Earth Log from Shark Tank

Earth Log shark tank

The winter season calls for bonfires and burning logs in the fireplace to keep warm. However, it also requires chopping down precious trees and polluting the environment; not to mention, the smell after the wood has burnt is anything but pleasant.

Tom Sanetti, an environmentally responsible citizen, was trying to figure out how to recycle his junk mail when he started a fire. After several trials and errors, he created the Earth Log. Continue reading to learn about the Earth Log and what makes it stand apart from other fire-starting logs on the market.

What is Earth Log?

Sanetti’s vision to create an environmentally friendly fire log gave birth to Earth Log. It is created using leftover candle wax and recycled paper; it burns hotter and longer while releasing a pleasant smell.

Initially, Tom made these Earth Logs at home in his kitchen for his own personal and for some of his close friends, who then suggested he take them to the market. The Earth Logs performed successfully during their first week in the market and sold out completely. The pattern kept up with the number of sales increasing by the day. Tom also started receiving stocking offers from big retailers like Costco and Albertson; however, he hasn’t been able to accept the offers since he can’t keep up with the demand and needs investment to increase his supply.

The Earth Log on Shark Tank

Tom turns to the sharks in search of investment to expand his already successful business. He is looking for $160,000 in return for 20% equity in his business. He starts his pitch by telling the sharks how he started manufacturing it from his kitchen home and has currently sold over $200,000 in sales in the past 4 years.

He goes on to explain that Earth Log is made with 100% recycled resources, and although the market is saturated with similar products, it is still unique. Kevin then asks him what makes Earth Log so different from the several fire-starting logs in the market, to which Tom tells him that he is scented. However, Kevin thinks that scent doesn’t really matter when it comes to burning firewood, and customers would hardly be looking for something like that. He also asks him how he sets Earth Log apart from its competitors, to which Tom admits he needs a little help in properly advertising it.

Tom proceeds to hand out his Earth Log samples to the sharks, to which Lori remarks that they really do have a pleasant forest and pine-like scent. Tom further explains that while there are several eco-friendly fire logs in the market, none of them are scented, and none of them are the price of the Earth Log, which sells for a few dollars less than the others.

Tom also reveals that Costco has offered him a 4-store deal while Albertsons has offered to stock his Earth Logs in all its outlets in America, which is around 3200 stores. However, since it is a small business, manufacturing so many to meet the demand will not be possible without investment.

When the pitch comes to an end, Mark is the first to opt out, saying he believes his product still needs some work to reach company standards. Nick also drops out, agreeing with Mark, suggesting that apart from the investment, Earth Log still has a lot of work. Kevin and Daymond both refuse the investment since none of them are willing to tie up their money when there is still a lot of work to do.

Lori, on the other hand, loves Earth Log and tells Tom it reminds her of another product she had invested in long ago that became successful. She makes a realistic offer of $160000 in return for 35% equity, to which Tom agrees and walks off happily with a deal.

Our Review of the Earth Log

While Earth Log offers the same purpose that other fire logs offer, it does stand apart due to its scent. Although this isn’t the only distinction, basic fire logs are manufactured using slack wax, which is a pungent and combustible wax and is bonded with sawdust, giving it its brick-like shape. Earth Log, on the other hand, is made of leftover candle wax and recycled paper, making it less smelly and holds fire better.

Pros of the Earth Log

Since it is an eco-friendly product, it automatically reduces the carbon footprint on the planet. It is fulfilling several beneficial purposes by recycling paper that would otherwise land in landfills and leftover wax, which also would be harming the environment if not put to better use. Along with these, it is also cheaper than other fire logs; it burns longer and smells of fresh pines.

Cons of the Earth Log

We haven’t noticed any drawbacks of the Earth Log except that sometimes it is difficult to light it. Other than that, it seems like a genuine product. If you have come across any drawbacks, feel free to let us know in the comments below.

Who is the Earth Log for?

Earth Log serves the purpose that any other fire log does; it keeps you warm throughout chilly winter nights. It can also be used for bonfires as they have recently developed the citronella log that also acts as a bug repellent.

Are There Any Alternatives?

There are numerous fire logs available in the market, from eco-friendly options to normal fire starters, to the good old natural tree log. But you might not find any scented fire starters or fire logs, which is where the Earth Log stands apart from its competitors.

Our Final Thoughts

From its humble beginnings of being produced in a kitchen, Earth Log was being consistently sold in Walmart and Home Depot until the deal between Tom and Lori fell through in 2018. The successful booming Earth Log is currently out of business. You can still buy the product on Amazon; however, the reviews might put you off. It seems Tom couldn’t remain consistent with the quality of his product, and maybe Mark and Nick were right about the product not being ready for company status.