Enso Rings from Shark Tank

Enso Rings shark tank

The accessories industry is constantly welcoming new trends and the trends loved by the consumers become the norm for a few years before the next big trend hits the market. Since accessories are related to the style and design of the things, the trends are also focused on the same aspect. However, the safety aspect of accessories such as rings, belts, etc., is often ignored subconsciously.

Brighton Jones and Aaron Dalley understood the importance of safety regarding accessories as Brighton was once quite close to experiencing a tragic incident. During a rock climbing trip, Brighton was close to losing his finger as his wedding band got stuck in a rock. The incident could have caused finger avulsion, which got the duo to research more about the subject.

150,000 people in the US alone report finger avulsion incidents each year. Though the reported cases make up only 5% of all ER-related emergencies, the accidents can be brutal. This research led the duo to find a safer accessory option paving the way for the start of Enso Rings.

Enso Rings is a jewelry and accessory brand that manufactures rings and wedding bands out of silicone rubber. The rings are safe for everyday wear as they are designed to break in case of getting stuck. This way, people can look stylish without losing a finger due to the ring getting stuck somewhere.

Enso Rings had made 3.8 million in sales in the 18 months since their launch. However, customer acquisition was a challenge they wanted to solve for a successful business. Hence, the duo appeared on Shark Tank Season 9, seeking $500K in exchange for 7.5% equity.

Brighton Jones and Aaron Dalley started their pitch by introducing their product and how it stood out from all the other rings in the market. Then, they called professional bodybuilders to demonstrate the effects of force exerted on a traditional ring instead of Enso Rings when pulled. The silicone ring broke, whereas the traditional ring stayed put, and the dummy finger took all the impact.

The duo then passed the samples to the sharks to assess product quality. They also talked about numbers which impressed the sharks. However, when Mark’s questions changed their game, Brighton declared Enso Rings as the new fashion statement.

Mark wasn’t thrilled about the fear tactic and announced he had no interest in working on the company’s customer acquisition. Lori and Barbara were next to announce they were out. Lori didn’t see a competitive advantage that’d give her an ROI, whereas Barbara didn’t like that the duo was confused about the message they wanted to communicate with their product.

Kevin and Robert were all about numbers, and each had a deal to propose. Robert offered $500K in exchange for 20% equity, whereas Kevin offered $500K as a loan for 5% equity with $2 royalty until it reached 1.5 million. Despite knowing that Kevin’s offer worked better for Enso Rings, the duo countered Robert’s offer that he dropped to the final 15%.

Enso Rings’ founders secured the deal with Robert.

Our Review of Enso Rings

Enso Rings was doing good on its own before Shark Tank. However, securing a Shark like Robert, who cared about the business, got them to a better place today. As of 2022, Enso Rings is worth around 20 million dollars.

Over the years, Enso Rings has gotten recognition from people all across the nation. Customers love the brand’s accessories, with new and premium collections introduced every few months. Enso Rings stay on top of the game by following the trends that sell and staying true to their customers.

Customers also love the brand’s customer service. Enso Rings has also introduced a bracelet collection to add variety to its product range. The business continues to make waves in the accessory industry.

Pros of Enso Rings

Enso Rings has found a loyal customer base in a short time as people understand that accessories should be stylish but safe. Here are some things customers love about the business:

  • Enso Rings’ products are silicone rubber rings that break easily when stuck somewhere instead of causing an injury to the wearer.
  • Their products are safe and stylish with various designs and colors.
  • Enso Rings also offers wedding and engagement bands with flecks of gold or other metal chosen by the customer.
  • The versatility of the accessories makes them wearable in formal environments as well as outdoors.
  • The rings and bracelets are made up of hypoallergenic materials to protect customers from any possible skin reactions.
  • Enso Rings are anti-corrosive thanks to the silicone material used for manufacturing. The rings also don’t leave behind a green mark like many cheap metal rings.
  • The lightweight material makes customers forget they’re wearing a ring.
  • The rings are shape-forming and adjust to the fingers after some time.
  • The silicone rings also don’t slip or cause disturbance in everyday chores.
  • The various width and sizing options accommodate numerous customers.
  • Enso Rings’ e-commerce platform and Amazon store ensure the product reaches people nationwide.
  • The award-worthy customer service has kept the customers coming back.

Cons of Enso Rings

Despite having a loyal customer base, some things haven’t worked in favor of Enso Rings:

  • Enso Rings are costlier than the average silicone rings available in the market.
  • Customers have previously faced issues finding the perfect size for their fingers as silicone can be a snug material and cause discomfort.
  • Customers have also suffered order mix-ups at times.

Who Is Enso Rings For?

If you enjoy outdoor sports but don’t want to constantly worry about your engagement or wedding band, Enso Rings is the perfect brand for you. You can keep the band on while playing sports without the fear of the ring causing an injury because of being stuck. Electricians, nurses, rock climbers, etc., can benefit from the safe rings created by the company as the silicone band would easily tear instead of causing finger avulsion.

Are There Any Alternatives?

ROQ is a silicone ring manufacturing company with the same purpose as Enso Rings. Their silicone wedding bands are quite popular and relatively cheaper than Enso Rings. The stylish rings are perfect for everyday wear, and the various designs accommodate people of different tastes in accessories. The rings at ROQ are available for men and women.

Despite the similarities, Enso Rings offer better design and beat the range offered at ROQ as the company has a variety of new collections.

Our Final Thoughts

Enso Rings has revolutionized the jewelry and accessory industry by introducing a product that serves safety and style to the customers. The founders have a marketing knack for making the brand a household name. People love the Enso Rings’ products as they keep introducing new collections and updating their accessories according to the trends.

Enso Rings will continue to be a popular jewelry brand owing to the incredible minds behind the company and the eye for revolutionary trends and styles.