Drive Suits from Shark Tank

drive suits shark tank

Drive Suits is a business that offers innovative suits that can convert into cars. Due to a shift in aims, the firm adopted the name Robots and Cars Entertainment. The new company does not deal in the sale of drive suits. Instead, you may pay a group of qualified Robocar experts to help organize fun events.

How drive suits work is that a person can crouch down while wearing a suit and transform it into an automobile. Drive Suits are unique because they provide a one-of-a-kind product that both adults and children who like superheroes like transformers, robots, and vehicles can enjoy.

Not many products like drive suits have been invented, which gives the suits an edge and makes them even more special.

As of 2022, Drive Suits is still operating under Robots and Car Entertainment Inc. The founder of driver suits changed the name of his business to Robots and Cars Entertainment, Inc. and has accumulated nearly two million views on YouTube. The CEO, Drew, continues to promote his Drive suits, including other television products, and regular appearances at events.

Drew made an unforgettable entry in shark tank season 4, episode 9. He drove in dressed as a Transformer and three other individuals, which amazed the sharks and left them intrigued.

Kevin O’Leary advises Drew to market Drive Suits to prominent toy companies. However, Mark is not a fan of this idea because he feels it would take too much time. Without patents, Robert asks for a close look at how the hand-controlled motor with the drive suits operates.

However, upon asking Drew about the sales, he finds out that Drew has not managed to sell any drive suits. He believes the company is nothing but a hassle, so he chooses not to invest.

Daymond chooses not to invest with the justification that it is too soon. Barbara quits because she has liability concerns and believes she wouldn’t feel comfortable if her children wore something like this.

Mark makes a $150K offer for 40% of the business. He wishes Drew to create 20 drive suits so that while they decide the company’s future, Drew can continue hosting events. Kevin O’Leary offers $150K for 30% of the company but prefers to negotiate directly with the toy manufacturers.

Drew considers his alternatives and chooses to accept Kevin’s offer. However, the deal with Mr. Wonderful never went through.

Our Review of Drive Suits

Drew debuted Drive Suits as a type of unique wearable technology; he leveraged the current appeal of gadgets like the smartwatches and Go pros and talked about how such products are in demand. The value proposition for drive suits was their originality and uniqueness. His costumes looked a lot like the well-known Transformers series.

Drew argued that there was a high demand for these unique transformer costumes since whenever the Drive Suits were on display, people would inquire about where to buy one. Each drive suit costume is handmade with slightly used toys and athletic equipment. One drive suit, customized to mimic any vehicle, takes roughly 50 hours to build.

With the help of unique drive boots, Drive suits can change into a car in a matter of seconds, enabling the user to ride in the posture appropriate for a vehicle.

Drive suits are an exceptional product that people of all ages, including children and adults, will adore. The fact that a suit can transform into an automobile can attract big crowds. You can hire the company to showcase their unique products at your events if you want to surprise your kids on their birthdays or give your events and celebrations a unique touch.

This product can also be a big hit at gatherings as everyone would want to take pictures with the unique transforming suits. The drive suits have a good place in the entertainment sector, despite being unable to take their place on the shelves of large toy stores.

If the suits were sold in stores, they would make terrific Halloween costumes, and kids would flock to the stores to get their hands on this unique product.

Pros of Drive Suits

Here are a few benefits of drive suits:

  • Water-resistant and machine washable
  • It can be worn over clothing
  • Great for events

Cons of Drive Suits

Here are a few drawbacks of drive suits:

  • Customers can not wear drive suits or rent them; the suits are only available to be showcased at events
  • Some online reviews suggest that the drive suits looked better on television as they look cartoon-like in person

Who Are Drive Suits For?

Drive suits are ideal for people who want to throw grand events and attract more people to their events. Parents of children can also surprise their kids at their birthday parties by hiring drive suits to showcase their unique products at their event.

Technology and robot-based companies can also hire drive suits for their events to attract more people. Drive suits can be shown at automotive events to draw car enthusiasts as Drew has recently come out with new Drive Suit designs, including motorbikes, a Mustang, a VW Beetle, and a Camaro.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Currently, there are no alternatives to drive suits.

Our Final Thoughts

The Drive Suit was designed by this film and art student who aimed to enter high-stakes costume competitions. Although he won the costume competitions and continued refining his design, he lacked the funds necessary to promote, produce, or file for a patent for his Drive suits.

If Drew had chosen to create Drive suits in large quantities and made the necessary investment. Who knows where his company would have been today. Even though Drew could not sell his Drive suits, he regularly appears on famous television shows like American Idol and even won prize money on ‘Let’s Make a Deal.’

He has repeatedly attempted to showcase Drive suits on events and television without much financial gain, and these efforts demonstrate his love for this unique product.