Wondry Review from Shark Tank: A Dive into Innovative Skincare

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Wondry Wine, featured on the hit TV show Shark Tank, has garnered a considerable amount of attention for its unique approach to winemaking. After securing an investment from Mark Cuban, the Black-owned brand, founded by Whitney and Chaz Gates, has seen its business flourish. The couple’s mission to create a wine that boasts natural, organic fruits with a low alcohol content sets Wondry apart in the bustling wine industry. Their array of flavors, from peach to mango, offers a diverse range to consumers who are keen on sipping a drink that’s both enjoyable and mindful of wellness trends.

The rise of Wondry Wine speaks to the evolving dynamics of consumer preferences in the wine sector. As more individuals seek out products that align with their lifestyle choices, brands like Wondry are positioned to thrive. The wines’ balance of heightened alcohol content and a smooth finish without the use of artificial ingredients has resonated well with consumers. The success of Wondry Wine not only exemplifies the Gates’ expertise and passion but also reflects a larger shift towards health-conscious indulgences within the market.

Key Takeaways

  • Wondry Wine became notable after an investment from Mark Cuban on Shark Tank.
  • Whitney and Chaz Gates’ focus on natural ingredients and unique flavors sets them apart.
  • The brand’s success is indicative of growing consumer interest in healthier wine options.

Company and Founders


Wondry Wine emerged as a new player in the beverage industry, captivating audiences with an appearance on Shark Tank. This Dallas-based startup, known for its unique wine blends, is not only changing how people enjoy wine, but also stands out as a black-owned business.

Origins and Mission

Wondry began with the vision of making quality wines more inclusive and accessible. Founded by Whitney Gates and her husband, the company seeks to innovate within the often exclusive wine industry. They focus on crafting fruit-forward dessert drinks that resonate with communities that are typically overlooked by traditional vineyards.

The Founding Team

The founders, Whitney Gates and Chaz Gates, form the core of Wondry. Whitney serves as the CEO, leading the company with her entrepreneurial spirit and passion for community engagement. Chaz’s role as the co-founder sees him involved heavily in the operational side. Together, as a co-founding team, they steer Wondry with the mission to introduce their flavorful wines to a broader audience, reinforcing the startup’s foundation as a forward-thinking, black-owned business.

Product Line

Wondry Wine has captivated the market with its innovatively flavored wine varieties, all boasting a unique aspect of being fruit-infused with organic fruit extracts. Each offering is tailored to provide a vibrantly balanced taste experience.

Wine Varieties and Flavors

Wondry Wine has launched a range of flavors that resonate with the palate of the health-conscious and adventurous wine enthusiast. Among the flavors, they offer a sweet red blend bursting with notes of raspberries, strawberries, and a delicate touch of vanilla. The watermelon rosé serves as a refreshing alternative, infused with the essence of sun-ripened watermelons. Mango Passion Spritz captures the spirit of tropical freshness, incorporating mango and passion fruit extracts for a crisp finish. For those who prefer a traditional touch, their sangria especial marries citrus and exotic fruit extracts that dance on the tongue. For a serene sipping experience, Peach in Peace combines the sweetness of peach with a harmonious alcohol content, aptly demonstrating the company’s commitment to both taste and quality.

Innovation and Uniqueness

The hallmarks of Wondry Wine’s product line are innovation and uniqueness. They’ve taken a stance against using artificial ingredients, ensuring each bottle contains only natural, organic fruit extracts. This dedication to natural ingredients is evident in the distinct flavor profiles of their wine varieties, which offer a more balanced and health-conscious wine option. The low alcohol content and the full-bodied taste of fruit-infused wine make Wondry Wine a stand-out player in a crowded market, catered to those looking for an exceptional drinking experience without compromising on health or flavor.

Business Growth


Wondry Wine has demonstrated remarkable growth since its Shark Tank appearance, largely due to strategic investments and market expansion efforts.

Shark Tank Pitch and Outcome

On Shark Tank Season 14, founders Whitney and Chaz Gates presented their black-owned business, Wondry Wine, securing a desirable deal with Mark Cuban. The couple offered a stake in their company for a $185,000 investment, implying a considerable valuation that intrigued the Sharks.

Impact and Expansion

Post-Shark Tank, the investment by Mark Cuban sparked an immediate surge in Wondry Wine’s sales, growing their revenue significantly. Since then, the company has expanded its retail presence, securing placements in major stores such as Kroger, Costco, and H-E-B. They even partnered with a national alcohol distributor, enhancing their market reach. Their marketing efforts and quality products led to Wondry Wine winning at the Lone Star International Wine Competition, coordinated by Grayson College, further solidifying their brand recognition and appeal.

Consumer Experience


Wondry Wines has quickly established itself in the market with a premium wine experience that resonates with its consumers, garnering positive product reviews and building a community of loyal followers.

Product Reviews and Reputation

Customers often describe Wondry Wines as an innovative addition to their wine collection, with a flavor profile that stands out. Many reviews mention the rich and full taste of the wines, which has not only sparked word-of-mouth recommendations but also positioned Wondry as a gift of choice among wine enthusiasts. The brand’s engagement with their community often centers around this exclusive wine-tasting experience, which seems to satisfy a craving for something beyond the ordinary. On platforms like Amazon, the reputation of Wondry Wines continues to grow, bolstered by positive customer feedback.

Engagement and Loyalty

Wondry has fostered customer loyalty through regular interaction with their community. This has been achieved through innovative marketing approaches such as an exclusive newsletter, offering first access to new releases and special editions. They’ve cultivated a sense of exclusivity, much like a private club, where members feel part of the Wondry story. Their approach to engagement extends to how they introduce innovation in their products, which seems to resonate with a contemporary audience looking for a unique wine drinking experience. Former Brand Manager at General Mills and those with keen industry insight have noted Wondry’s ability to sustain interest and excitement among its followers.