DUDE Products from Shark Tank

DUDE products shark tank

DUDE Products was an idea that four longtime friends, Sean Riley, Ryan Meegan, Jeff Klimkowski, and Brian Wilkin, launched from their apartment in Chicago. They had the idea for DUDE products when they were in college and used baby wipes in place of toilet paper. They soon realized there were no wipes directed toward or created for males or ‘Dudes.’

In 2012, they produced and released their first batch of DUDE Wipes, and they sold out almost instantly. After their initial success, DUDE wipes were all over the place, even landing feature spots on MTV and Maxim, among many other men’s publications. To get their name further out into the public eye, they even sponsored Tyler Woodley for a UFC fight in late 2014.

DUDE Wipes differentiated themselves from other wipes and baby wipes by making their products unscented (at first), biodegradable, and flushable. Their wipes also contained vitamin E and aloe. There was a lot of buzz behind DUDE Products, and by late 2015, DUDE Wipes could be seen and purchased in the toilet paper aisles of stores like Kroger, Smith’s, Dillon’s, and King Soopers.

After their initial success, the dudes, minus Brian Wilkin, decided to take their products to Shark Tank. The Dudes entered Shark Tank, explained their product, and asked for $300,000 for a 10% stake in the company. After a whole lot of back and forth between Kevin and Robert, and with Barbara dropping out early, Mark Cuban finally swooped in with a $300,000 offer for a 25% stake. The Dudes accepted Mark’s offer of $300,000 for 25% of the business, and the deal was closed soon, with DUDE Products getting listed on Mark Cuban’s website.

Before the deal, DUDE used to record sales of around $5,000 every week. Since the deal with Cuban, the Dudes were able to ramp up their production and also widen the range of products they offer. DUDE Products now retail in over 15,000 stores and are even sold online on Amazon. Now DUDE Products make over $1,400,000 in sales every week and have made over $120,000,000 in lifetime sales!

Our Review of DUDE Products

DUDE Products now make a lot more than just wipes for men. They have widened their range of products by adding medicated wipes, face and body wipes, powders, sprays, ‘stank eliminator’ bombs, and even a bidet-style attachment for toilets. They also sell clothing like boxers, polo t-shirts, and hats.

The Dude Wipes still remains their highest-selling product even with so much more to offer now. DUDE Products had their latest surge in sales due to the Covid-19 pandemic, when everyone was panic buying toilet paper, leading to a shortage of toilet paper in stores all over the place.

The best thing about DUDE Wipes is that they are made from biodegradable material, and they are flushable. They are advertised as flushable and sewer/septic-safe, plastic-free, and made from plant-sourced fibers. Made for males, Dude Wipes are also larger than average wipes – almost 35% larger than baby wipes and other body wipes.

Their most basic wipes are great for the more ‘sensitive’ areas of the body as they are unscented, hypoallergenic, and alcohol- and paraben-free. As we mentioned earlier, they also contain Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, which makes them soothing, smooth, and helps them moisturize.

Other than their basic, unscented wipes, they also have a scented, ‘Cool Mint Chill’ version of wipes. The Cool Mint Chill Wipes are also completely biodegradable, are still larger than average wipes, and are soaked in eucalyptus, mint, and tea tree oils. The eucalyptus, mint, and tea tree oil present in the Cool Mint Chill wipes provide a fresh, clean feel and can be used on any part of the body. The tea tree oil in these wipes makes these wipes great for the face, as tea tree oil helps make skin less oily and also makes the skin soft.

Pros of DUDE Products

DUDE Products have a lot of advantages over their competitors. Let’s look at some below!

  • Flushable:All DUDE Wipes are completely flushable, unlike most wipes and even some toilet paper. You won’t have to worry about clogging up your plumbing or sewage when using Dude Wipes.
  • Extra-Large:DUDE Wipes are also a lot bigger in size, which provides a lot more surface area, and also helps reduce waste as you don’t have to use extra wipes to clean yourself.
  • Biodegradable and Plant-Based: DUDE Wipes are produced and manufactured with water and plant-based ingredients. This also helps make them flushable as they break down easily.
  • Clean and Healthy:Their basic wipes are unscented, making them great for people with sensitive noses. All of their products, including the scented wipes, are hypoallergenic, which means they are very unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. Their products are also completely alcohol and paraben-free. The inclusion of Aloe Vera and Vitamin E also helps protect sensitive skin, reduces irritation, and provides moisture.

Cons of DUDE Products

  • Many customers mention in their review that Dude Wipes are just a glorified version of wet wipes. This is kind of true, as they basically are wet wipes, just larger and marketed towards males or ‘dudes.’
  • A lot of reviewers also mention a drop in quality in some purchases. Some say since their success, the quality has dropped in favor of cost-cutting, making them thinner and having them fall apart easily. Although, this could have been done to increase the biodegradability of their products.

Who Is DUDE Products For?

DUDE Products were created for men who want a flushable wipe that’s hypoallergenic and provides a more comfortable experience than using toilet paper.

Are There Any Alternatives?

As the main product of DUDE Products is their wipes, there are a lot of alternative products available in the market today – although most might not be marketed towards males. ‘Cottonelle’ is one of the companies competing with DUDE Products providing flushable wipes in many retail stores in the United States.

Our Final Thoughts

DUDE Products are designed and marketed toward males. But as we said earlier, their wipes aren’t much different than other flushable wipes on the market. The best thing about DUDE Products is their Cool Mint Chill wipes, which are great to use on other parts of your body as they provide an incredibly fresh feeling.