beyond, test-ran her product and reordered from her three times. Moreover, her product was doing exceptionally well in the retail store where she had stocked it, but after a month, it was placed at a different location, which caused sales to drop heavily.

Debbie came to the Sharks looking for someone to run the business side of things so that she could grow her business. Her product is popular and ready to change the market, but she needs someone savvy enough to help her do that.

Our Review of Fairytale Wishes

Fairytale Wishes is a product that all parents wish they could have- a make-belief magic portion that keeps kids calm and lull them to sleep straight away.

Pros of Fairytale Wishes

Debbie’s company, Fairytale Wishes, is creative. We believe that the scents of the sprays are delicious enough to be instantly loved by children. Moreover, putting children to sleep is a legitimate problem for adults, especially children who watch lots of fairy tales and start to believe that if they close their eyes or are left alone for too long, a monster will eat them up.

Fairytale Wishes ensures that adults can also use lavender-scented spray on their pillows to ensure a good night’s sleep. The power of scent has been emphasized as it plays a vital role in calming humans down. Debbie uses this knowledge and her parenting knowledge to make something useful that will ensure calm nights for both parents and children.

The good news is that a large segment of the market recognizes the potential Fairytale Wishes offers, which is why a huge company like Bed, Bath, and Beyond has performed a test run on Debbie’s product and reordered from her thrice. We like that each spray bottle does not cost too much- the standard set price of $9.99 is a fair amount, making the sprays available to a broader market.

Cons of Fairytale Wishes

While we applaud Debbie’s creativity, the fact that her sales have only peaked at $5,500 in the last year is a red flag. The company does not seem to be doing too well even though it has been around for four years.

Moreover, during her time at Shark Tank, Debbie emphasized that she has been focusing more on public relations, but her sales cannot see this. This makes us think that she needs to work harder at making her products more popular to reach a wider market and establish a loyal customer base.

Who is Fairytale Wishes for?

Fairytale Wishes is for children who cannot sleep easily at night because they are worried about the monsters underneath their beds.

The product can be sprayed on their pillows, and the scent can be used to calm their minds down, allowing them to drift off to sleep. Fairytale Wishes is also for adults who enjoy scents and want to use them to calm themselves down after a long day at work.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Many pillow sprays are available in the market, but no one has advertised their product with a mission like Fairytale Wishes.

Our Final Thoughts

We believe that Fairytale Wishes has a lot of potential. The product is creative and desperate parents would do anything to get their children to sleep on time. The idea of using scent to help calm the mind down has been backed up in psychology, which is why we believe that Fairytale Wishes will be successful in the future.