Drain Strain from Shark Tank

Drain Strain shark tank

Drain Strain is a no-clog drain stopper replacement for sinks and tubs designed by Naushad Ali. Under the stopper is a little basket that collects hair and debris that may otherwise go down the drain and clog the pipes.

When the basket is filled, you just twist it off, throw the debris into the trash, and then put the stopper back on. Ali created the solution in an effort to stop his own wife and kids from consistently pouring large amounts of hair down their drains.

The best thing about Drain Strain is that you can remove debris and hair from the drain without actually having to touch it.

Drain Strain on Shark Tank

In July 2014, Ali started an unsuccessful Indie Go-Go campaign with a $25,000 fundraising target. Naushad Ali had hoped to turn his life round by pitching the idea of Drain Strain on Shark Tank in 2014. Prior to airing on the show, Drain Strain was still in the development stage. The business website went down just days before airing, and its Facebook page was also outdated.

It appears that Ali needed a lot of assistance from the Sharks to not just in terms of money but also in terms of understanding the fundamentals of marketing and business to continue his operations.

Naushad made an offer of $110K in exchange for 15% share of Drain Strain. He demonstrated the product and described its features. He explained how this was the ultimate solution to preventing the drains from clogging with hair and debris.

He also distributed the prototypes to the sharks while exclaiming that it is still in production and it is patented. Naushad also told the sharks that he replaces the Drain Strain every 4-6 weeks at his house.

Kevin from Shark tank made a conditional offer of $110,000 for 20% in exchange for a licensing agreement. Robert, on the other hand, liked the conditional offer that Kevin made, but he felt that charging 20 percent was too greedy. So, instead, he offered $110,000 for 10 percent, subject to a licensing agreement. After careful consideration, Naushad accepts Robert’s offer.

RESULTS: Robert and Naushad agreed on a $110,000 investment in exchange for 10% share subject to a licensing agreement.

Drain Strain Update

Although Ali was certain that his idea would revolutionize the plumbing industry and render chemical drain cleaners obsolete, his attempts to secure funding failed initially. Only $2,000 had been raised for a $25,000 Indiegogo crowd funding campaign. Also, Ali never got a call back when he first wanted to appear on Shark Tank after filling out an online application. He missed the news of the open call that was happening at the Pan Pacific Hotel in Seattle because he was too preoccupied with real estate.

After waiting for several months and going through multiple rounds of auditions, Ali finally got the opportunity to present his idea to the sharks. Unexpectedly, Robert Herjavec offered Ali the $110,000 he was looking for, but stipulated that he would only accept a 10% stake rather than the 15% that Ali had requested. Herjavec shared the opinion of his fellow Sharks that Drain Strain was ideal for a licensing transaction, and he considered his task to be as simple as “placing a phone call” to introduce Ali to the CEO of a plumbing company.

However, that tactic ended up being a path to nowhere, or the equivalent of circling the drain. Manufacturers of faucets were quite interested, but according to Ali, they were unable to compete with them. One of the contractors took two years to integrate Ali’s product into their business line and sales cycle, but they couldn’t use that timing.

Drain Strain was enthusiastically received by Home Depot, which introduced Ali to distributors and suppliers in Taiwan and China. However, the transition from prototype to mass manufacturing highlighted the enormous difficulty of developing a single product that would be compatible with all pipes, even those that were 50 or 75 years old.

Our Review of Drain Strain

Experienced businessman Naushad Ali, who spotted a need for the device after spending $150 on a plumber to unclog the hair clumps that were clogging his bathroom sink, invented Drain Strain.

Drain Strain is a drain stopper that avoids obstructions by employing an integrated detachable basket for sinks and tubs. Aside from preventing drain-clogging, Drain Strain also prevents small items, such as jewelry pieces, from getting lost in the drain. So, if you’re ever putting on small earrings above the sink and accidentally drop one, you won’t have to say goodbye to it forever because Drain Strain will catch it for you. You’ll appreciate how the little basket stops anything other than water from going down the drain. Additionally, the product comes in different shades and colors.

Drain Strain is unique because it has a basket that is simple to remove, swap out, and reconnect to the stem of the product. The basket collects anything that can clog your drain and also prevents valuables from getting lost. Moreover, the entire installation process hardly takes about 60 seconds and is incredibly simple.

The sharks noted that only a small number of prototypes from previous seasons of Shark Tank have reached stores and Drain Strain is one of them. Ali identified a widespread issue and found a solution. Sometimes, it really is that easy. Ali had faith in Drain Strain because it could be used in households and also because it offered intriguing prospects to sell in large quantities to lodging establishments, cruise ships, and medical facilities. When you have a fantastic idea and a great entrepreneur, you see success. Naushad’s strategy was applauded and appreciated on Shark Tank.

Pros of Drain Strain

  • Easy to use and install
  • Easy to clean
  • Prevents clogging and losing valuables

Cons of Drain Strain

  • Less sustainability

Are There Any Alternatives?

  • ‎P-sun
  • ‎Xingbing

Our Final Thoughts

After the show aired, Drain Strain was able to make it onto the shelves at 1200 Home Depot stores, thanks to Robert. Kevin Harrington, a former Shark, also got on board the Drain Strain crew. The product is now available on Amazon as well and the company generated $3 million in annual revenue as of May 2022. Drain Strain is currently running as a successful business.

Many wonderful things have happened to Naushad and his product Drain Strain since his appearance on Shark Tank. Retailers, distributors, and major faucet manufacturers have all received Drain Strain, and the reception to the product has been amazing. Some of the businesses that received Drain Strain said that it was the most creative and effective solution to a widespread issue they had been seeing for years. With home improvement merchants like Lowe’s and Home Depot as well as faucet makers that wish to include Drain Strain in their new products, Drain Strain appears to be close to signing agreements. Therefore, there is still a great deal of opportunity for some extremely large licensing agreements.