Beyond Sushi from Shark Tank

Beyond Sushi shark tank

Sushi has become a staple in America, like pizzas or burgers. While some people still avoid it, fearing raw fish, sushi comes in many forms. It’s tough to give up eating sushi if you want to go vegan. Imagine if you could enjoy plant-based sushi guiltlessly? A more sustainable way to enjoy a fantastic food concept.

Guy Vaknin saw this opportunity and opened “Beyond Sushi,” a vegan sushi restaurant offering a delicious plant-based alternative. After finishing his duties in the Israeli Defense Force, he came to America to study computer engineering. He knew he was destined for something different. He started working in the restaurant industry and ultimately opened his own restaurant. Featured on both Hell’s Kitchen and Shark Tank, Beyond Sushi had quite its share of the limelight.

The food impressed the sharks. However, three sharks opted out of the business since they did not wish to invest primarily in the unestablished West coast Venture.

Vaknin secured a deal with two sharks, Lori Greiner and Matt Higgins. The deal was struck for 30% equity of the West Coast operations and 15% of already established East Coast operations in exchange for $1.5 million. Since then, they have branched out the company to include a new catering division, “City Roots.”

Our Review of Beyond Sushi

For our review of Beyond Sushi, we focused on its flagship location in midtown Manhattan. We intended to enjoy their robust offerings and see what was available at the bar.

The restaurant was a large enough space that was pretty crowded. We would have spent more time looking around if we weren’t captivated by the amazing presentation of the food.

We tried several different rolls and sampled something from each menu part. We focused mainly on the rolls since they were discussed in the Shark Tank episodes.

The rolls were constructed inside out to fit the most fillings inside. The fillings, coating, toppings, and sauces had vibrant contrasting colors. Each sushi roll had a flavor theme and its own sauce on top.

We were glad that the rolls tasted as good as they looked. Most traditional sushi places cut their rolls into six pieces, but the rolls at Beyond sushi were divided into eight perfect bites.

The menu had something in it for everyone, and the prices were phenomenal for the quality and flavor of the food.

They have added gluten-free, vegan desserts to the menu, and we indulged ourselves with their chocolate lava cake. Overall, it was a long since we had such a filling meal without feeling guilty. So, we give this restaurant a ten out of ten rating.

Pros of Beyond Sushi

Here are the pros of Beyond Sushi.

  1. Many locations to choose from in New York
  2. Quick Take away and delivery
  3. Delicious vegan sushi
  4. Whole grain food
  5. Unique fruit and veggie combinations
  6. Healthy food
  7. Affordable prices
  8. Gourmet quality food at several locations

Cons of Beyond Sushi

There aren’t any cons to eating at Beyond Sushi per se. You could say that foreign flavors need getting used to. Unless you are used to eating sushi and international cuisine, you might not find anything familiar.

Who is Beyond Sushi For?

It’s no secret that the world is moving towards more sustainable practices. Meat farming is very harmful to the environment. Beyond sushi is the place to be for environment-conscious customers who love eating sushi. If you want to enjoy fantastic food without worrying about its impact on the planet, try Beyond Sushi.

Who says you have to compromise on flavor if you want to eat healthy food? To eat healthier food with less cholesterol, you should try their salads, sushi rolls, entrees, and dim sum. You won’t believe something can get food that’s so delicious and healthy at the same time.

People who want to avoid gluten can get many delectable gluten-free dishes. They exclusively use whole grains and the freshest fruit and vegetables. You can even try their gluten-free desserts.

Who says you have to be vegan to enjoy plant-based dishes? Most of their customers are people who want a change from always eating meat. There’s no denying that the food is the yummiest around.

If you are vegan, then eating from here is a no-brainer. Enjoy the delicious Japanese and east Asian-inspired food without being restricted to a small vegan portion of the menu. You can order anything off the whole menu without a second thought.

Are you a meat-eater but allergic to shellfish or don’t like fish? That means you’ve been avoiding having sushi so far. You shouldn’t miss out on the delicious flavors of the east. You can finally try sushi without pinching your nose. Who knows, it might become your favorite food.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Vegan sushi is becoming a huge trend. While Beyond Sushi was a beginning player in the game, many new members of the team are emerging. The Planta restaurant can find quality vegan sushi in the East Coast area.

Planta restaurant has a mission to celebrate and educate people about the power of plants. They want everyone to know how delicious plant-based food can be. The menu is not as expansive as it is at Beyond Sushi.

There are many more vegan sushi restaurants popping up around. However, there’s a difference between genuine vegan sushi and spicy cucumbers with rice. We can count Planta Restaurant as a competitor for Beyond Sushi.

Our Final Thoughts

The future of food is vegan. While some people detest vegan meat alternatives, Beyond Sushi rarely relies on synthetic meat alternatives for protein or flavors.

Now that Beyond Sushi has expanded its catering service, we expect even more growth from them.

This is how nationwide chains are started. Someday we think you will be able to get your favorite Beyond Sushi rolls from anywhere in the country. The next time you visit New York City, you should check them out.