DDP Yoga from Shark Tank

DDP Yoga shark tank

DDP Yoga refers to a workout or fitness program that aims to cater to people at any stage of life to achieve their fitness goals and better health through yoga exercises. They make DVDs with a collection of Yoga exercises to strengthen the core and encourage better balance and flexibility.

The company also did fitness workshops and started its YouTube channel, quickly gaining popularity. They post fitness, transformation, and lifestyle videos and have a fan following of around 580K.

DDP Yoga is unique because it is not for people of one specific age. Individuals of all ages can perform these easy Yoga exercises and reap their benefits. Additionally, they offer around three hundred workout routines in five different skill levels starting from beginner and going up to extreme. Hence, it has something for everyone.

DDP Yoga was established in 2005 and is still going strong in 2022; it has aided hundreds of people in achieving their fitness goals. The company’s net worth stands at $1,625,554 in the year 2022, which they have earned from their DDP Yoga YouTube channel, which was started around fifteen years ago.

Wrestler Dallas Page, a three-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion, entered Shark Tank to persuade the sharks to invest in DDP Yoga, his yoga-based exercise program. He hoped to get a two hundred thousand dollars’ worth of investment in return for a 5% company ownership.

Dallas shows a quick video of a veteran who used his fitness program to shed significant weight. He mentions that sales have already surpassed three million dollars, and their net profit is around $890,000 after deducting other costs such as salaries.

All five sharks appreciate the efforts, but they are out for different reasons, and Dallas has to leave the tank with no deal. However, his profits doubled within the first week of his appearance on the show.

Our Review of DDP Yoga

People who buy the DVD, watch their fitness programs, or visit their YouTube channel may benefit greatly from DDP Yoga. DDP Yoga is a convenient and affordable option to exercise at home because not everyone has the time or money to go to the gym.

Everyone in your home, including children, teenagers, adults, and the elderly, can use the DVD to exercise thanks to its option to choose different intensity levels. The workouts are fun and engaging, encouraging people to do them more frequently.

Individuals who don’t like doing other forms of exercise can also benefit from DDP Yoga as it is not as harsh as usual workout routines. The Yoga routines are also ideal for the elderly.

DDP Yoga is also a great alternative for those individuals who are not seeing the results they were hoping for from another type of exercise. This type of yoga will focus on specific regions of your body without placing any stress on your joints, unlike activities like jogging or bicycling that impact your joints. DDP Yoga will also help enhance the core area and boost weight loss.

Moreover, the workouts have been designed by someone renowned for his success and contribution to the fitness industry. Keeping all these factors in mind, we highly recommend this fitness program to people willing to work on their health.

Pros of DDP Yoga

Here are a few pros of DDP Yoga:

  • DDP leads the workout in his DVD and keeps you involved by bringing a lot of energy to the workouts. Anyone he talks to feels encouraged to complete the exercise.
  • The DVDs have positive online reviews.
  • The DVD has different workouts that focus on specific areas of health such as posture, balance and strength building, etc.
  • On completion of each workout, you will feel satisfied.

Cons of DDP Yoga

Here are a few cons of DDP Yoga:

  • Some customer reviews suggest that the program was too easy for them
  • Some individuals find the 29.99 dollar price tag a little pricey for an at-home workout DVD

Who Is DDP Yoga For?

DDP Yoga is a great type of yoga workout that everyone can enjoy, including those with hectic schedules or individuals who have long-term health difficulties like hip or knee problems. Those who are frequently physically active and enjoy working out around people and going to the gym might find this exercise less satisfying.

It is also advisable to speak with your doctor before beginning any new fitness regimen if you are older than 60 or have any health issues or injuries. This will help ensure that the workout won’t hurt you or worsen your condition.

Are There Any Alternatives?

There are several alternatives to DDP Yoga, as many people have come out with a DVD or application with a collection of unique workouts; here are a few that stood out:

  • Nike Training club
  • Beach body on demand
  • ClassPass: Fitness workout app
  • 7-minute workout- seven
  • Peloton—Guided Workouts
  • MINDBODY: Fitness, Salon & Spa
  • Aaptiv: #1 Audio Fitness App
  • Yoga Studio: Mind & Body
  • CorePower Yoga
  • Yoga Go: Weight Loss Workouts
  • Yoga Wave: workouts and poses
  • Walkout! – Fun home exercises
  • Asana Rebel: Get in Shape
  • SWEAT: Kayla Itsines Fitness
  • Yoga Workout – Meditation & Fitness Plan
  • Simply Yoga – Fitness Trainer

Nike Training Club is first on our list, offering around 190 free-of-cost workouts. The application can be downloaded from the app store and used anywhere, anytime.

Our Final Thoughts

From this DDP Yoga review, we conclude that the sharks made the wrong decision by not investing in DDP Yoga because the company has shown immense growth and success. Additionally, DVDs may have become slightly outdated, and the company has kept them in mind and come out with a YouTube channel and an application.

The company has also come out with a few innovative products like workout gear and workout apparel that you can check out on their website. Hence, DDP Yoga is an overall package, and we recommend you to download the app or buy the DVD version to maintain a healthy weight and increase your flexibility and strength.