Coco Jack from Shark Tank

Coco Jack shark tank

Many of us are familiar with the taste and texture of fresh Thai coconuts but are apprehensive about the task of opening one since it can require a lot of strength.

If you’ve ever attempted the cleaver approach, you know how hard and time-consuming it can be to crack open a regular-sized coconut.

It’s good news that Coco Jack is an innovative, safe, and simple tool used for enjoying a coconut. Coco Jack’s stainless steel tool makes it easy to separate the coconut meat from the shell without contaminating the rest of the edible part.

With Coco Jack, you get two tools in one! Whack the mallet on top of your coconut, and a perfectly sized hole will form at the top. This means you won’t have to throw away any coconut water.

You get the meat, as well as the fresh coconut water that you can enjoy on a hot summer day. In addition, Goodman offers a proprietary scooper for removing the coconut meat easily, quickly, and efficiently.

The Coco Jack offers a lifetime warranty when ordered with the Coco Mallet. Initially intended for lawn mowers, Coco Jack’s shock-absorbing grip is now used for various purposes.

You can simply scoop out the coconut meat in one scoop with the Coco Scoop, which is made of stainless steel and has a pending patent. The Coco Mallet is composed of food-grade plastic that is suitable for consumption.

Is Coco Jack Still an Active Company?

The company’s website has been taken down as of August 2021, although the items are still accessible on Amazon.

How Did the Shark Tank Pitch Go?

The Coco Jack agreement with Mark never came to fruition, unfortunately. Malibu Rum signed a licensing arrangement with the corporation in 2016 to utilize its logo on its packaging.

Over the years, there have been several counterfeits of Coco Jack in the market, which has lowered the price.

Our Review of Coco Jack

For young Thai coconuts, we tried using Coco Jack and can state that this is a terrific tool. You can open a coconut in only thirty to forty-five seconds with this tool.

This tool may not take out the entire meat from a coconut, and you may need a spoon to get the remainder. Those with arthritic hands may find it difficult to grip the coconut while using the scooper.

Coconut water is one of our favorite beverages, but canned varieties don’t compare to the real deal. With Coco Jack, opening young coconuts is simple and safer than using a sharp knife. It’s incredible what this gadget can do!

You flip the coconut while holding the coconut flesh scoop. Using the scoop, most of the flesh is extracted in a single operation. We can’t express how much we adore this product and recommend to coconut lovers!

Pros of Coco Jack

Distinctive and Unique Design

Due to its unique design, this is undoubtedly one of the most incredible coconut tools ever made! You can now consume raw, unpasteurized coconut water rather than the pasteurized alternative!

The tool is made with materials that make it long-lasting and robust. The stainless steel structure is sturdy and dishwasher safe, making it one of the most unusual and durable coconut openers on the market.

High-Quality Product Manufactured in the USA 

Each piece is handcrafted in the USA using only the finest materials. Don’t be deceived by cheap fake coconut drills, which might shatter and injure you!

Safe to Use 

The Coco Jack eliminates the need to swivel a deadly knife to open a young coconut. It also features a shock-absorbing grip made from a polymer previously developed to absorb vibrations from motorized lawnmowers. If you’re cracking open a large number of coconuts at once, they’ll serve to cushion your fingers from the shock.

Cons of Coco Jack


Pricey compared to other products on the market.

Who Is Coco Jack for?

Coco Jack is designed to cater to those who appreciate fresh coconuts but don’t want to make a mess to get their hands on them.

Even though there are many alternative coconut scoops and mallets available for purchase on the internet, Coco Jack is sure to get the job done in just a few seconds.

Even a ten-year-old can use this instrument to devour a coconut, regardless of size or strength. People who prefer fresh coconut water and slices over pre-packaged alternatives that don’t guarantee freshness or quality and are packed with preservatives would love Coco Jack.

Are There Any Alternatives?

A handheld tool for breaking open coconuts, the Coconut Opener by Fanatu is durable and well-balanced, which is a good alternative to Coco Jack.

The opener is constructed of 100% stainless steel and features pre-dulled edges that will not dent or ding and will never need to be sharpened. You can open young Thai coconuts with the Coconut Opener.

You may also use it on green coconuts. However, brown, mature, or hairy coconuts are not suitable for usage with this product. Fanatu is confident in the quality of its products and it stands by this.

You’ll get a warranty from breakage for a lifetime if you buy from them. They’re so sure you’ll enjoy their Coco Opener that they offer a money-back guarantee on anything they sell!

Our Final Thoughts

The Coco Jack is a must-have tool to open brown and green coconuts. A Coco Jack, a Coco Scoop, and a Coco Mallet are all included in the kit.

When you use the Coco Jack and the Coco Mallet together, you can hammer a hole into the top of the peeled green coconut that forms the Coco Jack’s handle.

Brown coconuts may be pried open using the Coco Mallet, and you can use the Coco Scoop to scoop out the meat. Coco Jack made it convenient for people to enjoy fresh coconut meat and water!