Face Yoga with Koko from Shark Tank

Face Yoga with Koko shark tank

Face Yoga with KoKo is a company that teaches face yoga techniques to its clients. According to claims, the yoga approach can assist with deformities such as an asymmetrical face and the signs of aging. The unique element of this business is that Koko herself discovered this technique after a botched plastic surgery, which helped her regain her confidence.

Face Yoga with Koko became well-known following Shark Tank. Although she does not offer the services in a physical studio, her business is prospering thanks to the online lessons she offers clients for about 200 dollars per hour. She currently has a functional app that also includes paid content.

Koko came to shark tank looking for a two hundred thousand dollars investment for a 20% stake in her company. She also shows some of her facial exercises to the sharks and tells them how it only takes three to five minutes to do these exercises each day.

Currently, Koko offers online lessons for 200 dollars an hour, and if she walks out with an investment, she will use it to grow her business by hiring more licensed instructors to teach face Yoga.

Koko also talks about how she has another business that requires a larger investment. However, the sharks advise her to focus on the more profitable one. Mark does not choose to invest because he doesn’t think Koko’s niche is the right fit for him. Rohan is also out as he says he can’t wrap his head around her business idea.

Barbara also chooses not to invest and tells Koko how she may be successful if she looks into doing a comedy routine instead of this. Lori also doesn’t believe this business will work out well for Koko, so she is also out.

Lastly, Mr. Wonderful also chooses not to invest as he believes it is challenging for such a business to make a profit. Therefore, Koko walks out of the shark tank with no investment.

Our Review of Face Yoga with Koko

 We believe that Face Yoga by Koko is a promising company since Face Yoga is a facial exercise technique popular in Japan because of its wide range of benefits.

These exercises are a natural remedy for anyone who might desire to reduce the signs of aging so they can look and feel more youthful. This Yoga technique can help people gain back their confidence and feel beautiful.

It may be easy for some individuals to believe that this is a scam. However, since it has the power to awaken face muscles that are inactive to lift the skin, we believe that people who follow these exercises regularly may be able to see promising results. Moreover, these exercises can also help individuals in middle age avoid wrinkles.

Additionally, the company’s creator experienced the benefits of face yoga when she used it to regain her confidence after a botched chin procedure. These exercises are also believed to reduce facial wrinkles naturally since it helps the muscles that may be overworked relax.

Koko also has an app that can help students or travelers perform face yoga anywhere they are. The app is also equipped with innovative AI technology that alters the exercise routines according to the user’s facial features.

However, one of the drawbacks of face yoga is that compared to cosmetic procedures where you see results within a few weeks, it can take a long time for one to begin seeing results if they only do face yoga. This can make people feel like the exercises are not working and cause them to get demotivated quickly.

Nonetheless, Koko also attracted some big celebrity names like Kim Kardashian, which is a promising factor. However, everyone is different, and we believe that the best way to find out if face yoga works is to try it out yourself.

Pros of Face Yoga with Koko

Here are a few advantages of Face Yoga with Koko:

  • Users can find a few free tutorials by Koko on YouTube
  • Koko also gives personal face yoga training sessions
  • Natural, inexpensive, pain-free, and non-toxic alternative for plastic surgery procedures
  • No side effects
  • Reduces the signs of aging by targeting overworked muscles or unused muscles
  • The exercise routine is not time-consuming and takes only around three to five minutes per day
  • Free app for face yoga that comes with an AI technology that recommends users with exercises according to their facial features

Cons of Face Yoga with Koko

Here are a few downsides of Face Yoga with Koko:

  • Results can take time which may make users feel demotivated

Who Is Face Yoga With Koko For?

Face Yoga with Koko is best for people looking to improve their overall facial features and reduce the signs of aging. It is also a great option for individuals with botched plastic surgery experiences or facial deformities, as facial Yoga has shown to reduce the signs of such issues.

Face Yoga with Koko is also ideal for people with low self-confidence or who may be looking for a natural alternative to plastic surgery or Botox to get the look they desire.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Even though you may find various apps, instructors, or books dedicated to teaching face Yoga. We believe there are no alternatives to Face Yoga with Koko as it is the only service to offer a one-of-a-kind face Yoga app with innovative AI technology to recommend user’s face exercises according to their facial features.

Moreover, it is the only service that offers an app and a certified instructor, Koko.

Our Final Thoughts

Anyone wishing to delay the effects of ageing or feel younger can try Face Yoga by Koko’s revolutionary services. This program is unique because a licensed instructor runs it, and famous people like Kim Kardashian have used it.

It is also a risk-free and much cheaper alternative to plastic surgery. Therefore, anyone looking for natural alternatives to Botox or plastic surgery should try Face Yoga with Koko!