Eyebloc from Shark Tank

Eyebloc shark tank

The most challenging thing in this increasing work-from-home scenario is maintaining personal privacy. Office meetings on Zoom and other platforms and your laptop webcam constantly pointed at you makes you more vulnerable to your privacy breach. Eyebloc has come up with a solution to this problem: webcam covers!

Eyebloc webcams are different from the traditional webcam covers. They are reusable, peelable stickers that go directly on the webcam to cover it without keeping your device from closing.

CJ Isakow, an entrepreneur and experienced executive, is the creator of Eyebloc, who realized the pressing need for simple webcam covers due to the growing incidents of people getting their webcams hacked. He came up with the idea of creating webcam covers better than duct tape or a post-it note. So he created Eyebloc, peelable and reusable covers to block webcam lenses when they are not in use to prevent hackers from invading your privacy.

Isakow originally produced Eyebloc with a 3D printer but later secured a mold for the mass production of Eyebloc as sales took off. Initially, he successfully sold the product on Amazon and through his website, but Eyeblock was still looking for some investment to help with production and distribution.

With that in mind, Isakow brought Eyebloc to the famous ABC’s Shark Tank show in January 2014. He pitched his product in the 515th episode, looking for an investment of $50,000 for 10% of his company, but unfortunately, he could not succeed and walked out of the show without a shark deal. The shark Robert Herjavec demonstrated how a small, plastic tape could cover the webcam, while Lori Greiner found the price too high for a product like Eyeloc. The sharks did not deny the growing privacy concerns, but they rejected the pitch stating that better options were available in the market.

Our Review of Eyebloc

One of the most privacy-damaging things hackers can do is to activate your webcam. With a webcam turned on, anything you do in front of your computer can be recorded or streamed. This is a serious privacy breach in a home office scenario, but it can be much worse if your computer is in the living room or a bedroom. In such a scenario, Eyebloc seems to be a good solution to the privacy issue. However, due to multiple alternatives available in the market and in households, the brand faced many challenges.

When Eyebloc appeared on the show in January 2014, the sales were already unimpressive, and he was looking for a deal to invest in a better molding process to drop the cost of production. The issue was the price of the product, which was $10. Although cybersecurity is a crucial problem, why spend $10 when a plastic tape will do the job. People were unlikely to spend that much money on stickers when other simple alternatives were present in every household.

After the Sharks blocked Eyebloc in 2014, the brand’s social media went dark, and the product was no longer sold on Amazon. It seemed that Eyeblock couldn’t compete with the paranoia market of webcams and that it was its end.

But that didn’t stop CJ from working on his idea, and in 2017, he revived the business, taking it off the back burner. The year 2018 was the acquisition of SpiShutter, a magnetic camera covers manufacturing company having a utility patent for their product designs. CJ expanded the product line by adding Nano Blockers to the magnetic blockers that use suction to cover the camera, UV wands, UV device cleaners and data blockers. The company’s main consumers belong to the promotional product industry, but it sells directly to users on Amazon.

Eyebloc got chosen by Fortune 100 CTOs for being the only type of webcam cover that works without adhesives. The success chain continued, and Eye Bloc entered into a licensing partnership with one of the most trusted desktops and mobile device accessories providers, Kensington, in June 2020. Currently, the company has an annual revenue of $5 million.

Pros of Eyebloc

  • The only webcam covers that do not use adhesives to stick to the camera but work on nano suction
  • Available in dots and bars, the NanoblocSlim and Nanobloc Dot
  • Universal webcam covers that work on a wide range of devices (Laptops, Tablets, PCs, MacBooks, Phones, etc.)

Cons of Eyebloc

  • A little high priced for Nanobloccovers

Who is Eyebloc for?

Eyebloc is for anyone who uses devices with a camera. Webcam covers are a must for people who are in front of their laptops or PCs for hours, whether working from home or office, need webcam covers. Even if there’s a PC placed in your personal space, such as your bedroom or living room, you’re more exposed to privacy attacks. Nanobloc cases are a perfect solution to this issue and are easy to use for users belonging to every age.

Are There Any Alternatives?

There are a few alternatives to Eyebloc webcam covers in the market, such as webcam covers by C-Slide, Panda Privacy, etc. These brands also offer webcam covers of different shapes and sizes for laptops, PCs, tablets, smartphones and others. However, what makes Eyebloc different from the rest is its nano suction technology. Eyeblocs webcam covers do not use adhesives like its competitors, making them unique.

Our Final Thoughts!

In this digital age, when cybersecurity has become the biggest challenge, the importance of products like Eyebloc is undeniable. We are 24/7 exposed to cyberattacks, and the best we can do is to take steps and use such products to protect our privacy. With products like Nanobloc webcam covers, you have peace of mind even if your laptop or PC is in your bedroom. No wonder why the company skyrocketed despite its initial challenges.