Beard Head from Shark Tank

Beard Head shark tank

The Shark Tank show has seen many bizarre creations, but none compare to the Beard Head featured on the holiday special episode in season 7. David Stankunas had already been in the business for almost 10 years before appearing on the Shark Tank.

The Beard Head is a knitted face mask shaped like a beard and attached to a beanie. David got the idea to create such a product when he went snowboarding in Lake Tahoe. He used a bandana to cover his face from the unforgiving cold, which he thought was better than using nothing. However, he realized that a bandana was not the solution he was looking for. It hindered his breathing and didn’t stay put. David had to readjust it over and over.

That’s when an idea popped into his head. What if he could make a knitted beard and use it as an attachable face mask to his beanie? The idea instantly clicked in his head, and soon he started working on a prototype. The purpose of this newly found idea was to ensure there weren’t any breathing problems, and the mask covered his face while keeping it warm.

David’s sister knitted the first prototype. Later, he learned how to crochet and knit as well. He invested almost $9000 to create the first lot of Beard Heads.

When he saw some other beard-related company pitching their idea on Shark Tank, he immediately felt that his big break would come if he also went to the show. David accepted his application, and he went to the show on a special holiday episode.

David was looking for a $200,000 investment in return for 25 percent of the business equity. When he went to the show, he had already created different lines of products marketed to different groups of people. For instance, one line was dedicated to sports fans and an entirely different range for children, which amused the Sharks. He also created a holiday-themed line with a Santa beard for Christmas.

After a long discussion about the product, market, retail, and patents, it all came to an end without David scoring a deal from any of the Sharks. Since it was a seasonal product, it didn’t appeal much to them, although it did pique their interest and kept them amused throughout the episode.

Still, David managed to keep his business going, which is still flourishing even today. The sales might not be as high as he was foreseeing, but the business is still growing steadily. The products are sold on the official business website and Amazon.

Our Review of Beard Head

The Beard Head face masks are a weird yet fun concept. A beard-like face mask attached to a beanie makes it the perfect solution for winters. Let’s look at our review of the infamous Beard Head by going over the product’s pros and cons.

Pros of Beard Head

There are many advantages of the Beard Head and very few disadvantages. So, let’s look at all the pros of the product.

  • The bearded face masks are one-size-fits-all. They can be used by adults and children alike.
  • The product is knitted with 100 percent acrylic yarn, making it comfortable for the wearer. You don’t need to worry about feeling itchy.
  • The beard is detachable, so you can only use the beanie when you don’t want to look like a weirdo. Two buttons can attach or detach the beards.
  • The bearded face mask can be used with any other beanies you might have.
  • They are available in a variety of colors
  • They keep your face warm during winter activities like snowboarding, skiing, etc.
  • It doesn’t hinder your breathing
  • It can be used on Halloween as a costume
  • It’s fun to use

Cons of Beard Head

There aren’t any specific cons to the product. It covers all the basic requirements that make this product desirable to the target market. Still, here are a few cons of Beard Head:

  • The product can only be used in winters
  • Even though the products can fit all sizes, you may still need to purchase different masks for children from the Kiddos line.

Who is Beard Head for?

Beard Head is designed for all fun-loving spirits out there. Men, women, and children can use them. The product features a beanie with a detachable beard, used as a mask to keep your face warm during winter. It can withstand the harsh cold during snow activities like skiing.

They have different product lines, all offering similar functionalities but different designs. Beard Head even has a separate line for the holidays and children.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Even though Beard Head brought the unique concept to the table, there are many competitors in the market. You can easily find many alternatives to the brand, including Yekeyi.

Yekeyi produces similar products to the Beard Head. Their unisex beanie caps come with detachable beards knitted with polyacrylic fiber. They’re perfect for outdoor activities, used for cosplaying or Halloween costumes. The warm and cozy design keeps you protected in the harsh winter season.

Our Final Thoughts

David Stankunas failed to make a deal with any of the Sharks on the Shark Tank; however, his business did gain positive feedback from his appearance on the show. Even today, his business continues to flourish, especially during winter. Although the market has a lot of competition, David has successfully kept the business running with average annual revenue of a million dollars.

Though the business has tasted success, it was also sued back in 2014 over copyright issues by a competitor. The issues were, however, resolved, and Beard Head continues to sell its bearded face masks via its official website and Amazon.