Eterneva from Shark Tank

Eterneva shark tank

Eterneva is a company that converts cremated ashes into diamonds. Everything about the company is unique because it allows individuals to take their loved ones with them forever and then pass on their memories to future generations in the form of a lovely diamond. The company also caters to pets.

Eterneva became well-known following their debut on Shark Tank. Following a claim that the firm was a scam, Mark Cuban defended them and termed the accusations false. In 2021, the firm successfully raised 10 million dollars. The firm is still operating in 2022, with an annual profit of 7 million dollars.

Garrett and Adele came to Shark Tank expecting to receive a six hundred thousand dollar investment in exchange for a 5% ownership in their company. They began by explaining the company’s history. They founded Eterneva in 2017 after Adele lost someone close to her and wanted to do something special with their ashes.

So she came up with the concept of making a diamond out of her loved ones’ ashes and presenting it to their family as a memorial. She went on to establish her firm, Eterneva.

She also reveals to the sharks that she made a profit of about 913,000 dollars in the first year of Eterneva’s establishment. She also adds that she hopes to earn roughly two million dollars in 2019. They also inform the sharks that they have secured 2 million dollars from other investors.

Eterneva impressed all of the sharks. However, learning that they already had investors was a deal breaker since they assumed it was already a successful firm and that they were taking an opportunity away from someone else.

Mr. Wonder was the first to announce that he would not invest since he felt anyone could obtain the machines and start the procedure. Daymond was concerned that they already had investors and did not believe they required further funding.

Finally, Mark offered them six hundred thousand dollars for 9% company ownership. Adele and Garrett attempted to counter his offer, but he declined. Finally, they accepted the offer and exited the shark with a closed deal.

Our Review of Eterneva

The idea behind having a loved one’s ashes in diamonds is beautiful. Diamonds are everlasting objects which may be passed on to future generations for many decades. Another advantage of diamonds is that they elicit happy emotions in everyone who wears or looks at them.

This is because they sparkle brightly, look lovely, make the wearer feel attractive, or are a wonderful way to remember loved ones and carry them everywhere you go.

One aspect of Eterneva that sticks out to us is its goal of making the process of transforming ashes into diamonds customized and transparent for the clients. Eterneva includes its clients throughout the remaining steps after extracting the carbon from the ashes of their loved ones and compressing them to create a diamond.

Customers can select the color and design of the stone, and once they have made their selections, Eterneva begins creating a unique diamond piece for them. We think this option is excellent since it allows individuals to be creative and include elements of their loved one’s personalities by selecting the cut, color, or style they would have preferred.

Eterneva takes it further by allowing customers to have their loved one’s name, a memorable statement, or anything else they want to get engraved beneath the item. The diamond creation process is carried out by specialists with training and expertise, ensuring you receive a high-quality diamond.

The organization also cares about its clients’ overall happiness, as demonstrated by its offer to create complimentary tribute videos. Customers can contact Eterneva’s experienced filmmakers to create videos that include memories of loved ones, images, and video messages from friends and family.

However, customers must remember that the process is time-consuming, and it may take around 7 to 10 months to get the finished product. Moreover, since the company deals with diamonds, it is a little pricier.

Overall, we feel that Enteneva is an excellent company to contact if you have a loved one’s or a pet’s ashes and want to do something meaningful with them.

Pros of Eterneva

Here are a few advantages of Eterneva:

  • Personalized service
  • The company gives importance to transparency
  • Constant updates for customers
  • Cut, design, and color of the diamond are customizable
  • Option to engrave on the jewelry
  • Experienced professionals carry out the whole process of making the diamond jewelry
  • The service also makes diamonds out of pets’ ashes

Cons of Eterneva

Here are a few drawbacks Eterneva potential customers must keep in mind before seeking their services:

  • 7 to 10-month completion period
  • Since diamonds are expensive, the service can be pricey

Who is Eterneva for?

Eterneva is ideal for anyone who may be grieving the loss of someone important to them. The service can help anyone who has lost a loved one find closure and have a great way for them to remember their beloved.

Moreover, this service mostly targets individuals in the upper middle class or the elite class since diamonds can be expensive.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Here are a few alternatives for Eterneva:

  • Lonite
  • LifeGem
  • Algordanza
  • Heart-In-Diamond

Out of all the alternatives for Eterneva, we have put Lonite on top of our list as it is a very similar company that offers to create diamonds out of the ashes of a loved one. They are different from Eterneva because they also create diamonds from hair. Moreover, their website has numerous unique diamond designs to choose from.

Our Final Thoughts

Eterneva is a one-of-a-kind service because, even though there are other competitors in the business, they distinguish themselves with their custom and personalized service that also focuses on transparency.

If you have lost a loved one or a pet, the service may help you find some closure and provide a great way to remember them and carry a memory of them with you to pass on to your children or other family members.