Strikingly Pricing and Plans: Uncover the Best Deal for Success

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Deciding on the perfect website builder for your next project? You’ve probably stumbled upon Strikingly, known for its simplicity and user-friendly interface. But, before diving in, it’s crucial to understand how its pricing and plans stack up against your needs and budget.

Strikingly offers a variety of plans tailored to different user needs, from personal projects to full-blown e-commerce sites. Each plan comes with its own set of features and limitations, making it essential to pick the right one for you. Let’s break down Strikingly’s pricing and plans to help you make an informed decision.

Key Takeaways

  • Strikingly offers a range of website builder plans that cater to different needs, including Personal, Limited, Pro, and VIP options, ensuring there’s a suitable plan for everyone from hobbyists to serious entrepreneurs.
  • The Free and Limited plans are great for those starting out, offering features like custom domains and minimal Strikingly ads, but with bandwidth and product listing limitations suitable for smaller projects.
  • Pro Plans are designed for growing businesses ready to scale, offering advanced features such as up to 300 products to sell, custom branding, and enhanced site analytics for deeper insights into visitor behavior.
  • VIP Plans provide the highest level of service and features for serious online ventures, including priority support, unlimited bandwidth and product listings, and advanced marketing and SEO tools to maximize online presence.
  • Choosing the right Strikingly plan involves considering your project size, expected traffic, level of customization required, and long-term business growth prospects to ensure the features support your online goals.
  • Strikingly stands out for its balance of cost and functionality across plans, emphasizing value and scalability to support businesses at every stage of growth, from initial online presence to expansive e-commerce operations.

Overview of Strikingly’s Pricing and Plans

When venturing into the world of online business or expanding your current operations, understanding the investment required for a website is key. Strikingly, known for its ease of use and efficiency, offers a range of pricing plans designed to suit various needs, from personal blogs to e-commerce stores.

At the heart of it, Strikingly has a free plan that’s perfect for testing the waters or for hobbyists not yet ready to commit financially. However, for serious entrepreneurs and businesses looking to leverage the full power of their online presence, considering one of Strikingly’s premium plans is a must.

Here’s a quick rundown of the plans:

Plan Monthly Price Yearly Price Key Features
Limited $8 $96 Connect a custom domain, 50 GB Bandwidth
Pro $16 $192 Site search, password protection, advanced site stats
VIP $49 $588 Priority support, personal account manager, 500GB Bandwidth

Choosing between these options depends on your project’s size, its traffic expectations, and the level of customization you need. The Pro plan is particularly popular among small to medium businesses for its balance between cost and functionality, offering tools like site search and advanced stats that are invaluable for growing your venture.

What sets Strikingly apart is not just its competitive pricing, but the value each plan offers. Even as you scale from the Limited to the VIP plan, you’ll find that the added benefits support your business growth every step of the way. Whether it’s enhancing site interactivity, improving traffic analysis, or ensuring that your site remains an asset, there’s a plan tailored just for you.

Remember, investing in the right plan isn’t just about what it costs, but about the value it brings to your business. With Strikingly, you’re not just purchasing a website builder—you’re securing a partner in your online venture.

Personal Plans

Diving into Strikingly’s Personal Plans, you’re looking at the sweet spot for entrepreneurs just dipping their toes into the online world. Whether you’re kickstarting a side hustle or launching a startup, understanding the ins and outs of these plans is key to your success.

At the core, Strikingly’s Personal Plans are designed with simplicity and growth in mind. They’re perfect for if you’re not ready to fully commit financially but understand the importance of a professional online presence. These plans offer a balanced mix of features, making them ideal for personal projects or small businesses just starting out.

Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect:

Feature Availability
Custom Domain Yes, with annual plans
Ads Minimal Strikingly ads
Products Up to 5 products
Pages Unlimited
Site Members Up to 100

One thing to highlight is the custom domain feature. If you opt for an annual plan, you can personalize your site’s URL, which is crucial for brand identity. You’ll still see Strikingly ads, but they’re minimal, not detracting from the overall user experience.

While the product limit might seem restrictive, for most side hustles and personal projects, 5 products are often enough to start. The unlimited pages and ability to have up to 100 site members give you plenty of room to grow your content and community.

Regardless of the specific features, the main draw of Strikingly’s Personal Plans is their ease of use. You don’t need to be a tech wizard to get your site up and running. That’s a huge plus when you’re juggling the myriad tasks of launching and running a new business.

Limited Plans

When you’re diving into the world of online entrepreneurship, every decision you make can significantly impact your journey. Choosing the right plan for your website on platforms like Strikingly is no small task. Limited plans, a step up from the free offering, present an attractive option for those who are serious about getting their projects off the ground without breaking the bank.

Strikingly’s Limited Plans are tailored for small businesses and startup enthusiasts who need more than what the free version offers but aren’t quite ready for the premium tiers. With this plan, you get access to your own custom domain, which is essential for branding and making your site stand out. It’s like telling the world, “I’m here to stay, and I mean business.”

Here’s a quick breakdown of what you can expect:

Feature Limited Plan
Custom Domain Included
Strikingly Ads Minimal
Products Listed Up to 5
Pages Unlimited
Site Members Up to 100
Monthly Bandwidth 2 GB
24/7 Support Yes

One of the key benefits of opting for a Limited Plan is the balance between functionality and cost. You’re positioned to grow your site with unlimited pages and up to 100 site members, which is perfect for building a community around your brand or business. And with minimal ads, your visitors’ focus stays on what you have to offer, not on distracting promotions.

