Big Bee, Little Bee: Shark Tank Update – Latest Buzz on the Business

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Big Bee, Little Bee, a thriving company founded in 2016 by the innovative mother and daughter duo, Amy and Marlo Leinbach, has been reaching great heights ever since. Passionate about creating environmentally friendly and affordable products made from single-use plastic for both kids and adults, their range of products has garnered attention from various consumers and investors alike.

Their journey took an interesting turn when they found themselves in the spotlight of Shark Tank, a television show where entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas to a panel of investors. In Season 14, Amy and Marlo went into the Tank, seeking $100,000 for 20% equity in their kids’ accessories business, hoping this opportunity could help boost their venture to the next level.

Join us as we dive into the latest updates on Big Bee, Little Bee and their progress after appearing on Shark Tank. Discover how the company has evolved, the obstacles they’ve faced, and the exciting new ventures they’ve embarked on in pursuit of success.

About Big Bee, Little Bee

Big Bee, Little Bee is a California-based company founded by mother and daughter duo Amy Leinbach and her young daughter Marlo. The two entrepreneurs initially created their business out of their desire to spend time together while encouraging innovation and creativity.

The company offers a marker storage accessory for kids, aiming to help children unleash their unique artistic talents. Big Bee, Little Bee was brought to public attention when the founders appeared on the popular show Shark Tank in October 2022. The duo entered the show seeking $100,000 for a 20% equity stake to expand and grow their kids’ accessories venture.

Amy, a former teacher and long-time entrepreneur, is no stranger to innovation. She has been involved in voice-over work since her childhood and is always looking to invent and improve. Her passion for invention is clearly evident in the creation of the Big Bee, Little Bee brand.

To learn more about Big Bee, Little Bee and their innovative products, the company’s official website is a great resource containing additional information and insights into the brand’s journey.

Overall, Big Bee, Little Bee showcases the incredible power of a mother and daughter team working together to bring creativity and innovation to life, inspiring young artists everywhere.

In The Shark Tank: Season 14

Big Bee Little Bee made its appearance on the popular television show Shark Tank in Season 14, Episode 5. The mother-daughter inventor duo, Amy and Marlo Leinbach, took their creative products to the esteemed panel of Sharks, seeking an investment to help grow their business.

Amy and Marlo walked into the tank with confidence, asking the Sharks for $100,000 in exchange for a 20% equity stake in their company. They believed their unique marker storage accessory for kids would resonate with the Sharks, and potentially lead to a successful deal.

The panel of Sharks for this episode included well-known investor names like Kevin O’Leary, Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, Robert Herjavec, and guest Shark Emma Grede. Each of them carefully listened to the pitch, asked relevant questions, and assessed the potential of Big Bee Little Bee’s products.

As the Leinbachs showcased their innovative marker storage solutions, they explained the details behind their invention and the inspiration that led to its creation. Little Bee, Marlo, shared the story of her solution to lost caps and her hopes for the future of their company. The Sharks took an interest in the duo’s dedication and creativity, leading to a lively discussion about the potential growth and scalability of Big Bee Little Bee.

Throughout the negotiation process, the mother-daughter team answered the Sharks’ questions and addressed any concerns that arose, demonstrating their determination and commitment to their business. At times, the atmosphere inside the tank was intense, with the Sharks considering the investment opportunity and weighing the risks involved.

In the end, the fate of Big Bee Little Bee’s investment hinged on the decisions made by the Sharks. While no further details can be disclosed here, the experience of presenting their products in front of the experts served as a valuable learning experience for Amy and Marlo. The exposure gained through Shark Tank certainly contributed to their company’s journey and growth in the competitive world of children’s accessories.

Inventive Products

Big Bee, Little Bee is a company dedicated to creating innovative products that cater to the needs of children, as well as being eco-friendly. They offer a range of inventive and practical items that make everyday tasks more enjoyable and accessible for kids.

One of their popular products is the Scrubee Easy Grip Silicone Scrubber. Made from high-quality silicone, this scrubber is designed to be gentle on children’s delicate skin while still being effective for cleaning. Its unique easy-grip design allows kids to hold onto the scrubber comfortably, making bath time more enjoyable and encouraging independence.

For those in need of a larger scrubbing option, Big Bee, Little Bee also offers the Big Scrubee Easy Grip Silicone Scrubber. Like its smaller counterpart, the Big Scrubee features the same comfortable grip and gentle cleaning action, but with a more substantial size for bigger tasks.

Another innovative product in their lineup is the Original Scrubee. This scrubber serves a dual purpose as both a loofah and a scrubber. The soft, sponge-like texture of the loofah side provides a gentle cleanse for children, while the scrubber side effectively cleans the toughest dirt and grime.

In addition to their scrubbing products, Big Bee, Little Bee has also ventured into other creative solutions for children, such as the Marker Parker Coloring Organizer and the Build a Straw Easy Clean Silicone Straw. These items aim to make daily activities not only more manageable but also fun for kids.

The company’s dedication to reducing single-use plastic and encouraging eco-friendly choices is evident in their Clean Bee Reusable Multi-Purpose Towels. These reusable towels provide an environmentally conscious alternative to disposable wipes, further showcasing Big Bee, Little Bee’s commitment to creating products that benefit both children and the planet.

