Bad Birdie Golf Shirts from Shark Tank

Bad Birdie Golf Shirts shark tank

Golf is an excellent game and has recently become very popular amongst the younger generation of millennials. While it is a serious game, its sporting outfit makes it seem even more serious and, might I say, “boring.”

The majority of golfers wear a pair of slacks and either striped or solid-colored shirts, which all seem so generic and not at all exciting. But since the game has garnered a younger audience in recent years, this basic unofficial uniform seems pretty basic.

Noticing this very obvious need for better golf shirts that would increase the appeal of the game, Jason Richardson came up with Bad Birdie Golf Shirts.

What are Bad Birdie Golf Shirts?

A dedicated golfer and former expert caddie, Jason decided he needed to fill this market niche of golfing outfits, and since he had a comprehensive understanding of the customary outfit, there was nothing to lose but take the bait.

He claimed that he intended to design and produce golf sportswear that would appeal to the younger participants in the sport by providing them with something hip and fashionable to wear as opposed to the conventional and uninspiring attire golfers are frequently seen in.

While you can wear whatever you please on the golf course, something about sportswear makes the game a bit more interesting and helps the players perform better.

And hence, the Bad Birdie golf shirts were created. Not only are these shirts fashionable, but they are also odor resistant and anti-microbial, offering the golfer high performance coupled with interesting and fun designs that are perfect for the modern golfer.

Unexpectedly, Bad Birdie did a lot better than anticipated after the first launch. Jason’s marketing strategy played out very well in increasing the demand for Bad Birdie golf shirts; he started to stimulate demand for his premium golf clothing by releasing the items on social media in limited quantities and with set release dates.

Bad Birdie’s revenues surpassed over a million dollars in just a few years, with most of the sales through Jason’s online platforms. Realizing the demand for Bad Birdie golf shirts, Jason wished to expand his business; however, he was short of capital and needed the help of an investor, which is why he decided to take his clothing line to the Shark Tank.

Bad Birdie Golf Shirts on The Shark Tank

Jason Richardson appeared on the 11th season of Shark Tank looking for a $300000 investment in exchange for 10% ownership in his company Bad Birdie. The sharks are thoroughly impressed with his brand and concept but more so with his marketing strategy and the $1 million revenue.

However, his choice to shift tactics and go in the retail direction generated a variety of responses. Most of the sharks believed he should continue using his restricted quantity marketing strategy with set release dates to generate excitement. His customer base’s ardor for his shirts may be diminished by retail sales.

While several sharks made an offer to Jason for a share in his company, Robert Harjavec was the only one to succeed with a return on equity of 20% for a $300000 stake.

Our Review of Bad Birdie Golf Shirts

Some people may find the concept behind Bad Birdie’s stylish shirts strange; however, golfers recognize the value of wearing something exciting right before they ‘swing hard.’

Following is our detailed review of Bad Birdie golf shirts so you can have a better idea if it is worth the purchase.

Golf is a serious sport; nevertheless, it doesn’t mean you should dress up equally serious for it. The Bad Birdie golf shirt will set you apart from other players and will certainly get you noticed. It is available in various prints ranging from floral motifs, ridiculous blue cheetahs, and dancing flamingos to palm trees and triangles to Aztec and retro-inspired designs.

If you are a devoted golfer, you will definitely find something to your liking and sense of style.

The designs Bad Birdie golf shirts are available are definitely their unique selling point, but that’s not all that distinguishes them and makes them stand apart. You will love playing in these golf shirts as they are super comfy and have a perfect fit coupled with antiperspirant and anti-microbial qualities. The shirts are made of a thin, moisture-wicking fabric that keeps them breathable and dry during the entire game. Since these shirts have an athletic fit, choosing the appropriate size is necessary; otherwise, you won’t feel comfortable in the attire. The shirts feature a sharp appearance, and they’ll keep you looking professional throughout.

Pros of the Bad Birdie Golf Shirt

  • There are numerous design options available.
  • The shirt has a really good fabrication.
  • Fabric that is antibacterial and antiperspirant
  • It is very lightweight

Cons of the Bad Birdie Golf Shirt

  • Doesn’t include patterns appropriate for a subtle appearance
  • Designs may not be to everyone’s liking in golf.
  • Fitting is mainly oriented toward individuals with thinner body types.
  • It might be expensive for some.

Who is the Bad Birdie Golf Shirt For?

These golf shirts are intended for golfers looking for a bit more excitement on the field. Those tired of wearing the same old basic designs will love the Bad Birdie shirts. Bad Birdie provides you with the exact fit and functionality of a premium golf shirt but with a wider variety of designs to spice things up a bit.

Are There Any Alternatives?

There aren’t any substitutes available right now that provide high-performance golf clothing in interesting styles. The designs offered by all the other golf shirt manufacturers are drab and uninspiring. High-performance shirts made specifically for golf are not offered by manufacturers who create shirts with appealing designs.

Our Final Thoughts

We find the Bad Birdie golf shirts valuable and useful since they definitely help spice up the seriousness of golf. These shirts are so excellent because they won’t show any sweat stains whatsoever and will leave you confident throughout the game. And even though they are on the pricier side, they are definitely worth it, especially if you are an avid golfer and spend a lot of your time on the course. You will greatly appreciate its quality, print, and uniqueness.

Additionally, the company’s post-Shark Tank success speaks for itself!