Bertello Pizza Oven from Shark Tank

Bertello Pizza Oven shark tank

Bertello Pizza Oven is a passion project of brothers Andy and Eric Bert, who sought to improve the quality of homemade pizzas. Processed frozen pizzas have primarily cornered the market on homemade pizzas due to their ease. However, these frozen pizzas are oceans apart from authentic Italian pizza and lost that unique wood-fired taste. The brothers, who had been brought up with authentic pizzas due to their Italian ancestry, pushed forward to make a unique portable pizza oven that could produce authentic Neapolitan pizzas right in the comfort of home.

Thus, the Bertello Pizza Oven was formed. A sleek, well-designed outdoor pizza oven that can run on several different types of fuels such as propane, wood, charcoal lumps, etc. The ovens are also quite affordable compared to their competitors and are ideal for garden parties where guests can be served piping hot wood-fired pizza directly out of the oven.

The pizza oven’s features propelled it to considerable success following its appearance on Shark Tank. While the brothers were already posting impressive sales numbers, they shot up significantly after their Shark Tank pitch. As a result, Bertello Pizza Oven is a thriving business that is now worth millions.  It continues to find even more success as people gain more awareness about authentic cuisines and incorporate them into their diets.

How Did The Shark Tank Pitch Go?

Eric and Andy Bert entered their Shark Tank pitch in full chef garb. Their demeanor and confidence indicated that the Sharks were in for an entertaining pitch. Andy Bert kicked off the pitch by introducing himself and his brother Eric. He announced to the Sharks that they were looking for $120,000 for 10% equity in their company.

Eric Bert then upped the entertainment aspect of their pitch by launching into an exaggeratedly terrible Italian accent. He pointed out that while his accent was bad, the quality of homemade pizzas made in conventional ovens was even worse. The brothers then told the Sharks about their product and how it would enable the users to make authentic wood-fired pizzas at temperatures of up to 900 degrees in their homes.

The brother then carried out an entertaining routine where they introduced the Sharks to the multiple fuel options compatible with their ovens by juggling them. The Sharks punctuated their act with laughter and murmurs of appreciation, showing that the product convinced them. The final flourish of the act was Andy Bert shoving a whole pizza pie onto his brother’s face. This was met by a shocked reaction coupled with laughter from the Sharks. The brother’s enthusiasm had successfully hooked the Sharks.

The brothers then handed out freshly-baked pizzas to the Sharks as samples. The Sharks loved the pizzas and admitted to the quality provided by the oven. Kevin O’Leary decided to test the pizza on the spot and baked his pie, leading to some hilarious interactions between the Sharks.

The quality of the product was established, and the Sharks were ready to discuss numbers. The brothers revealed that they had done around $400,000 in sales. Further queries showed that the product’s profit margin was also respectable, and the business’s biggest problem was keeping up with the demand. The brothers wanted to partner with a Shark to increase their inventory. They had even paid off the initial debt they had taken to establish their business. All the numbers showed a healthy company, which captured the Sharks’ attention.

Mark Cuban appreciated the product’s quality, especially the pizza they served. However, he declined to make an offer as he felt the scope of the product was not one he was particularly interested in. Robert Herjavec was also a fan of the pizzas and believed that their business was in a great place financially. However, he also pulled out of negotiations due to his lack of expertise regarding the product.

Barbara Corcoran was keen on the product and all its features. However, Eric Bert’s lack of energy after the initial act that had gotten the Sharks excited. Eric Bert emphasized his passion for the product and all the work he had put in to make it perfect. Corcoran persisted with her judgment of the brothers as lacking energy, but she made them an offer of $120,000 for 25% of the business.

O’Leary also jumped in with an offer. He offered the brothers $120,000 for 30%. The brothers inquired whether the Shark would be willing to strike up a deal for 25% equity. O’Leary agreed, and the brother closed a deal with him despite Corcoran offering them the same deal.

Our Review of Bertello Pizza Oven

The Bertello Pizza Oven is a fine addition to any foodie’s home appliances. It is a powerful machine that does exactly what it claims and provides an excellent end product while offering the user ease and accessibility. Despite all its amazing features, the pizza oven has some issues that can be ironed out to make it an even more formidable product on the market.

Pros of Bertello Pizza Oven

  • The oven can be run using different types of fuels. Therefore, you can opt for a wood-fired flavor or a charcoal flavor for your pizza
  • The oven can be heated simultaneously by propane and wood fire, speeding up the baking process.
  • Portable
  • Takes up a small amount of space; therefore does not need an expansive backyard to be used like conventional wood fire ovens

Cons of Bertello Pizza Oven

  • Needs constant vigilance to rotate the pizza; otherwise, it will be burnt
  • Customers complained of uneven heat in the oven, which led to charred and undercooked pizza
  • The opening of the oven is too small for some customers to rotate the pizza
  • Regulating temperature is difficult without some outside assistance like a fan.

Who Is It For?

The pizza oven is not restricted to a demographic, but its nature ensures that its customers are limited to homeowners and residents with ample outside space. The oven is not recommended for indoor use. Therefore, its primary customers will be people who reside in the suburbs or outside major cities, as they will be more likely to have backyards.

Are There Any Alternatives?

As the Sharks pointed out in the pitch, the product is not entirely unique and has plenty of market competition. Some of the brands selling pizza ovens are:

  • Ooni
  • Roccbox
  • Breville

Final Thoughts

The Bertello Pizza Oven is a beautiful example of entrepreneurial passion bearing fruit. The company continues to deliver authentic Italian flavors to people’s homes. They will benefit even more if they listen to the customers and continue to improve their products.