Environmental Mission & Education

Big Bee Little Bee, founded by Amy Leinbach, is a company dedicated to creating innovative products for kids and adults, with a focus on reducing single-use plastic. With its environmentally friendly and affordable product line, the company aims to make a positive impact on the environment while providing quality products that people can enjoy.

Amy, a former special education teacher, started the company with her daughter, Mario, driven by their shared passion for innovation and spending quality time together. Their mother-daughter team brings a unique combination of expertise and enthusiasm to the business, enabling them to create products that cater to the needs of a diverse demographic.

Having a background in education has allowed Amy to stress the importance of teaching children and adults about the dangers of single-use plastics and the value of using eco-friendly products. By incorporating these lessons into the user experience of Big Bee Little Bee products, the company not only provides practical alternatives to single-use plastics but also encourages behavioral change in its customers.

As part of their educational efforts, Big Bee Little Bee provides learning resources and workshops for teachers and schools, enabling educators to better engage their students in discussions about sustainability and the role they can play in reducing plastic waste. This focus on education is an integral part of the company’s mission and helps to increase awareness of the broader environmental issues relating to single-use plastics.

Big Bee Little Bee’s dedication to creating environmentally friendly products and educating people about the importance of reducing single-use plastics is the driving force behind their company. Their unique and innovative product line offers customers an enjoyable way to contribute positively to the environment, one product at a time.

Big Bee, Little Bee Growth and Sales

Big Bee, Little Bee, founded by entrepreneurs Amy and Marlo Leinbach, has been making waves in the market since its debut on Shark Tank. With their innovative products designed to make life easier for kids and parents, the company has experienced impressive growth since appearing on the popular TV show.

After pitching their business on Shark Tank Season 14 Episode 5, the founders were seeking an investment of $100,000 for a 20% equity stake, valuing the company at $500,000. Their line of creative products is available on Amazon and their official website, with prices ranging from $6 to $69.99.

While specific sales figures have not been publicly disclosed, it’s evident that Big Bee, Little Bee has gained substantial traction after its Shark Tank appearance. The company remains committed to giving back to the environment, pledging to donate 1% of annual sales to nonprofit organizations focused on environmental causes as part of the 1% for the Planet initiative.

Growth is also apparent in the development of new and innovative products, such as their easy-grip silicone scrubbers, buildable reusable straws, and the Balance Bead, which makes it simpler for young children to learn and practice using utensils independently. This continuous expansion of their product line not only caters to the needs of children but also offers solutions to adults in their daily lives.

In conclusion, Big Bee, Little Bee demonstrates a strong commitment to growth and sales. By continually developing innovative products and remaining environmentally conscious through their 1% for the Planet initiative, Amy and Marlo have successfully expanded their business while satisfying the needs of their customers and maintaining a friendly brand image.

Other Ventures

In addition to their success on Shark Tank, Big Bee Little Bee has been hard at work expanding their product line to cater to various customer needs. One of their popular creations is the Build-a-Straw, an innovative, reusable straw that can be easily assembled and customized. This product not only helps reduce single-use plastic but also offers customers a fun and personalized drinking experience.

Big Bee Little Bee also ventured into the wedding industry with their Bridal Babes product line. These fashionable and practical items cater to brides and bridesmaids, offering stylish solutions for wedding preparations and celebrations.

Another noteworthy invention from the company is the Marker Parker Coloring Organizer. This clever and practical design was made to keep markers and their caps organized, preventing the loss of marker caps and potential drying out of markers. Six-year-old Marlo, also known as the Little Bee, created this innovative design after growing tired of watching her dried-out markers go to waste.

The coloring organizer has been well-received both online and offline, gaining attention from popular news outlets and media platforms, like Good Morning America and The View. As a result, Big Bee Little Bee’s products can now be found on e-commerce platforms like Amazon, where customers can easily access and purchase their items.

While the aforementioned ventures are just some of Big Bee Little Bee’s contributions to innovative and environmentally conscious products, they continue to explore new opportunities and expand their product line. Their dedication to creating unique, sustainable, and affordable items remains one of the core principles of their blossoming business.

Challenges & Future Plans

Big Bee Little Bee, founded by Amy Leinbach and her daughter Marlo, didn’t secure a deal on Shark Tank despite impressing the Sharks with their innovative marker storage accessory for kids. The mother-daughter duo sought $100,000 for a 20% equity stake in their company, but their ever-expanding product portfolio seemed to impact their chances of gaining an investment from a Shark.

One challenge that Big Bee Little Bee faces is a perceived lack of focus in their product offerings. With an expanding lineup of accessories that cater to both kids and adults, it may be difficult for the company to maintain a consistent brand image and appeal to a broader audience.

Despite these challenges, the company’s future plans involve an expansion of their environmentally-friendly products. They are determined to continue leveraging their creativity to bring innovative, sustainable, and affordable products to the market. By doing so, they hope to not only enhance the lives of their customers but also make a positive impact on the environment.

Considering the determination and innovative spirit behind Big Bee Little Bee, their passion for crafting unique and eco-friendly products will likely help drive them forward. With a little adjustment to their product focus, there is a promising potential for the company to find its niche and succeed in the competitive market.