Jarrett & Raja from Shark Tank

Jarrett & Raja shark tank

We’ve seen a number of innovative products and services over the years on Shark Tank, but when two unlikely friends, Raja the pianist and Jarrett the magician, appeared on the show, everyone, including the sharks, were surprised.

Raja Rahman, a Julliard School of Music graduate, was a pianist who met Jarrett, a musician taught by none other than Harry Blackstone Jr., through mutual friends. Jarrett was scheduled to perform at the Friars Club in New York City for a one-time Christmas season event, but the venue lacked a stereo system and only featured a piano. Jarrett had sought Raja’s help with that particular event because he knew Raja would be a skilled pianist as a Juilliard graduate.

Their unlikely partnership garnered a standing ovation from the crowd, and they partnered together to see where this would take them. They performed at several venues all over New York and even appeared on America’s Got Talent in 2012, where they impressed everyone but couldn’t make it past the quarterfinals.

With bigger ambitions, Raja and Jarrett approached a different kind of reality show to promote their Talent and therefore appeared on the 7th season of Shark Tank.

Jarrett and Raja on The Shark Tank

Jarrett and Raja appeared on the show seeking investment for over $750,000 in investment in return for 40% ownership in their company. They proceeded to explain to the sharks that they were planning to put on a show called ‘Miracles’ that would be a unique musical and magical spectacle for the audience, and they planned to bring it to the Las Vegas scene.

The concept Jarrett and Raja brought forward was unusual for the Sharks, and as a simple pitch would not be enough to properly express their “product,” Jarrett and Raja had a special surprise show planned for them.

This made all the Sharks giddy with excitement, and Jarrett and Raja put on a spectacle of a show that was both musical and magical.

The Sharks were so taken aback by Jarrett and Raja’s miraculous show that they spontaneously erupted in applause. Robert joked with the duo that if they could pull off the act with Barbara Corcoran, he’d hand them the $750,000 right away, but besides the humor, Robert and the rest of the sharks seemed blown away.

Robert, who seemed most impressed, inquired about their current location and if they had a permanent venue or not. Raja replied that Las Vegas venues didn’t sponsor acts anymore; however, they would rent out spaces much like a landlord, and the promotion, production, and marketing would be the responsibility of the show’s producers.

Hearing this, Kevin replied that an investor would be taking a huge risk because if the show flopped, they might lose a lot of money. Even if the show drew a good turnout every time, Robert remarked, expenses could escalate fast, eating into revenues at a quick rate. Raja further disclosed that they have been in talks with a hotel manager regarding regular events, but to finalize the transaction required a significant amount of money, which is why they turned to the Sharks for investment.

Further inquiries revealed that the venue had a seating capacity for 1600 guests, with a ticket price of $59.99 each, and that the duo only planned to do one show a day, but if the location agreed, they could do more.

Mark and Kevin pointed out several factors to Jarrett and Raja that would not guarantee increased profits as the product will only be available to a select few at a time, and the success of the business would be restricted solely to the population of Las Vegas. Moreover, the age range of tourists to Vegas has decreased in recent years, according to Robert Herjavec. For this younger audience, nightclubs were more appealing than magical performances, and large-scale live performances were barely attracting crowds as they did in the past.

Since the business seemed very risky due to several factors, most importantly because performances and acts that do gain success have a low probability and are one-in-a-million, all the sharks refused to invest in the Jarrett & Raja productions, but they walked out with some good advice.

Our Review of Jarrett & Raja Productions

As far as the show is considered, we feel it is pretty good and would do better if it is targeted at children and young adults. Additionally, their idea was unique, and the ambitious duo does seem to have several fans, especially after the exposure they gained through television platforms like Shark Tank and America’s Got Talent.

Pros of Jarrett & Raja

Jarrett & Raja is a unique combination of magic and classical music that never fails to amuse the audience. They spread joy and humor and if you ever visit Vegas, be sure to check it out for some light-hearted amusing fun.

Cons of Jarrett & Raja

Since this service is solely for entertainment purposes, the only con is that the tickets might be a bit too pricey. However, to watch Jarrett & Raja productions’ miraculous show, we feel it is worth the money.

Who is Jarrett & Raja for?

The show is aimed at anyone who enjoys music and magic and is willing to invest time and money to see a wonderful theatrical production.

Are There Any Alternatives?

If you are in Vegas, you will find several magic performances, almost 11 to be exact. In comparison, they all offer you some good entertainment; they aren’t as special as the Jarrett & Raja productions with their unique take on classical music and magic that would leave you thoroughly delighted.

Our Final Thoughts

While the Jarrett & Raja productions failed to get a shark’s investment, the exposure on the Shark Tank helped them immensely, and they were soon approached by a production company. Their new show went on to gain tremendous success and has been shown in several big cities, including Vegas. The new title of the show is “One Epic Night.”

The Shark Tank certainly helps you get the exposure you need for that push to take your business to the next level. The Jarrett & Raja show received financing from several producers and performed at some of the best venues in Vegas, including the Caesars Palace and Stratosphere.