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Training children to be independent starts at a young age. And to do so, parents often allow their children to eat their meals on their own. What becomes an actual chore is cleaning up the mess kids create.

The food flies all over the place, and tidying up the kitchen counter becomes a hectic task for the adults. However, this common household problem also has some solutions. Lindsey Laurain proposed one such solution on Shark Tank’s Season 7.

Lindsey had started her business, ezpz, which manufactured a unique set of silicone plates and mats for toddlers who make a mess while eating by themselves. The interesting combination of products allows kids to have their meals easily as the deep dish makes scooping food more accessible. Besides that, the silicone mat attaches itself to any surface by creating a suction so that the plate attached to the mat doesn’t move while kids are having their meals.

ezpz had made $1.2 million in sales since its launch in 2015. Lindsey was now on the world’s biggest reality show asking for 1 million dollars in exchange for 5% equity in her company. Sharks were quite impressed with the difference between the ask and the offer. After hearing Lindsey’s pitch, in which she described the background of the company and the issues her products were going to solve for a rising market of parents, the sharks were ready to make their offers.

Since Lindsey came up with such a high valuation of her business, the sharks were skeptical. Upon questioning that, Lindsey began talking about the future, the big companies in the baby market she wanted to partner with, and worldwide recognition. However, Lindsey had no factual data to support her enthusiastic approach toward the business she hoped would make her $10 million the following year.

Robert didn’t believe in the numbers as Lindsey didn’t have valid data to back up her claims; he was the first to go out. Lori was concerned with the product’s design not being patented, which increased its likelihood of being copied by businesses in the same niche. Lori decided she wanted nothing to do with the company and was out. Mark was also disinterested in ezpz’s product because Lindsey’s wild enthusiasm was all over the place; he was out as well.

With the three sharks gone, only two sharks were remaining who could have helped Lindsey in scaling her business. She wanted to invest the money in mass production and product sales. Lindsey was now counting on the two remaining sharks to help her out.

Kevin offered her the exact investment she asked for, but to fight the risk factor involved in sales and pending patent case; he asked for 20% back if the business didn’t hit the $10 million mark next year. Barbara also saw potential in Lindsey’s products and appreciated Lindsey’s enthusiasm. She made an offer to Lindsey for $1 million in exchange for 5% equity but wanted Lindsey to pay back $250K per year.

Lindsey was in a marketing mode from start to finish, making endless claims about how successful her business would be next year. The optimism blinded Lindsey from seeing the reality and clouded her judgment. She rejected both offers and decided to expand the company on her own.

Our Review of ezpz

Lindsey — had a unique pattern but no patent when she appeared with her company ezpz on Shark Tank. In 2016, she was able to patent her plate and bowl design in the US. She still has patents remaining in the other countries where the business makes sales, including Canada and the EU.

Since its appearance in the Shark Tank Season 7, ezpz has created a net worth of $20 million. ezpz Happy Mat is sold on Amazon and numerous online platforms, including the business’s website. The products are also available in several baby boutiques across the US.

ezpz Happy Mat is a great and unique solution for messy eaters who love to play with food while eating. The Happy Mat stays put in its place, making the kids’ efforts to pull away the plate from the table futile. The plate is designed with a happy face giving children a positive eating experience.

ezpz has now become a household product all across the nation. The company’s products have managed to attract loyal customers who find the investment worthwhile. ezpz is on an upward trajectory with international distributors despite having no sharks to back it up.

Pros of ezpz

ezpz Happy Mat is a one-of-a-kind plate and bowl design that makes the eating process positive for toddlers while making it relatively hassle-free for adults. Here are some things that customers appreciate about the business:

  • The suction base mat attached to the plate and bowl helps the dishes stay in place.
  • The happy face design on the plate gives kids a positive experience.
  • The unique solution allows kids to learn proper eating habits and table manners.
  • The unique designs also save adults from the hassle of cleaning up afterward.
  • The foldable material allows the utensils to be stored in small spaces.
  • The utensils are also easily washable in a dishwasher.
  • The design of the utensils is deep, helping kids scoop their food properly.
  • The plate’s divided sections allow kids to track their meal portions.
  • The utensils aren’t high maintenance and are easily replaceable.
  • The EZPZ utensils are also cost-effective.
  • The customer service of the business is applaudable.

Cons of ezpz

Though ezpz has managed to build a loyal customer base, there are some aspects that customers are displeased about regarding the company’s products:

  • Some toddlers are smart enough to grab the edge of the mat, which makes the mat easily come off of the table.
  • After a while, the food starts to smell like soap in the utensils, possibly due to the silicone material used to design the plates and the bowls.
  • Not only does the food start stinking, but it also tastes like soap which is unhealthy for kids.

Who Is ezpz For?

If you have a toddler at home you wish to train to teach independent eating habits, ezpz is the company for you. The Happy Mat design has a plate and a bowl design that’s deep enough to help kids scoop up their food easily. The mat creates suction and attaches itself to the surface where it’s placed, compatible with almost every surface. The silicone mats are also easily washable in a dishwasher, making cleaning hassle-free.

Are There Any Alternatives?

While ezpz was one of the first companies in the baby market to address the need for mess-free eating utensils for toddlers, there is an alternative to the business. Munchkin is a company expert in designing and manufacturing solutions for the messy eating problems of the kids. Their suction plate and bowl also have deep edges to allow kids better scoop their food. The suction base on the plate and the bowl make it challenging for kids to fling their plates or bowls around.

The company has other baby utensils as well. Munchkin sells on its e-commerce platform as well as on Amazon.

Our Final Thoughts

With ezpz’s valuation now at $20 million since its launch in 2015, the company has done exceptionally well in the market. Lindsey saw a vision that only she could see and followed her drive and passion. Her optimism became her guiding light, and her decision proved fruitful for the business. You can check out the company for further details on its official website.