Beard King from Shark Tank

Beard King shark tank

For years, Nicholas Galekovic has been growing the hair on his face. Ever since he was a teenager and started shaving, the women in his life would get disgusted by the hair left all over the sink. His wife would get so angry at him that Nicholas decided to come up with a product called the beard bib- the star of his company, Beard King.

Nicholas came to the Sharks asking for $100,000 and, in return, would offer 20 percent equity to his company. According to Nicholas, facial hair, including mustaches, beards, and sideburns, had been an issue for a long time. Women would get annoyed because even though it was important for men to shave, their hair would be left all over the bathroom sink and counter and somehow find its way to the toothbrushes and soaps, eventually leading to the sink getting clogged. Unfortunately, this disgusting sight was always left behind, and women had to clean it up.

The beard bib was a product that would make the lives of everyone easier. It ensured an easy and quick cleanup and disposal of facial hair. The bib would have to be pulled out of the pouch and then attached to the neck strap, which would then have to be put on the mirror using the suction cups. Men could then shave in peace, and the Beard King would catch every piece of hair. When men were done with their grooming, they had to detach the suction cup and carry the bib to the trash bag so that the hair could be dumped out.

Most married couples would be ecstatic by the creation of the beard bib, and it would actually help save many marriages, especially for women who were clean freaks and could not tolerate their husbands making an absolute mess in the bathroom so often. Within eight months, the Beard King had managed to earn $140,000. In fact, in the last month, profits had reached $80,000 alone. This happened due to an instructional video that Nicholas made that ended up going viral, earning 20 million views. Soon, Beard King was the most talked-about product on the market and became popular.

Each unit’s cost was cut to $7, while the retail price was set at $29. This meant that Beard King had large profit margins. Nicholas calculated that soon, their profit margins would reach 85 percent. Nicholas wanted the Sharks to invest in the product because Beard King had been unable to keep up with the demands of the product and needed some money to increase their manufacturing process. Based on the current growth rate, Nicholas calculated that by next year, their sales should reach $400,000. He believed that as long as he was able to create viral content, the marketing for the Beard King would bring sales through online distribution channels.

Our Review of Beard King

Beard King seems to be the best option for men who have facial hair and spend long hours in the mornings grooming their beards. It is a product that is easily portable as well, which means that it can be attached to a range of mirrors and can catch every strand of hair.

Pros of Beard King

Beard King ensures hygiene as it does not allow facial hair to make a mess in the bathroom. Usually, when men shave, their facial hair gets everywhere, from the sink to the soap to the toothbrush. No one wants to brush their teeth with a toothbrush with hair attached to it, making the beard bib more of a necessity than a luxury.

Moreover, it allows easy cleanup and disposal, which means that after shaving, hair does not get all over the place even when you dump it out into the trash can. The interesting part is that 60 percent of the customer base for Beard King is women, which shows that any woman with a son, boyfriend, or husband would buy it to keep herself sane and ensure hygiene in the bathroom.

Cons of Beard King

There is a lot of market competition, so Beard King will have to work extra hard to make its products known and popular. This increases the risk factor. Moreover, they only plan on catering to online orders instead of stocking in big departmental stores, which might drive down their sales.

Who is Beard King for?

Beard King is for men with facial hair and usually grooms them at home. It is also a product for women who are tired of cleaning up the disgusting remains of their man’s facial hair from the sink, as the beard bib ensures cleanliness and hygiene.

Alternatives to Beard King

There are many alternatives to Beard King in the market. One of these includes Dollar Beard Club, which offers men a range of grooming kits, including beard bibs and beard care products. The beard bib is made to catch unwanted facial hair that men shave off so that it does not create a mess.

Our Final Thoughts

Beard King is a great product for men who have facial hair. Moreover, it also makes a wonderful present for men who have annoyed women in their lives. These could be husbands, boyfriends, or sons who are tired of being yelled at to clean up the sink after shaving off their facial hair every few days.

If you want a clean sink and bathroom and want to ensure that facial hair does not find its way onto your toothbrush, Beard King seems like the perfect company to invest in. After all, the beard bib is gaining massive popularity in the marketplace.