CertifiKID from Shark Tank

CertifiKID shark tank

All parents want to make wonderful memories with their children; however, planning an outing or any other activity comes at a cost, and sometimes it is way too much, particularly for larger families.

This is why parents prefer taking advantage of discounts and offers to help them entertain their kids within any budget, and sometimes even for free. But most families don’t know about such offers and discounts, so they are unable to avail them.

Taking notice that such a requirement exists among parents, Jamie Ratner created CertifiKID.

But what exactly is CertifiKID? Let’s find out.

What is CertifiKID?

CertifiKID is a website created by Jamie Rutner and was initially launched as a simple blog that featured special offers on family-friendly activities. Her blog managed to gather a sizable following which made her quit the 9-5 and pursue blogging as a full-time career.

She soon expanded her list of exciting services and family excursions which led CertifiKID to become one of the top busiest mass online markets in the nation and got her husband on board as well.

CertifiKID works by getting a cut of the sales revenue for each deal that is closed. Her business was doing exceptionally well but needed investment to expand further, which is why she decided to go on Shark Tank to feature her awesome website.

CertifiKID on Shark Tank

CertifiKID was such an excellent idea that filled an extremely important marketing niche, and after its launch back in 2010, it became a profitable website within 3 months. It was doing extremely well on its own for over 9 years; however, by 2019, the business was in dire need of investment in order to grow and compete on the web.

Jamie and Brian entered the tank during the 10th season looking for a $600,000 investment in return for 8% equity. They began telling the sharks how they were inspired to create the website and offer something to parents that clearly was lacking in the industry and all families want to create memories together, and CertifiKIDS was an excellent and accessible solution for them.

They proceed by impressing the sharks with the profit margins and how popular their website is. Soon the sharks start making their offers, and the husband-and-wife duo accepts Kevin O’Leary’s offer of $600000 in return for 19% equity.

Our Review of CertifiKIDS

You might be wondering what’s so great about CertifiKID when you already have a coupon book. So, ask yourself this; if you’re a Maryland resident, does your coupon book include an Urban Pirates Family Adventure Cruise in the National Harbor, discounts for the Southern Railroad train ride in Walkersville, or discounts for the Southern Railroad train ride in Walkersville, Jolly Roger Amusement Park in Ocean City, or the Chesapeake Beach Water Park discount coupon?

We’re guessing it doesn’t, but all these offers can be availed from the CertifiKIDS webpage, and you’ll be able to enjoy five weekends’ worth of reasonably priced family outings. And this is only the tip of the iceberg of all that you can avail yourself of through their website.

CertifiKID doesn’t just promote regional activities and events to citizens of the same state, either. In fact, the tourism industry is already seeing the effects of this website’s growing influence. Several families have started visiting Maryland from out of state and availing discounts via CertifiKIDS, with the majority of guests visiting from Washington, DC, and neighboring areas.

CertifiKID has even been credited with increasing sales for numerous small local businesses around the US, enabling the user to help society. Additionally, 2019 represented the second year in a row that CertifiKID provided funding to a large number of households in the Metropolitan regions so that their kids could attend their preferred camps.

Two main factors contributed to CertifiKID’s success. First off, local parents who appear to possess superpowers for spotting discounts choose the majority of the offerings. Second, because most households read the evaluations and advice of previous users, the platform has primarily relied on dependability and trust.

Last but not least, Jamie’s explanation of this varied business model is more accurate than any other information we could have included in this evaluation. She claims that CertifiKID is a group of parents who support one another in society.

After over 10 years in business, the mission of the company continues to be the same; to unite families to have valuable experiences before their children grow up while fostering partnerships with nearby companies that go beyond the first transaction.

Pros of CertifiKIDS

  • Planning weekend getaways and holidays might be based on wise advice.
  • The service is quite reliable because reviews are created by previous users.
  • A unique collection of offers and testimonials for family trips
  • Planning weekend getaways and holidays might be based on wise advice.
  • Large possibility for long-term savings

Cons of CertifiKIDS

  • Not accessible in some states still.

Who is CertifiKIDS For?

Ideal for all those parents who are always looking for fun activities to do along with their kids at a reasonable price.

CertifiKID is great for kids and parents in general due to the big list of offers and getaway concept reviews. However, the majority of the women in urban areas in search of discounts, deals, or just a location to enjoy with their children have profited from this website.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Whereas CertifiKID stood out as a comprehensive webpage for parents and caregivers, several other sites have risen to the top of SERPs by concentrating on a single market. For workaholics, Dealradar offers deals tailored to their needs, and DoubleTakeDeals caters to locals in Maryland and Virginia.

Our Final Thoughts

Even though the company took a hit when the pandemic started in 2019, things are again back to normal for CertifiKIDS, and they are making an annual profit of over 5 million dollars.

It is a complete, one-stop-shop for families looking for any type of activities and even caters to special needs kids, along with offering summer camp scholarships as well as party deals for families.