Cashmere Hair from Shark Tank

Cashmere Hair shark tank

Expect some Beverly Hills divas to come up with a bombshell product that fits their needs and accommodates many others like them. Rachel and Melissa are from Beverly Hills. Anybody from that area or who has been to that area knows that it is one place where after Hollywood, the glam takes place. The mindset of people there derives nothing less than a premium luxury.

And so, being a professional hair expert in Beverly Hills, it was almost a given for Rachel to come up with a product like Cashmere Hair. She knows that clip-in hair extensions are probably the best temporary hair fix that even a girl like herself would use. However, the fact that these extensions are made of high-quality material and offer nothing but luxury is a high priority.

Not everyone is born with naturally long, flowy hair; evidently, not everyone likes the hair type or color they are born with. Similarly, as you age, your hair goes through the daily wear and tear of time through tangling, brushing, sun exposure, chemical exposure, and whatnot. In fact, most of the time, despite taking care of our hair, a lot of these factors are not even in our control.

However, the control shifts back to us with hair extensions. We can have the hair’s color, texture, cut, form, and dimension just the way we like it. And that is precisely what Rachel’s goal was with Cashmere Hair. Being a hairstylist who used to see clients struggle on a regular basis with their hair, she came up with the idea of Cashmere Hair to address it once and for all.

Hence, she went for advice and friendly consultation with her “gal pal,” Melissa, who is also a celebrity hairstylist from Beverly Hills. Together they were working on a model photoshoot when they used their very first, what was soon to become an iconic design element of hair extensions on the model.

As they started receiving compliments and queries about it, left, right and center are when they decided to go ahead and start their business. It was going to be one of the finest looking, feeling, and adaptive clip-on hair extensions that the world has ever seen. Made with 100% Remy human hair with the cuticles intact for a more luxurious look and richer feel, it was like a Rolls Royce of hair extensions in the making.

Therefore, a predictable next step on their journey was to show up on Shark Tank. They wanted to impress the judges with a good enough stake in their business in order to take it forward. Hence, the Beverly Hills diva duo showed up with a pitch of $45,000 for a 15% stake in their business. They revealed their sales had amounted to $40k already within 6 months of startup.

Therefore, it was an easy breezy ride from that point forward as all the judges took a keen interest in the product, the business, and the figures it was showing already. However, unfortunately, marketing negotiations among the judges and their confusion at that time resulted in a no deal. It was shocking for the audience members and the gal pals.

However, at that time, an inconsolable Melissa didn’t take this as a failure and turned their appearance on Shark Tank into an elaborate success. Today, Cashmere Hair is a household name for women who prefer luxurious, premium quality, salon-grade hair extensions. With more color variety at the table and ease of clipping them on, they are definitely a hot seller even today.

Our Review of Cashmere Hair

Despite biting the dust at Shark Tank, Cashmere Hair continues to grow. They sell directly through their ever-thriving and consistently developing website. It matches the recent trends of selling, marketing, and advertising, as well as a seamless shopping experience. You can easily become a member to avail of deals and discounts or simply check out as a guest.

You get to read their blog, business story, a recap of the Shark Tank appearance, and a gorgeous variety of luscious, thick, gorgeous hair. With a price range that fits every person’s standard, you are getting premium quality clip-on hair extensions for days. Whether it is a short haircut growing out or simply some filling, Cashmere Hair is the way to go, ladies.

Pros of Cashmere Hair

  • Made from 100% Remy human hair.
  • Available is a delightful range of shades and textures.
  • Best for covering, concealing, hiding hair loss, thinning hair, bad haircut, etc.
  • Easy to style and DIY at home.
  • Perfect for bridal updos and party hairstyles.
  • High-quality, premium, luxury hair extensions.
  • Easy to put on clip-on design.

Cons of Cashmere Hair

There aren’t any cons for Cashmere Hair per se but for hair extension in general. Hence, it is important to understand that hair extensions are not permanent. They can easily become dirty if you fail to take care of them. Additionally, they can tangle with your own hair if worn for long periods of time, and this can damage your real hair.

Who Is Cashmere Hair For?

Cashmere Hair is primarily advertised for women regardless of their age, color, condition, etc. However, even if you don’t want to use hair extensions for cosmetic purposes, it has great results for women suffering from thinning hair due to any condition, etc. It is also amazing if you had a bad haircut or a short one in the growing-out phase.

Are There Any Alternatives?

SARLA Dirty Blonde Hair Extensions Long Synthetic Hairpieces

There are many alternatives to Cashmere Hair. However, not any one brand in particular because there are many versions in a more affordable price range. Hence, it doesn’t directly affect Cashmere Hair’s selling point, which highlights it as a luxurious hair extension standard in a pricier range. Then again, it is fake hair, and people may go for affordable options that give medium to high-quality products to fulfill the same purpose.

Our Final Thoughts

It is safe to say that both Melissa and Rachel didn’t bow down to the Shark Tank failure and milked it to advertise their product to the point of success. Today, they have thousands of followers on their social media accounts and continue to sell an up roaring amount of hair extensions to women of all ages.