Biem Butter Sprayer from Shark Tank

Biem Butter Sprayer shark tank

How many times has this happened to you – you decide to toast a slice of bread and butter it. You take out the butter stick from your fridge and then go to battle with applying it to your toast. It’s a mess that gives you a mouthful of butter and a small bite of bread.

We have all gone through these annoying breakfast problems. Now, there’s an easy solution to this issue that will delight you.

Biem Butter Sprayer – you butter believe it!

Introduced by Doug Foreman, a food industry employee, the Biem Butter Sprayer was a spur-of-the-moment innovation created to solve a worldwide problem – applying cold butter on toast. Doug wanted to create a solution that would not only prevent waste but also allow butter lovers to spray the oily goodness on everything they ate.

Biem Butter Sprayer is a gadget that melts a cold stick of butter and releases it in the form of a spray. The bar is inserted into the cylinder, which then travels to the reservoir and is melted with the help of ultra-thin heaters. Once in liquid form, it travels up the reservoir and can be sprayed.

One of the best things about this gadget is that it shuts off automatically. The gadget is cold to touch on the outside, allowing you to hold it easily. It does not require an electric connection and is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack

After coming up with a design, Doug applied for a patent that would cover the sprayer’s nozzle. He got his funds from crowdsourcing by enticing investors with the gadget’s bells and whistles. He was able to raise $235,000. Unfortunately, he couldn’t keep up with the orders and decided to try his luck on Shark Tank.

Are They Still An Active Company?

Out of Business

Biem Butter Sprayer was lucky enough to get a deal from Lori and would have succeeded if Doug had accomplished what he promised to the Shark ― a flawless prototype with a patented nozzle and selling 100,000 gadgets in 2016.

Though the company is still active through its official website, there have been no posts made on any of its social media accounts. When the initial Biem Butter Sprayer failed, the company introduced Biem Butter Sprayer 2.0, which too had many flaws and failed to impress its target market.

Today, the Biem Butter Sprayer website offers very little information about the gadget. It doesn’t mention anything about the company’s future plans. With no successful sales to show for after airing on Shark Tank, for all intents and purposes, Biem Butter Sprayer is out of business.

How Did the Shark Tank Pitch Go?

Doug appeared on Ep.04 of Shark Tank in Season 8, which aired on October 14, 2016. He presented his brand Biem Butter Sprayer and wanted an investment of $500,000 for a 5% stake in the company. Based on these numbers, the company at the time was valued at more than a million.

Instead of explaining what his product is, he shows a video to the Sharks. He gives them bowls of popcorn, along with the Biems, and tells the Sharks to follow his instructions.

Robert is impressed with the gadget and asks if there are any similar products. Dough says no. Lori wants to know more about the design. Doug tells her that he has two patents pending, and once they are approved, he plans to sell around 100,000, which will raise the value of his product to $10 million.

The Sharks have heard it all, and the biding ensues. Daymond offers $500,000 for a 17.5% stake. Kevin offers the same amount for 15%. Lori cuts in and asks Doug if he would be open to producing two types of sprayers, one expensive with a stainless steel exterior and the other cheap without it. Doug agrees, and Lori offers $600,000 for a 20% stake. Kevin offers $500,000 for a 15% stake. Robert counters and offers $500,000 for a 10% stake.

During the bid, Daymond backs out, saying Doug is indecisive. When Doug considers Mark’s offer, Robert backs out as well. Doug looks at Lori and asks if she would like to one-up Kevin, and she offers $500,000 for a 14% stake. Doug takes the deal.

Our Review of Biem Butter Sprayer

Biem Butter Sprayer is compatible with any kind of butter. It has a wide nozzle that prevents clogging, allowing you to slide in an herb butter stick, which then melts and can be sprayed on any food. It’s pretty easy to use and clean. It shuts off on its own, so if the sprayer is sitting on the counter, you don’t need to worry about the battery being wasted.

The gadget has a sleek design and a slight curve at the end, which hides the button and provides you with a firm grip.

Pros of Biem Butter Sprayer

  • Uses no artificial propellants or chemicals – just air and heat
  • Can be stored in the refrigerator
  • Easier and faster than spreading butter using a knife
  • Automatic shut off
  • No need to overheat the butter. It will melt on its own

Cons of Biem Butter Sprayer

  • Expensive
  • Although the device shuts off automatically, it continues to spray for a few seconds when you are done using it. So, don’t place it on the counter too quickly
  • The “on” button is hard to find
  • Takes more than a minute to melt the butter, even if the device is left outside on the counter

Who is Biem Butter Sprayer For?

Biem Butter Sprayer was initially a household product, but after its appearance on Shark Tank, many bakeries fell in love with the gadget. It had all the potential to become common in the food industry, but it failed to stand true to its features.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Dash Electric Butter Sprayer

When Biem Butter Sprayer was introduced, it had no competition. There was the electric knife that allowed you to cut into butter smoothly, but nothing that turned into spray. Since the sprayer’s design was not patented, many companies tried to replicate the product, and only Dash was successful.

The Electric Butter Sprayer by Dash has the same features as Biem’s. It melts butter within seconds and can be used even while it is charging. Unlike Biem Butter Sprayer, this gadget has plenty of positive reviews.

Our Final Thoughts

Biem Butter Sprayer has dozens of negative reviews, all centering around not offering the experience the gadgets show in its online commercial. Though it was able to garner the interest of the Sharks, it never succeeded. Not only did Lori back out of the deal because of Doug’s unfulfilled promises, but the gadget failed twice and still lacked in performance.

All in all, Biem Butter Sprayer appeared on TV with a bang but failed to offer the quality worth its buck.