Another advantage is the 2 GB monthly bandwidth, which ensures your site can handle a decent amount of traffic without experiencing slowdowns or crashes. This is particularly important as your online presence starts to grow and attract more visitors.

Choosing a Limited Plan could be the stepping stone you need for your project. It offers a balance of features that supports growth while keeping costs manageable. As you dive deeper into your entrepreneurial journey, having a solid yet flexible foundation can make all the difference in how swiftly and successfully you scale.

Pro Plans

Diving deeper into Strikingly’s offerings, let’s talk about the Pro Plans. As an entrepreneur with skin in the game, you know that scalable options matter. You’ll find that Strikingly’s Pro Plans are crafted for businesses ready to take their online presence to the next level. These plans aren’t just about getting by; they’re about setting you up for substantial growth.

The Pro Plans step up from the basics with features that are essential for a growing business. Think custom branding, more product listings, and advanced site analytics. This is where Strikingly shines for the entrepreneur ready to break out of the startup shell.

Here’s a quick rundown:

Feature Available In Pro Plan
Custom Domain Yes
Products to Sell Up to 300
Site Members Up to 2,000
Newsletters Sends 10,000 contacts per month
24/7 Support Priority

Beyond sheer numbers, the Pro Plans introduce advanced tools like password protection for pages, embedding HTML/CSS/JavaScript, and multi-page site creation. These are game-changers for creating a site that truly stands out in your niche.

For entrepreneurs who thrive on community building and direct customer engagement, membership areas and email marketing tools are particularly beneficial. These features allow you to create exclusive content for site members, fostering a stronger sense of community around your brand. Meanwhile, the ability to send up to 10,000 newsletters per month means you can stay at the forefront of your customers’ minds, driving both engagement and sales.

Opting for a Pro Plan is a statement. It says you’re not just dabbling in online business; you’re gearing up for major success. You’re investing in a platform that grows with you, offering the tools you need to scale your operations, enhance your marketing, and deepen customer relationships.

VIP Plans

When you’re ready to go all-in with your online venture, Strikingly’s VIP Plans are where you’ll find yourself looking next. Designed for entrepreneurs and businesses that demand the very best, these plans are not just about building a website; they’re about establishing a powerful online presence. With a VIP Plan, every feature and tool at Strikingly becomes your ally in conquering the digital world.

One of the standout benefits of opting for a VIP Plan is the unparalleled level of support you receive. Imagine having your very own priority support line, where experienced professionals are always ready to assist you. No issue is too big or small; whether you’re tweaking your site’s design at midnight or need advanced marketing advice during your coffee break, help is just a call away.

Let’s talk about the enhancements that really set the VIP Plans apart:

  • Unlimited bandwidth: Say goodbye to limitations on site visitors and traffic. Your site will run smoothly, no matter how viral you go.
  • Increased product listings: With the capability to list unlimited products, your online store can grow as big as your ambitions.
  • Exclusive features: Access to features such as site search, password protection, and advanced site statistics, ensuring that you have all the tools to craft a truly professional website.
Feature VIP Plan
Support Priority, 24/7
Bandwidth Unlimited
Product Listings Unlimited
Exclusive Features Yes
Marketing & SEO Tools Advanced

For the entrepreneur who treats their online platform as more than just a side hustle, the VIP Plans are an investment towards achieving unparalleled success. You’re not just buying a plan; you’re unlocking a partner in growth, ready to scale alongside your expanding vision.


Choosing the right Strikingly plan for your project is crucial. Whether you’re dipping your toes in with the free plan or ready to dive deep with a VIP Plan, there’s something for everyone. Remember, it’s not just about the features you get today but also about the support and scalability for tomorrow. With Strikingly, you’re not just building a website; you’re laying the foundation for your online presence. So take a moment to reflect on what you need and make the choice that best aligns with your vision. Your online journey is about to get exciting!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Strikingly?

Strikingly is a website builder known for its simplicity and user-friendly interface, designed to help entrepreneurs and businesses create their own websites without needing technical skills.

Who should use Strikingly?

Anyone looking to create a website easily, especially entrepreneurs, small businesses, and starters who are not tech-savvy, will find Strikingly beneficial.

What types of plans does Strikingly offer?

Strikingly offers various plans, including a Free Plan, Personal Plans, Limited Plans, Pro Plans, and VIP Plans, each designed to cater to different user needs and stages of business growth.

What are the main benefits of Strikingly’s Free Plan?

The Free Plan allows users to test the waters with Strikingly’s user-friendly platform, including access to basic features needed to start an online presence.

What does the Personal Plan include?

Strikingly’s Personal Plan offers a custom domain, minimal ads, up to 5 products, unlimited pages, and up to 100 site members, making it ideal for entrepreneurs just starting out.

Who are the Limited Plans designed for?

The Limited Plans are tailored for small businesses and startups needing more functionality than the free version but not ready for premium tiers. It includes a custom domain, up to 5 products, unlimited pages, and more.

What advanced features come with the Pro Plans?

The Pro Plans offer custom branding, up to 300 product listings, password protection for pages, HTML/CSS/JavaScript embedding, and advanced tools like membership areas and email marketing tools.

How does the VIP Plan support businesses?

The VIP Plan offers unparalleled support, including a priority support line, along with unlimited bandwidth, increased product listings, exclusive features like site search, and advanced statistics for serious entrepreneurs and businesses.

Is Strikingly suitable for someone without technical skills?

Yes, Strikingly is designed to be accessible and easy to use for anyone, regardless of their technical skills, making it a great choice for those who are not tech-savvy.