Action Glow Review from Shark Tank: How This Innovative Product Fared

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Capturing the attention of adventure and sports enthusiasts, Action Glow has illuminated the market with its unique LED lighting systems designed for a variety of sports equipment. The company, which made a memorable appearance on “Shark Tank,” offers an innovative solution for visibility and safety during nighttime outdoor activities. The brainchild of brothers Dakota and Garret Porter, Action Glow caters to those looking to add a distinctive flair to their snowboards, surfboards, and beyond.

On “Shark Tank,” entrepreneurs Dakota and Garret presented their concept to the world, seeking an investment to propel their business forward. Since then, the company has been making waves by enabling athletes and recreational users alike to light up their experiences quite literally. With an inviting online presence and availability on platforms like Amazon, Action Glow is not just about aesthetics—safety is also a key component, with its products ensuring that the fun doesn’t have to end when the sun goes down.

Key Takeaways

  • Action Glow introduced LED lighting for sports gear on “Shark Tank.”
  • The Porter brothers have carved a niche in the sports equipment market.
  • Consumer feedback highlights product functionality and appeal.

The Founders’ Journey to ‘Shark Tank’

The brothers behind Action Glow, Garret and Dakota Porter, transformed their love for action sports into a bright business idea, leading them to the renowned TV show, Shark Tank. Their journey encapsulates entrepreneurship, a successful Kickstarter campaign, and the intricate work required to pitch to seasoned investors on national television.

Concept and Development

Garret and Dakota Porter began their entrepreneurial journey with a goal to enhance the visibility and excitement of action sports. The concept for Action Glow was sparked by the desire to make nighttime surfboard use safer and more exhilarating. They meticulously worked on a product that could add vibrant LED lighting to sports equipment, ensuring that it not only increased safety but also appealed aesthetically to the action sports community.

Kickstarting the Dream

In their quest for funding, the Porters decided to launch a Kickstarter Campaign to get their dream off the ground. This platform allowed them to share their passion with the world and provided a springboard to help bring Action Glow to the market. The campaign showcased their innovative LED lighting system, designed to be installed on various types of sporting equipment, including surfboards, allowing athletes to stand out and be seen during low-light conditions.

The Big Pitch

Their persistence led them to the biggest pitch of their lives on episode 7 of Shark Tank. On the show, Garret and Dakota demonstrated their unique product and outlined their ambitions. They detailed the development of Action Glow, its market potential in the world of action sports, and how they planned to turn a brilliant idea into a glowing success. The investors on the TV show listened intently as the brothers outlined their vision and asked for funding to accelerate their brand’s growth.

Action Glow’s Product Highlights

Action Glow’s offerings stand out due to their integration of a patented LED lighting system designed to enhance the visual appeal and safety of sports equipment. From surfboards to snowboards, their products provide waterproof, durable, and versatile illumination.

Innovative Lighting System

Action Glow has developed an LED lighting system that offers not just illumination but also a touch of personality to sporting equipment. These lights aren’t just functional — they make a statement. Known for their brightness and versatility, these systems can be adapted to different types of gear, ensuring athletes and enthusiasts are visible even in low-light conditions.

Waterproof and Durable

In the realm of sports, durability is key, and Action Glow understands this well. Their products are waterproof, making them suitable for all weather conditions. Whether they are installed on surfboards for ocean sports or snowboards for winter activities, these lights are built to withstand the elements while maintaining their functionality and appearance.

A Hit for Various Sports

The versatility of Action Glow systems extends to a wide range of sports equipment, including surfboards, snowboards, and skateboards. This adaptability has quickly made them a popular choice among various sports communities who value both the practicality of increased visibility and the aesthetically pleasing aspect of LED lights.

Through innovative design and mindful construction, Action Glow’s LED lighting systems cater to athletes and hobbyists who prioritize safety, style, and durability.

Business and Market Outlook

The journey of ActionGlow post-Shark Tank reflects its commitment to enhancing visibility and style for athletes through innovative lighting solutions. This section offers insights into who they’re serving, how they’re reaching customers, and what the future holds for this Traverse City-based business.

Target Demographics

ActionGlow caters primarily to adventure and extreme sports enthusiasts who prioritize both safety and aesthetics. These consumers hail from various sports niches, ranging from snowboarding in Traverse City to night surfing. Demographically, the company is focused on individuals who are keen on augmenting their sports equipment with LED lighting, appealing to both a love of sport and a desire for individuality.

Online Presence and Sales Channels

Strategically, ActionGlow has broadened its reach by establishing a robust online presence. The brand shines not only on their official website but also on platforms like Amazon, tapping into a vast market of online shoppers. Further driving their success, the company’s visibility is enhanced by a lively Instagram account, creating a direct line to the action sports community.

  • Website: Primary sales and informational channel
  • Amazon: Extended online retail platform
  • Instagram: Key social media engagement and marketing tool

Growth and Future Plans

Since its episode aired, ActionGlow has been steadfast in pursuing growth. As they work to cement their place in the market, future plans are likely centered around expanding product lines and exploring new partnerships. One can speculate that a collaboration with major retail chains like Target may be on the horizon to increase accessibility and boost net worth. Additionally, under the leadership of the COO, the company may invest in product development and geographical expansion, ensuring success is not just a flash in the pan but a sustained glow.

The ambition of ActionGlow seems to be as bright as their LED lights, with a clear intention to illuminate the path ahead for athletes around the globe.

Customer Perspectives and Reviews

Action Glow received notable attention after its appearance on Shark Tank. Users have shared their experiences with the LED lighting systems, highlighting how they’ve impacted their sporting equipment.


  • Visibility: Many reviews praise Action Glow for enhancing safety by increasing visibility during nighttime sports activities.
  • Aesthetics: Customers love the cool factor that Action Glow adds to their gear.
  • Versatility: They find the lighting systems easy to install on various sports equipment, be it snowboards, skateboards, or mountain bikes.


  • Some users have reported concerns over durability, mentioning that their systems needed adjustments post rigorous activities.
Pros Cons
Enhances nighttime safety Some durability concerns
Aesthetically pleasing
Versatile application

Community discussions often revolve around the practical benefits of using Action Glow, particularly for those who enjoy late-hour activities. The installation process generally receives positive notes, with users finding the instructions clear and the system easy to set up. However, for longevity, some suggest handling the devices with care during extreme sports to avoid damages.

User reviews collected from various forums and websites indicate a strong appreciation for the brand’s commitment to safety and fun in the sporting community. It’s clear that while most customers are satisfied, Action Glow may look into enhancing the robustness of their LED systems to cater to the more extreme sport enthusiasts.