Diaper Dust from Shark Tank

Diaper Dust shark tank

Nothing is more magical than the smell of a newborn baby’s head. What isn’t so magical is the smell of a loaded dirty diaper. Undoubtedly, managing the diaper situation is one of the most challenging aspects of parenthood.

For nurse Regina Crisci, the lingering smell of little boy’s diapers had her head spinning. She tried everything from double bagging to purchasing expensive diaper pails, but the smell kept finding its way out. She even got her hands on heavy-duty deodorizers, but they wouldn’t permanently eliminate the fierce odor. When she had to start putting her son’s used diapers outside, she realized it was time to devise a more innovative solution.

With a compost tumbler in her backyard, Regina mixed up Diaper Dust, a powder blend of odor-absorbing ingredients that could eliminate the foul odor of dirty diapers. Her diaper powder became a big hit with her family and friends who faced the same problem with their little ones. She quickly realized she had a golden opportunity but needed help to grow her company.

How Did The Shark Tank Pitch Go?

Regina came to Shark Tank seeking $75,000 for 40% of her company. She pitched her Diaper Dust and had the Sharks try it out on simulated dirty diapers. Sure enough, it got rid of the stench, impressing the Sharks, who were skeptical it would work.

Lori wanted to know what stopped someone else from making the same product. Regina told her she had a patent pending on its use inside a diaper and that no one would want to make it on their own because it uses activated charcoal, which is extremely messy. She showed footage of her making it in her backyard, and the Sharks admitted she did look like she was in a coal mine.

When asked about the numbers, she admitted they weren’t great, with only $3000 in sales. She wasn’t marketing it, just relying on word of mouth. Her margins weren’t that good either, so she knew she was making as much profit as possible.

Regina needed a Shark to mentor her because she was out of her depths. The business world was a foreign language for her, but she had the passion and the drive to learn. She had worked hard to become the best trauma nurse in her hospital, and she knew with the help of a Shark, she could get her product out of her backyard and into the factory.

Kevin loved her ambition but said there was a ton of work to do and his diaper days were behind him. He was out.

Barbara felt that since Regina was a full-time nurse, she needed a partner, not an investor, which is something Barbara couldn’t be. She was out too.

Lori said that her business was still too young, and it was too early for her to invest. She also pulled out.

Emma commended her work as a nurse and her ability to make this product independently. Emma understood her product and believed it had the demand to carry it, but Regina needed to market it better and get it in the hands of mother influencers on social media. She was out for now but wished her the best of luck.

Regina told the Sharks that she wanted to walk away from nursing if she could get her business off the ground. Mark said she was an entrepreneur and wanted to mentor her. He offered her exactly what she asked for, $75,000 for 40% equity which she agreed to in a heartbeat.

Our Review of Diaper Dust

Front and center on the Diaper Dust online store is a greeting welcoming you to odor-free living. Currently, there is just one product on sale, the 8 oz bottle of Diaper Dust, which is about the size of a baby powder. To use, sprinkle the Diaper Dust on top of the contents of a soiled diaper after it has been removed from the baby. Don’t sprinkle this powder near your little one because it can cause skin irritation. Then roll it up and throw it away. The product eliminates the pungent stench permanently, so you don’t need to bother with a disposable diaper bag.

Diaper Dust is made from sodium bicarbonate and activated charcoal, two chemicals known for their odor-absorbing properties. However, they are toxic and cause health issues if inhaled or ingested. The activated charcoal can get messy, so do the sprinkling away near the diaper pail to contain it.

Pros of  Diaper Dust

  • Eliminates strong unpleasant odors effectively
  • Easy to use
  • Reduces the need for diaper bags

Cons of  Diaper Dust

  • It’s a black powder that can make a mess
  • Doesn’t work on cloth diapers
  • Toxic if inhaled or ingested
  • Flammable

Who is Diaper Dust For?

Diaper Dust is helpful for people who care for babies and toddlers still wearing disposable diapers. It can be useful for caretakers of the elderly who use adult diapers for incontinence.

Are There Any Alternatives?

There are no deodorizing products that are marketed to be used directly on dirty diapers. However, there are a variety of sprays and powders that can be used similarly. Defunkify manufactures odor-removing sprays in various fragrances such as peppermint and lavender. They use EPA-approved ingredients, making it a non-toxic alternative.

Diaper pail deodorizing aerosols can also be used directly on diapers to eliminate the smells, such as the Grab Green’s Baby Diaper Pail Odor Removal Spray floral scented spray, a mineral-based non-toxic spray.

SMELLEZE makes multipurpose deodorizing powders to neutralize the smell of waste using natural chemicals, making it safe for humans and pets. Its Natural Diaper Pail Odor Control Deodorizer can be sprinkled on top of dirty diapers to absorb the offensive smells.

Our Final Thoughts

Diaper Dust is a cute gift that any parent would appreciate. It gets the job done. This product is still in its infant stage and needs to be developed more to make it non-toxic and safe for babies. Broadening the product line to include other fragrances and sizes will also make the product more appealing to parents and caretakers.