Can You Buy Shark Tank On DVD?

Can You Buy Shark Tank On DVD

Shark Tank, which was established in 2009, is a reality TV series that was based on a similar TV show that originally aired in Japan more than two decades ago.

This reality series has now filmed nearly 300 episodes and is ready for its fourteenth season, scheduled to begin in September 2022. But if you have missed any of Shark Tank’s episodes and wondering – Can you buy Shark Tank on DVD? – read on to learn how.

The show, which aired on ABC and is now distributed by Sony Pictures Television Studio, is recognized for capturing the real-life drama that occurs when inventors and innovators pitch ideas to venture capitalists and money lenders in hopes of securing their financial backing and a shot at their dream.

Shark Tank is now filmed across the world in these locations – Mexico, Australia, Colombia, India, Nepal, Malta, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

Approximately 40,000 companies apply to Shark Tank annually. While most individuals are given roughly 45 minutes to pitch their idea, only 10 – 11 minutes of the entrepreneurial pitch will make the final edit. And, of the roughly 150 who actually get to pitch their idea to the panelist of investors/sharks, only about half make it past the cutting-room floor.

Shark Tank has been a ratings blockbuster. It is an Emmy-award-winning television series:

  • Shark Tank Won Outstanding Reality Program – 2012 – 2013
  • Shark Tank Won Outstanding Structured Reality Program – 2014 – 2017 – grabbing top honors for the first four years that this Emmy category ever existed!

Shark Tank’s Premise

Shark Tank, a reality TV series, features a panel of investors – known as sharks who listen to various pitches from entrepreneurs. Ultimately, those making the pitch are trying to convince the shark investors to invest in their innovation/idea in exchange for a stake/percentage (which varies) in the company bringing forth the business idea or product.

The entrepreneur or innovator making the pitch may find that one of the panelists has an interest, or they may leave without financial support if panel members unanimously reject the deal.

While the sharks are paid to appear on the show, any capital or investments they agree to on the show are financed with their own capital. Viewers, over the years, have tuned in each week to see these main shark investors:

  • Mark Cuban – American billionaire entrepreneur
  • Kevin O’Leary – Canadian businessman
  • Barbara Corcoran – New York Real Estate Empire Tycoon
  • Kevin Harrington – American businessman
  • Robert Herjavec – Croatian-Canadian investor and businessman
  • Lori Greiner – Queen of QVC
  • Daymond John – CEO of FUBU and investor

However, since its inception, Shark Tank has hosted an impressive list of guest judges that joined the regular sharks. Some of the guest shark panelists included Jeff Foxworthy, Ashton Kutcher, Charles Barley, Richard Branson, Maria Sharapova, Kevin Hart, and Alex Rodriquez, among others.

However, since its debut in the summer of 2009, there have been many notable investments which include Bombas, Scrub Daddy, and several companies (Groove Book and Talbott Teas) that have already been bought by larges companies like Jamba Juice and Shutterfly.

Where to Buy, View or Own Shark Tank

As of early 2022, Shark Tank has aired 13 seasons that included 295 episodes. Fans are gearing up for Shark Tank Season 14 of this hit show – which has been set to premiere on September 23, 2022.

However, the answer to the question – Can you buy Shark Tank on DVD? – is, like most questions in life – it depends. The reality is certain seasons of the business-based reality show Shark Tank are available on DVD, while others can still be watched (and recorded) but are not available for purchase on DVD.

The Early Seasons: 2009-2013 (Seasons 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5)

The first season of Shark Tank consisted of 14 episodes, and Season 2 followed with nine more. Over the next few seasons, the show’s popularity pushed the number of episodes in Season 5 to 29!

Fortunately, Shark Tank’s Season 1 – 5 is available on DVD.

The CNBC Syndication Years: 2013-2015 (Seasons 6 and 7)

Season 6 ran in syndication as an off-network show on CNBC. However, by 2014 ABC renewed the show, and by Season 7, Ashton Kutcher, Chris Sacca, and Troy Carter, all joined as guest panelists. Each of Seasons 6 and 7 aired 29 Shark Tank episodes.

Recent Seasons of Shark Tank on DVD: (Seasons 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13)

The number of episodes of Shark Tank during Seasons 8 to 13 varies between 23 and 25. These later seasons of Shark Tank are also available but only viewable through a number of streaming options – from Microsoft to Vudu to Prime and Google Play, among others.

Some even offer free-trial offers for those who are new to the streaming video service providing Shark Tales. In fact, Hulu provides its members with the opportunity to view each of the full seasons of Shark Tank!

During Season 12, Shark Tank moved to Las Vegas.

The Spin-offs & the Future of Shark Tank

With its continued popularity, Shark Tank’s spin-off – Beyond the Tank, debuted in 2015. To keep viewers up to date, this spin-off offered vignettes of what happened to those businesses that first appeared on Shark Tank.

In an interesting twist, Shark Tank’s spin-off opened the doors to the possibility that a company was initially rejected by the original panel of shark investors to make another deal if all parties agreed.

A special primetime edition of Shark Tank, aired in 2020, highlighted some of the greatest pitches, deals, and successes during the reality show’s tenure.

The fourteenth season of Shark Tank premiers in September 2022, although at present, the number of episodes for this upcoming season has yet to be revealed! So, can you buy Shark Tank on DVD? Yes, if you want DVDs of the first five seasons of this hit reality TV show.