Brazi Bites from Shark Tank

Brazi Bites shark tank

You can find Brazi Bites in many retail locations, and you may have encountered their products in the refrigerator sections.

Owen-cooked foods are highly popular because of their convenience, and many people find it incredibly useful to buy cheap foods that can save them from investing in cooking time.

The food products are made from natural ingredients that are gluten-free, soy-free, and also devoid of any preservatives and trans-fats, making them a popular choice among health-conscious people.

You can choose various flavors when it comes to Brazi Bites, such as Cheddar Parmesan and Garlic Asiago, making your meal times something to look forward to.

The cheese bread brand is very popular among fans, who have begun incorporating empanadas in their daily meals without sacrificing health for microwaveable or oven-cooked food.

The owner of the company is called Junea Rocha, who has made it her mission to sell these delicious and healthy food items to the general public in the United States.

Other products like the Classic Ranch and Cinnamon Churros are also very popular among the general masses, with more and more people opting for these delicious brad recipes that are made from the highest quality of ingredients.

Junea and her husband thought of this culinary idea to find a way to make profits and give the people what they want in terms of taste and nutrition.

Brazi Bites are so common in today’s market that they are available at hundreds of stores around the country, making the food options available for everyone.

All you need to do is cook them for 20 minutes, and you’ll have a delicious meal ready for consumption.

The couple appeared on Shark Tank hoping to secure 200,000 USD in investment for a 10% stake in their company.

They made their pitch about Brazil’s excellent cuisine and culture and managed to sway the sharks in their direction.

After showcasing their products and giving a background of their mission, the sharks made many inquiries that elaborated on the couple’s business plan.

Since the company was already making many sales by the time of its debut on Shark Tank, having their food items become accessible in more than 700 stores in the United States, the sharks were impressed.

In their first business year, the couple earned an income of 60,000 USD, which then more than doubled to 200,000 USD the following year and 600,000 USD the next.

In three years, they had managed to 10x their business revenue, which was very impressive to the sharks, who enjoyed the taste of the food items.

Eventually, after much back and forth negotiations, Lori offered 200,000 USD for a 16.5% stake in the company, which the couple agreed to.

Our Review of Brazi Bites

There is no doubt that Brazi Bites are incredibly delicious and popular food items that many food lovers enjoy.

Their food items are free of chemicals, preservatives, and other substances that could contribute to a lack of health, making them an ideal option for many health-conscious individuals who are itching to sink their teeth in tasty food items.

After securing funding from Lori, the couple managed to expand their business to selling online, which was a huge success.

You can expect to find Brazi bites at several Costco locations as well, and their social media platforms are doing incredibly well in having a significant fan following.

After getting exposure from Shark Tank, the company managed to earn 8.5 million USD in 2016, which was a stark contrast to 1 million USD the previous year.

Eventually, they received a contract with Target and managed to sell their products on Amazon, which many people enjoy immensely in terms of flavor.

The company generated 12 million USD in 2022 and continues to see an upward growth trajectory in the coming years.

Pros of Brazi Bites

Brazi Bites have many pros that are listed below.

  • The food items are incredibly delicious and healthful, resulting in sales of over 12 million USD from hundreds of retail stores across the country.
  • Brazi Bites are highly convenient because they can be thrown in the oven for 20 minutes and come out piping hot and delicious to serve your guests.
  • Their business model was well executed, which was apparent due to the ever-growing sales before even appearing on Shark Tank.
  • The high-quality ingredients ensure that the food items sell quickly, often overnight, at food stores.

Cons of Brazi Bites

Brazi Bites have some cons that you should know about, which are listed below.

  • The food items are not microwaveable, which is a bit of a letdown because they’re not as convenient as they could be.
  • Without any preservatives, the shelf life of the food items isn’t that long, which could be a deterrent for frozen food.

Who is Brazi Bites For?

Brazi Bites is available to be consumed by anyone, especially health-conscious people who do not want to let go of frozen food items in order to be strict with their healthy diets.

Even people who aren’t that fussed about healthy food items enjoy the taste immensely, making the food items an excellent choice for just about anyone.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Many cheesy breads are available on the market, but few are soy-free, gluten-free, and perseverative-free, which is a unique selling point for the company.

In terms of frozen food items, there are numerous options available for the public, but Brazi Bites deliver a unique taste, making them a popular choice for many.

Our Final Thoughts

Brazi Bites has done immensely well even before appearing on Shark Tank, and they quickly rose through the ranks and managed to 10x their business in three years.

The business model is well thought out, and the couple’s execution of their idea delivered excellent monetary results and provided the public with a delicious food choice.

Brazilian cuisine is not that well known in America, so the company has played a part in introducing its unique flavors to the general public, which has been met with open arms of acceptance.