Click & Carry from Shark Tank

Click & Carry shark tank

Click & Carry is an innovative, lightweight, and ergonomic bag handle and grocery carrying solution. It is the brainchild of a Scranton entrepreneur and visionary, Kim Meckwood. It allows you to conveniently carry more things at once and is capable of cutting down the journey time.

The idea of Click & Carry came to a newly single Kim, who was carrying groceries alone without the help of her ex-boyfriend. She was making more trips to and fro from her car to collect her shopping. She knew grocery shopping is time-consuming and stress-inducing for many people, especially the daunting task of carrying everything to and from the car.

Her mind kept returning to the issue until one night, the idea of Click & Carry came to her in a dream. She came up with a design and created a prototype, eventually becoming the Click & Carry we see today.

She got a utility patent, went to market, and left her job in the medical device industry to pursue the potential of her invention. In her pursuit, Kim applied for Shark Tank many times to no avail. However, her persistence eventually got her on Shark Tank season 12, episode 8, becoming the person with the most attempts for a Shark Tank appearance.

The Sharks saw the gadget’s capability and appreciated its flexibility, comfort, and gel grip. It carried substantial weight and bags of different kinds. Kim was seeking $200,000 for 15 percent equity in Click & Carry, giving it an evaluation of $1.5 million.

She explained how the product saw more than $600,000 in sales in the last five years. However, the Sharks were not impressed that she only sold $70,000 worth in the last year. Sharks Robert Herjavec and Lori Greiner backed out, saying it would be tough for investors to get returns.

Kevin O’Leary also opted out because the sales did not back the high valuation of Click & Carry. On the other hand, Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran saw the gadget’s potential. They offered Kim $225,000 for 40 percent equity, saying the company needed their marketing and business management expertise.

Kim accepted the offer, content that she retains the majority of Click & Carry. Since then, Click & Carry has also been featured on Food Fortunes, Bethenny, I Want That, and In the Kitchen with David.

Our Review of Click & Carry

Here is our review of the Click & Carry. We ordered our samples from Amazon. However, you can also order it directly from the Click & Carry website. The product is available in various colors, including our favorite Fuchsia and purple.

Click & Carry is easy to use, store, and, of course, carry. It has a patented design featuring a rotating column in the center, a click-lock mechanism, and two equal-sided cavities for you to load your bag handles on.

Pressing and rotating the center unlocks the gadget. You can then load your bag handles in the groves of the cavities on each side and snap the center back in place to secure your bags. The ergonomic design and gel grip make it comfortable to hold in hand, but we found it much easier to set over the shoulder.

However, you must distribute the weight evenly to ensure that the Click & Carry remains balanced on your shoulder. While the gadget is designed for grocery hauls, it is not limited to carrying grocery bags. You can use it to carry leather bags, fabric bags, hangers, paint cans, construction pails, sporting equipment, dog leashes, or even your ski boots.

However, the weight limit is up to 80 lbs, so make sure you do not exceed that limit. Click & Carry is very lightweight and compact, so you can easily carry or store it anywhere.

We found it incredible how you can free up both your hands while carrying up to 80 lbs of groceries on your shoulder. Ultimately, it fulfills its original purpose of carrying more things at once and cutting down on journey time.

Pros of Click & Carry

Click & Carry is a multipurpose gadget and offers plenty of benefits. Here are some of its most notable pros:

  • Lightweight, compact, and ergonomic design
  • Easy to use, store, and carry
  • Simple and convenient open and lock mechanism
  • Comfortable gel grips
  • Can carry up to 80 lbs (40 lbs on each side)
  • Can be carried in hand or on the shoulder
  • Splits weight on each side for added balance
  • Multipurpose (can be used to carry paint cans, sporting equipment, dog leashes, etc.)

Cons of Click & Carry

As with everything, there are a few cons of Click & Carry as well:

  • The gadget may slip off the shoulder if the weight is not evenly distributed
  • It may take some time to balance the weight on both sides of the gadget

Who Is Click & Carry For?

Click & Carry is a great product for anyone who wants to carry more at once and not go to and fro from the car after grocery shopping. It is incredibly popular among parents, single-moms, young adults, busy professionals, urban dwellers, and the elderly, especially those with dexterity or arthritis issues. Of course, anyone can use the Click & Carry, including kids and teens.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Yes, there are quite a few alternatives available in the market. Other carrying solutions include Mighty Handle, which features a grip handle and hooks to hold your grocery bags, and Grocery Gripps, which is a strap to carry multiple grocery bags.

What makes Click & Carry unique from these other carrying solutions is that it is multipurpose and offers better ergonomics and grip.

Our Final Thoughts

All in all, Click & Carry is an innovative grocery-carrying solution with many other purposes. Kim Meckwood did an excellent job creating and bringing it to market. Even better, she was persistent in bringing Click & Carry to Shark Tank, which ultimately resulted in a great deal for her.

We recommend this Shark Tank success for anyone who feels they are making one too many trips to and from their car. Alternatively, if you are a busy person, urban dweller, professional, or senior citizen who often carries a lot of bags and things, you will appreciate the convenience and comfort of Click & Carry.