Bibbitec from Shark Tank

Bibbitec shark tank

Bibbitec is a Company that sells baby bibs made of unique material that offers water, odor, and stain resistance. The company’s product stands out from standard baby bibs because, unlike traditional bibs, these bibs don’t need washing after the first use. They can be easily cleaned with a baby wipe and offer multiple uses without getting dirty.

Moreover, the bibs are manufactured with non-toxic and premium quality fabric and serve the purpose of changing pad, burp cloth, stroller blanket, etc. They also come in large sizes compared to traditional bibs in the market. Their large size further helps protect baby clothing from spills and reduces the likelihood of any food spills from getting over the baby’s clothes.

Susie, the owner of Bibbitec, brought her product to the 2013 New York Baby Show following her appearance on the shark tank. Unfortunately, July 2018 was challenging for Bibbitec since Susie shut down the company and discontinued selling her bibs.

Susie and Steve both appeared on shark tank season four, episode 14. They demanded $40,000 for a 14 percent stake in the company. They explain to the sharks that the bib costs roughly $15 and features a unique, patented fabric. Over the last 12 months, Bibbitec has generated $17K in revenue through online orders.

Mark is out because he feels the owners need a leading salesperson even though he appreciates the product. Barbara believes that other mothers would be the perfect salesperson, but she’s out.

Kevin is also out as he is not too pleased with the bib since he believes it to be a side hustle with poor profit margins. Robert and Daymond also choose not to invest in the product as they feel that a lot must be done to create awareness and educate people about it. Therefore, the Taylors leave the show disappointed and empty-handed.

Our Review of Bibbitec

The Bibbitec is an impressive product as it stands out from the standard bibs in the market. It comes in three different sizes, making it easier for parents to choose a bib according to the size and age of their baby. The large size of the bib also helps protect the baby’s clothing and avoid frequent outfit changes after meals due to food spills.

Bibbitec’s innovative material can be wiped clean with a baby wipe, helping parents avoid frequently washing baby bibs and invest in multiple bibs as the traditional bibs tend to get dirty after only one use.

Babies tend to get irritated with different clothing materials. Hence, Bibbitec features a soft and breathable fabric that will keep your baby comfortable and relaxed on hot days.

Additionally, unlike other bibs that may need to be hand-washed, Bibbitec can be chucked in the washing machine saving parents from hand washing duties. The Bibbitec also makes the perfect hand-me-down, thanks to its premium quality durable material that can last for years.

Even though the company targets toddlers aged 0 to 9 months, they may also be used for older children because they come in large sizes that cover the entire body. Some older children are also messy eaters and love to touch their clothes and get them dirty while having food; the bib can help parents save the outfits from stubborn food stains that are a hassle to get out.

However, the product comes in dull colors, and we believe the company should have made a little more effort on the aesthetics. Additionally, Bibbitec has a higher price point, which may be one reason the product could not sustain its position in the market.

Pros of Bibbitec

Here are a few reasons why parents should try out Bibbitec:

  • Comfortable and breathable fabric
  • High-quality product
  • Durable and lasts for years
  • Machine washable
  • Easy to clean
  • Non-toxic fabric
  • Stain and odor resistant
  • No annoying clips, ties, or Velcro

Cons of Bibbitec

Here are a few cons of Bibbitec:

  • Boring design
  • Overpriced for a bib

Who Is Bibbitec For?

The Bibbitec is ideal for parents tired of washing bibs after each use and want a solution for stained and smelly bibs even after several washes. This product is also great for parents on a budget as even though they are pricey, you won’t have to worry about getting a million bibs as these can be used multiple times without requiring regular washes.

This product comes in multiple sizes, making it easier to select the suitable bib size for babies of different ages and sizes. Furthermore, the bib is composed of stain, odor, and water-resistant fabric that may be effortlessly cleaned with baby wipes by caretakers or parents. The bib is also great for minimalists who believe in possessing a limited amount of clothing items.

The bibs are made of safe, non-toxic materials, making them an excellent alternative for parents concerned about buying safe and environmentally friendly products for their children.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Numerous products like the Bibbitec have emerged in the market; here are a few alternatives to Bibbitec:

  • Dare U Go
  • PandaEar
  • Bumkins
  • Tiny Twinkle
  • Yoofoss
  • Konssy
  • Bibsters
  • BIBaDO
  • Moonkie
  • Accmor
  • Hudson
  • Green Sprouts
  • Tommee Tippee
  • Kushies
  • Bulla Tunno Wonder Bib

We ranked Dare U Go first because the company sells one-of-a-kind bibs that serve many functions other than a bib by functioning as a plate and high chair.

Our Final Thoughts

When the Bibbitec first came on the market, there were very few items identical to it, which caused the sharks to feel that to sell the product properly and effectively, the owners needed to work on creating awareness and educating parents about its benefits.

However, following the Shark Tank broadcast, many parents saw the product’s vision and purpose, and the demand for the bibs surged significantly.

However, Bibbitec could not maintain its position in the market, and sales quickly began to drop, most likely due to other similar products and competition. We believe that the firm would still be operating if the company’s owners redesigned their product and focused more on online marketing.