Baobab from Shark Tank

Baobab shark tank

Baobab is a clothing company that sells polo shirts. These polo shirts stand out from the crowd because they are fade and stain resistant and can be worn up to 10 times before washing. These polo shirts are designed with nanotechnology, which makes the fabric antimicrobial, and they also have a patented collar that stays flat.

Baobab rose to fame following their debut on Shark Tank. During the Covid 19 pandemic, the business also developed a facemask collection and raised around 103,459 dollars through a crowdfunding campaign. The brand is still doing well in 2022, with a yearly income of around nine hundred thousand dollars.

Davenport and Alexander, the creators of Baobab, appeared on Shark Tank and asked for a one hundred and fifty thousand dollar investment for a 10% interest in their firm. They begin by telling the sharks about quitting their jobs and successfully starting and selling a business in New York before coming up with the idea for Baobab.

They both enjoyed wearing Polo shirts, but the shortage of high-quality polo shirts on the market inspired them to design their own. Baobab took off in 2017 after raising around 57,645 dollars through online campaigns such as Kickstarter.

They also discuss how they came up with the term “Baobab.” It is a tree native to Africa and Australia, and legend has it that it may survive for thousands of years. Just like the Baobab tree is thought to live a long time, the Baobab polo shirts are designed with a special material known to be durable and long-lasting.

Robert chooses not to invest since he plans to start his brand of polo shirts that will compete with theirs. Mr. Wonderful also expresses his concern that the boys will struggle to describe how their product differs from alternatives and competitors in the market. Daymond John is dissatisfied with the valuation; he likes the concept but will not invest.

Lori says she would love to buy from them, but it’s just not her thing. Mark was eager to learn more about their company and digital marketing abilities, but he suspected they were more interested in another shark, so he declined. Ultimately, the boys walked out of the shark tank without a close deal.

Our Review of Baobab

Since the Baobab founders both admire polo shirts and have grown up wearing them, we can expect more than just a conventional polo shirt from them. The apparel company focuses on sustainability since its items are created using innovative technology that does not hurt the environment.

We value brands that focus on sustainability and feel that they are worth supporting since they are not just concerned with earning a profit but also with decreasing environmental damage.

The polo shirts are made in Peru and Lima, two countries recognized for their world-class capabilities in modern garment production. In addition, the firm collaborates with expert engineers and employs high-quality Pima cotton for its polo shirts. Pima fabric is also known for its quick drying and stretchable properties.

These features ensure that the brand does not compromise on quality and strives to provide the highest quality items to its customers.

The polo shirts are wrinkle-free, eliminating consumers’ need to iron them, and the stain resistance is the cherry on top. Furthermore, the antimicrobial function helps the fabric block any unpleasant odors, allowing consumers to wear the shirts several times before washing them.

Furthermore, the business has obtained a patent for its innovative collars, which include invisible snaps inside that help maintain them straight at all times. The shirts also contain a microfiber cloth that can be used to wipe glasses or mobile displays.

The polo shirts also come in various standard colors and designs that can be worn for daily looks and styled as per the occasion.

One disadvantage of Baobab polo shirts is that they only come with zipper collars, which may not be everyone’s preference. Furthermore, their prices are slightly greater compared to other polo brands. However, considering their benefits, the polo shirts are worth the extra money.

Pros of Baobab

Here are a few benefits of purchasing Baobab polo shirts:

  • Antimicrobial properties help block the bad odor and make the shirt wearable for around ten days without being washed
  • Composed of high-quality Pima cotton that offers durability and comfort
  • Will not shirt or fade even after multiple uses
  • Stain-resistant
  • Wrinkle-free
  • Collar always stays straight
  • Micro-fiber cloth attachment to clean glasses or mobile displays

Cons of Baobab

Here are a few drawbacks of Baobab that one must consider before purchasing their polo shirts:

  • A little on the pricier side
  • All polo’s come with zipper collars

Who is Baobab for?

Baobab polo shirts are ideal for men who like wearing polo shirts but have been looking for good quality ones that will last a long time. They are also great for people with busy schedules who do not have the time to iron or wash polo shirts regularly.

Anyone looking for a high-quality polo shirt that stands out from other brands in the market will benefit from purchasing Baobab polo shirts as they tick all the boxes for a good polo shirt.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Here are a few alternatives to Baobab:

  • Polo Ralph Lauren
  • Levi’s
  • H&M Conscious
  • Lacoste

Out of all the alternatives to Baobab, we have put Polo Ralph Lauren first as it is a designer brand that sells high-quality apparel for men made of premium material. Even though it is an expensive high-end brand, the quality of the shirts is commendable and ensures that the shirts will last a long time.

Our Final Thoughts

Baobab is a one-of-a-kind brand because they have set a new standard for polo shirts. When we thought polo shirts couldn’t get much better, they struck us with antimicrobial, stain-resistant, and colorfast qualities that we didn’t even know existed.

If you’re looking for one-of-a-kind polo shirts that will last a long time and make dressing up for work easier, we recommend trying on Baobab polo shirts to see if you like them.